Sunday, April 01, 2007


What an active weekend!!!
I started off rising at 4.45am yesterday and went for a nice long run with 3 others. We did 65 minutes in total which was probably 11-12kms roughly. I had to play catch-up with weight sessions (week went pear shaped last Monday as my main trainer was sick for 2 days, which meant I did double double shifts), so after recovering, catching up with my friend and her birthday girl at the park, I was in the gym. I didn't have much to give as I was quite tired from a big week, but gave it everything. I am very sore today, especially my chest and abs. I really concentrated on bracing them tight to assist and my lordy, I feel like I've been punched in the gutz!

I was a nana in bed nice and early last nite so I would be bright as a button for this morning. After a nice shower to wake me up, I rubbed heaps of sports rub on my poor sore chest and shins, as they've started to crack up. Then is was off to a 9km Club Championship run at a close-by national park. It started raining in the early hours of this morning, and didn't let up, so we had to run in the rain. It was slippery, muddy and puddles everywhere.... HEAPS of fun!!!!!!!!!! Just had to be careful on all the rocks when we were deep in the rainforest, as with the rain they were dislodged and slippery. It was a 4.5km track up and back which conveniently had 3 hills! We did the track twice to make the 9kms so we got to tackle the hills 12 times.... yeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

I came out the other side looking like a dirty and drowned rat 49mins and 50seconds later. Last year I did it in 47mins and 03seconds, but I was stoked with that time as my fitness isn't yet up to scratch compared to last year :) Plus it was raining this year. I do feel like I'm finally climbing back up though, every run gets easier and I remember why I really do love running so much.

Everything just hurts now, my legs are very heavy. Ohhhh just got awesome news via text! Netball training is cancelled tonite due to the rain. YEEEEEEHA!!!

Anywho, I was gonna write a few things yesterday that I "realised" in the past week, but Kek pretty muchly covered it all for me in her blog. Read
(Kek is someone I knew from a fitness forum long before I started blogging. She's a very very smart lady who's made a total life transformation a few years back along the way winning a Body For Life category. I've had the privelege of meeting her in person more than once! She's a passionate PT herself now, and someone I admire and really look up to in the fitness industry. If you've never checked out her blog, do it!!)

Anyway back to topic - I think we've all done it. I discovered that this week. I've been playing mind games with my image and my fitness all year. Before I've even put on my gym gear I look too fat in it because I've been lazy lately, before I even start a run, it's going to be too hard and hurt too much because I haven't run much lately. So I had a super week last week, lots of running and training, and suddenly the shorts that I was too "fat" for last week look good again, and running is so much easier, because I did it more than once...

Can I go from fat to OK that quick?? From sooo unfit I might have to stop running and walk to super athlete?? All in a week?!? I don't think so? It's what I drove myself to believe...

S0, armed with that knowledge, I'm off to war with the negative thoughts. Just TRY and stop me now!!! LOL


RaeC said...

Didn't you look gorgeous in your fancy dress, eeeek!! on the brown snake and the birthday flowers were sensational!!

Poor you with your DOMS... all you can do in the gym is give it everything in the tank... that's all my Coach asks of me and it's all you can ask of yourself.

That time for the run was awesome, especially as you have been doing the group fitness classes instead of running... you should definitely be very proud of that time!!

Your mind is the most powerful muscle in your body, so if you have the mental strength the rest will follow!!

Keep up the fantastic work Selina xxx

Kek said...

You? Fat? Hahahahahahaha!! OK, yes, I know perzacly what you mean.

Of course you can change your own perception of yourself in only a coupe of days - it's all about just doing it, as the saying goes.

And aren't you sweet? I owe you a HUGE big hug when I see you in less than 3 weeks' time!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Shar said...

Find a mantra that works for you and use it!!
Do not allow your thoughts to stear you the wrong way, POSTIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE is a great tool.

Glad you are doing well, keep going now you have the flow.

Shar x