Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Where did my last post go??

I wrote a whole heap of 'stuff' on Saturday nite but it seems to be lost in space!!

So thanks again for my birthday wishes. I got a digi camera (yes, I was still in the dark ages), gorgeous flowers and a teddy delivered, new PJs, a few books, 3 vouchers and bits and bobs like that. I went out on Saturday nite for cocktails and dinner so it was nice to get out. I wore my new dress for the first time, and I actually felt like a girl!! Didn't have a big one so I was capable of doing stuff on Sunday :)

I'm just so over-tired already and it's Tuesday morning!! I'm really struggling with the 4.30am wake-ups, and 14-15 hour days. I'm just getting really really worn out, but unfortunately I don't have any other option! I did do a step class yesterday, first one in 5 weeks so it was good to get back into it :) My tris are still sore from training on Saturday. It was quite funny - on Sunday afternoon we had netball training (in 38degree heat!!!) and I struggled to throw the ball as my arms were soooo heavy! It's out first game tonite so I'm hoping I can co-ordinate myself enough to have a good game! :)

I'm starting to count down my trip to Sydney for FILEX at the end of April. And it's a business trip so I don't have to feel guilty about leaving work!! lol Only 6 weeks to go..........

That's about it, hope ya'll have a great week!


Jodi said...

Hey Sel! Happy birthday for last week!! Sorry for being a little late! Am back online now....have missed reading your blog!

Now you have a new camera you can show us lots of pics!!!

Sorry to see your feeling so run-down at the moment.....those long days must be a killer. I guess the only good thing about working those longs hours is at least you are doing it for yourself and not for someone else!!!

The heat in the last couple of days has been a killer hasn't it?

I sooooooo wish I could go to Filex - I was jealous when you went last year!!!

Carol said...

Happy Birthday once again..i'm sure it was a great day for you...and hope thing et better as soon as possible...well you can also drop by my blog on Birthday Celebrations sometime and enjoy some of the fun and cheer it's filled up with!!!

jodie said...

You little jet setter, Melbourne and now Sydney.... Have an awesome time at Filex, even better its for business. No excuses for not posting pics now that you have a new digi cam.

Shar said...

Sounded like a good birthday!

You must get some rest from somewhere or your gonna drive yourself into the ground!!!

Eat well and take your vitamins!!
(say yes mum!)
Shar x