Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here's a Couple More Comp Ones

Because a few of you asked so nicely :)

Again giving credit where it's due - all pics are thanks to Dallas Olsen.


little rene said...

God you are STUNNING Selina! For God's sake I was alreay having an ugly day, now I feel suicidal ;)

Jehanne said...

AWESOME! Thanks for putting them up - feel free to post all 700 of them......... bwahahaha

linda said...

You look so good selina- it's not just your body- it's your whole look of enjoyment and that inner something

Kerry W said...

Ditto to what Linda said! You definitely have an aura about you.

Shar said...

NICE legs, NICE Shoulders, NICE Abs,
keep posting them!!!

Well done, you look fantastic!
Shar xx

~ Valley Girl ~ said...

I agree with all, beautiful body but theres also that extra, the beauty from with in is just shinning through, you were loving evey minute of it, as nervous as you were.
you were born to do this.
Congratulations, can you imagine your own kids seeing these pics one day, what an awesome role model!

Kek said...

No, stop!! Aargh! The hideousness....


Kidding ...looking good, kiddo!

Shan said...

Gorgeous pics Selina!

Hard to believe you were nervous - you look soooo confident and at ease up there - your a natural! and you get to do it all again very soon. :)

ss2306 said...

Ah, a photo slut! Reminds me of me (lol).

Love seeing all your pics. You're a stunner.

Now, when we gonna get that drink?

Mightee Mouse said...

Hey Selina - nice to 'meet you' too. Your photos are great - you have a great relaxed look up there on that stage - look forward to seeing it again at the All Females. Not long to go now!