Monday, April 02, 2007


OMG!! My dad just called me to turn on the radio - it's all about tsunami warnings. There was a quake in the Solomons at 8am this morning.... could effect coastal towns here later- OMG OMG OMG. Our high tide is 11.45am, if anything is gonna be effected here, that's when it will be.
(Again, I'm right on the river, so it just the right spot). No need to panic yet, advised to continue listening to radio.... holy crap my heart is beating so fast... hopefully it will just fizzle into a non-event, better to be safe than sorry though.

*Update: Yes luckily it just fizzled out to become nothing :) Was a bit of nervous excitement around the building earlier, we've never had a tsunami warning before! Hoping all those in the Solomon Islands are safe.

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Kek said...

Phew. Glad you're OK. Otherwise I'd have had to have dinner with a HOT GUY all by myself on Friday the 20th.

It's all arranged - we just have to find somewhere to eat. Shouldn't be a problem. :)