Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Mind is Made Up

After speaking to the boss lady on Thursday night, we decided that I won't go ahead with the ANB comp next weekend.

From the beginning I was totally intimidated with it being the "Asia Pacifics" - what's a novice like me doing at something like THAT?!?! Although it was for the experience and the FUN of it, I was still a little freaked out.

Then the routine, oh my gosh the routine. I've had it for a month, but I hadn't been practicing like I wanted to - I was so focused on last week's comp (which didn't have a routine, thank goodness!) and nailing the posing that the routine was only of secondary importance.

I came home after last weekend and had a few days of, shall we say, relaxed eating. I still trained hard, and worked on the routine, but I felt like I was cramming. And I was stressing.

My wise mother said: "You've come home on such a high and you loved your experience, do you really want to go down there again, not 100% confident with your routine and fluff it up and be disappointed, and have that as your lasting memory of competing". Isn't she smart.

So, instead of cramming like a mad-woman and being 1000% stressed trying to fit everything in again when I haven't recovered from last weekend, Liz and I decided to pull the pin.

Lana - my best friend down there, and tanner extraordinaire was quite disappointed, I'm sure she just wanted to make me squeal and squirm again with painting that freezing cold contest colour on.

I instantly felt like a HUGE weight had been lifted from my shoulders! So I know it was the right decision. :)

I'm back into my groove with the food, I've been an angel :) And training has been SMASHING!! I almost threw up today, but it didn't quite come. That would have been an accomplishment. I have randoms at the gym comment that I train really hard... I didn't think there was any other way ;) It was "Toughen up Princess" training shirt today - maybe that's why...

AND girls, thanks SOOO much for your nice comments on my pictures! Jeh - you cracked me up with yours!!! :)) Did your fingers get cramps?!!??

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Hilds said...

Good on you Selina! What ever decision you make it needs to make YOU happy!

I must say your pictures are sensational! Post as many as you like, I'm loving seeing all of them.

Thanks for your advice on the running, I'm looking forward to catching up for a cuppa some time when things settle down for you!

Have a great weekend (isn't this weather awesome!).