Thursday, April 26, 2007


FILEX 2007 was awesome!! Kek's bad influence won me over and we 'wagged' the opening session (a motivational type talk thing... i think!) favouring Starbucks and catching up instead. When we weren't learning stuff we were hanging out at the Fitness Expo - we were like kids in a candy store, all our Christmases come at once!! So much to look at, so much to try, taste and touch... I think we did well to only wag about 3 sessions total of the many over the 3 days! And Lorna Jane will be having a lovely holiday right now thanks to us I'm sure :P

I met and got pics of/with Lindy Olsen (she's gorgeous and SOOO tall... coz I'm really not that short!!), Warren Clampitt, Nick Jones and David Rylah all who have some sort of physique title. David is on the cover of the current Ironman Mag... one day I will be the chick on his back :P

Went out to dinner with Kek and Jay B and it was good to catch up with him again. I can't believe it's been a whole year! He's looking good as ever with those heeuge biceps ;)

I had a day off to do whatever-i-wanted on Monday in Sydney - unfortunately by then I was tired, brain was overloaded and I was just over it all! It rained all day so it wasn't all that fun. Home Tuesday with oversized bags and about 4kgs of supplements! A girl loves a bargain!

Now that I'm back, I'm re-energized and re-motivated to do lots more exciting things with work!!!!!!! Love being back in routine :)

Oh well until next Thursday when I'm off to Brisbane for 3 days... !!! This is just a crazy time of year!!

Will post some pics of all the hot bodies when I can get my camera and computer to co-operate with each other...

Kek - I will email you them soon!! I'm sure you can't wait to show your hubby the pic of Mr Bodybuilder giving you a kiss ;)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Oops, I Did it Again!!

Crawled home at 4am Sunday morning!! Some people never learn do they!
Kelly - very observant of you!! But no, not a possible romantic interest!! ;)

At least my weekend started good with a 11.5km run. I could tell my body's been tired lately, I felt like I was dragging my feet very slow. Went off to get my hair done, man I hate sitting around in salons all day! For starters they were running 30mins late, then three hours after I was booked in, I got home. All for a simple cut and foils. Oh and a fair whack of $$$. Now I remember why I haven't had any sort of colours for about 3 years, I am tooo impatient to wait around!

Well just a short, sweet one. Got a few things to fit in before I'm on the plane Thursday morning :) Another short week, I can surely get used to this!!!

Three more sleeps........

Friday, April 13, 2007


An extremely flattering photo of mwa at bootcamp awhile back. I was on about my 110th consecutive tricep dip... and no, I'm not kidding! YEOUCH!

And just didn't this week fly!! I'm very excited as tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut and foiled... yeeeeeeeeeeha! I've been growing it for so many years now it's time it got some style happening, and some nice colours! I get to dress up girly again tomorrow nite - I'm going as a partner to a cricket break-up/presentation dinner which includes free alcohol *uh-oh*!!!!!!! LOL! I will do my best to stay restrained but I take no responsibility if that doesn't happen :P

I'm getting up early to do for a loooong slooowww run, hopefully about 15kms again :) I'm loving how good running is feeling at the moment, I'm all excited about doing well in the half marathon I'm entering on 3rd June.

Only 6 more sleeps then to Sydney I fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta cram my 3 weight sessions into 3 days early next week, coz I'm not sure what quality the hotel 'gym' will be... I've booked a spray tan so I look better than pale amongst all those fit, buff people at the convention. But I'm from QLD, I'm always this brown ;P HA!

Anywho, better bolt, my home puter is still out of action so I can't do my usual blogroll rounds on the weekend :( Hope everyone has a good one!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

4 days of bliss over........

I had a blessing in disguise over the weekend. My home computer has karked it, it only happened on Thursday and it won't be back till this weekend. I was cracking a na-na when I found out as I took heeeeeaps of work home to do, but it was the best thing that could have happened to give me a break from work and from a computer in general!

I managed to do 7, yes SEVEN exercise sessions. (Inspired by Di) ;)
Friday was a morning 45min run, then a power walk and abs in the evening.
Saturday - I piked my usual long slow run as my knees have been a little sore with all the running, felt guilty, but slept in then off to the gym as soon as it opened for legs :)
Sunday - A walk before breakfast, to get me in 'the groove' so I wouldn't eat crap all day (it worked!! .... till about 3pm), then the big one.... wait for it.... an afternoon 15km run!!! YYEEEHAA!! I felt bad missing it on Saturday morning, and my knees were fine (overcautious I am, after my bad knee injury last year). I felt GREAT!! Fuelled with all that BBQ food and chocolate (I didn't just confess that) I powered through it. Burnt a measly 610 calories according to HRM. I was hoping for more than that :P
Monday - Gym for back and bis then an afternoon 9-10km run :)

I'm feeling great!! All work-rested at least, and just feeling energetic and fitter than I have all year! Four days work which I'm sure will go 10x slower than the last four days, then 2 days off, then three days work then I'm OFFFFFFF to SYDNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!
Anyway, jumping ahead of myself there.... :P

I bought myself a new gym top from LJ on Saturday and I lived in it all weekend!! It's royal blue cross-back BUT it has the removable padded cups which help me oh so much... I LOVE THEM!!!!! I actually feel like a chick :P

Decipher this - compliment or critisism?!?!?
I was in my lil bro's room (he's 20) on Sunday as he'd just arrived back from holidays and i was checking out the ring he bought his GF. I was wearing the new LJ top as mentioned above, and my gym shorts. He, who rarely speaks to me, says out of nowhere "You look butch", I was shocked coz as I said it was out of nowhere, I replied "I've got boobs!" (proud of new top), and he goes "Yea, and you've got shoulders too". All I could think to say was "you're just jealous" and decided then was a good time to leave his room...

Made me think about it all weekend........................ So much for the new top making me feel like a girl.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


I'm sure everyone's seen this one before but it always make me laugh!

Thanks Jodie for forwarding this email :)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Oh My, What a Wonderful Day!

I'm still on the high that I have been on lately - what's wrong with me! I'm usually such a grumpy bum ;P I guess nothing beats being back into routine :) And work which is the cause of all things stressful in life has been going well - I've set up my 'main' staff member on a good contract that is fair and provides security for both of us; I've got the go-ahead from my landlord to do renovations; the builder I'll be using is a client so we're simply going to do a trade-swap for the equivalent monetary value (YEEEHAAA!); and the nice man I got quotes for new equipment from knocked a fair chunk off the prices if I put a deposit down soon. I've applied to council for a permit to do various activities; I've got a meeting soon with the publisher of a trendy insert magazine as I'm keen to advertise in it - straight away he said "well we'll get you to do some occassional editorial stuff as well", so looks like I'll be busy writing articles as welll! All is good!!

The tsunami didn't hit ;). Was a first ever for us though! We get cyclone warnings every year and most people now are quite complacent, but the tsunami one had a few people nervous!! One of the big banks across the road even shut up shop!

I have sore legs from yesterday. I must admit that I worked hard but could have gone harder. It was my first session on this new program and I really couldn't be as sore as I was last time I did something new. I'm a little hobbly, but next time I'll go harder!! I just trained back and biceps and its great training at this time of the day. There were 5 people in the gym - 3 in the weights area! But of course, the 2 machines I needed were being used by the only 2 other souls in there!!! I just waited patiently (not!) doing a nice loooong warm-up... Hope there's some soreness happening tomorrow!

Speaking of which tomorrow is the last day!!! I am actually getting the four days off! That never happens at Easter! OMG! What will I do with me?!?! I was quite happy to work but my main trainer was keen, so she's covering Friday and Monday - as alot of people are away anyway. No point 2 of us being here for a few people each, she's happy to do the lot. Being the nice 'boss' I am, I've given her Tuesday off and I'll do a double cover her shift :)

On that note, better run, enough fluffing around here!

If I don't get back before the bunny comes, I hope he doesn't!!! ;) I've got my rabbit traps set, how bout u! LOL Have a nice break!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007


OMG!! My dad just called me to turn on the radio - it's all about tsunami warnings. There was a quake in the Solomons at 8am this morning.... could effect coastal towns here later- OMG OMG OMG. Our high tide is 11.45am, if anything is gonna be effected here, that's when it will be.
(Again, I'm right on the river, so it just the right spot). No need to panic yet, advised to continue listening to radio.... holy crap my heart is beating so fast... hopefully it will just fizzle into a non-event, better to be safe than sorry though.

*Update: Yes luckily it just fizzled out to become nothing :) Was a bit of nervous excitement around the building earlier, we've never had a tsunami warning before! Hoping all those in the Solomon Islands are safe.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


What an active weekend!!!
I started off rising at 4.45am yesterday and went for a nice long run with 3 others. We did 65 minutes in total which was probably 11-12kms roughly. I had to play catch-up with weight sessions (week went pear shaped last Monday as my main trainer was sick for 2 days, which meant I did double double shifts), so after recovering, catching up with my friend and her birthday girl at the park, I was in the gym. I didn't have much to give as I was quite tired from a big week, but gave it everything. I am very sore today, especially my chest and abs. I really concentrated on bracing them tight to assist and my lordy, I feel like I've been punched in the gutz!

I was a nana in bed nice and early last nite so I would be bright as a button for this morning. After a nice shower to wake me up, I rubbed heaps of sports rub on my poor sore chest and shins, as they've started to crack up. Then is was off to a 9km Club Championship run at a close-by national park. It started raining in the early hours of this morning, and didn't let up, so we had to run in the rain. It was slippery, muddy and puddles everywhere.... HEAPS of fun!!!!!!!!!! Just had to be careful on all the rocks when we were deep in the rainforest, as with the rain they were dislodged and slippery. It was a 4.5km track up and back which conveniently had 3 hills! We did the track twice to make the 9kms so we got to tackle the hills 12 times.... yeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

I came out the other side looking like a dirty and drowned rat 49mins and 50seconds later. Last year I did it in 47mins and 03seconds, but I was stoked with that time as my fitness isn't yet up to scratch compared to last year :) Plus it was raining this year. I do feel like I'm finally climbing back up though, every run gets easier and I remember why I really do love running so much.

Everything just hurts now, my legs are very heavy. Ohhhh just got awesome news via text! Netball training is cancelled tonite due to the rain. YEEEEEEHA!!!

Anywho, I was gonna write a few things yesterday that I "realised" in the past week, but Kek pretty muchly covered it all for me in her blog. Read
(Kek is someone I knew from a fitness forum long before I started blogging. She's a very very smart lady who's made a total life transformation a few years back along the way winning a Body For Life category. I've had the privelege of meeting her in person more than once! She's a passionate PT herself now, and someone I admire and really look up to in the fitness industry. If you've never checked out her blog, do it!!)

Anyway back to topic - I think we've all done it. I discovered that this week. I've been playing mind games with my image and my fitness all year. Before I've even put on my gym gear I look too fat in it because I've been lazy lately, before I even start a run, it's going to be too hard and hurt too much because I haven't run much lately. So I had a super week last week, lots of running and training, and suddenly the shorts that I was too "fat" for last week look good again, and running is so much easier, because I did it more than once...

Can I go from fat to OK that quick?? From sooo unfit I might have to stop running and walk to super athlete?? All in a week?!? I don't think so? It's what I drove myself to believe...

S0, armed with that knowledge, I'm off to war with the negative thoughts. Just TRY and stop me now!!! LOL