Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sore body......

I was going to type a nice long 'diary entry' but my butt is sick of this chair, and my whole body is just sooo sore from weights that I don't think I'll be able to concentrate enough!!! LOL

So instead, here's a pic :)
This is my best friend's new baby girl and me, born 8th March, 2 days after my birthday :) So she's my goddaughter Jade-Lyn's new little sister. Its soooo cute seeing her play big sister, she's very possessive and protective of "my baby sister". I was lucky to get a hold at all!!! She had just gotten to sleep in this pic and we weren't allowed to disturb her, so I just stuck my head in for a pic :)


Anonymous said...

Aren't new born babies just the cutest things ever Selina! :o)

Hilds said...

Hi Selina you look a bit clucky in that photo (he he), aren't little bubs so cute when they're asleep! Sounds like your training is going great, don't you just love that sore feeling. Have a great weekend!

Selina said...

Sure are Lia! In fact she's only about 8 hours old there, still in hospital :)

Hilds - I have always loved kids, does that mean I'm clucky?!?! I'm not sure, but at this stage I'm sure not ready for any!!! lol
Sore feeling - yea I'm over it!!!!!!!