Thursday, March 29, 2007

On the Road Again!!

No, unfortunately not travelling! I've been out running more consistently lately and man I feel good for it!!!! I was only doing one run per week and it always hurt, so the silly selina wants to just throw in the towel coz it's allll toooo hard (as you do), then sensible selina realises that it hurts BECAUSE I'm only doing one per week, get back into routine, and I'll be flying again!!

My gym membership where I did the group exercises classes has expired and I'm not renewing it. I became a little too addicted to the classes, and therefore neglected everything else (ie running!)

Sooooooooooo my hungover 5km club championship run two Sundays ago (THE run to get points towards end of year trophy) I was embarassed in doing 27mins 12 secs. Last nite I did a 5km in 25mins 53 secs, so I've already improved... or maybe it was only coz I wasn't hungover ;P Anyway I just feel good doing it more regularly :)

I don't have a lot else to mention, its just same ol' same ol' for me! I'm looking forward to the weekend. I'll be in bed early as usual on Friday nite, up at 5am for an hour or so run, then at some stage seeing my goddaughter as it's her third birthday :) Can't wait!! I'm giving her Bindi's Kid Fitness DVD, so I'm already 'planting the seeds'. LOL I'll be up again early on Sunday morning to drive up about an hour to one of our National Parks for a 9km Club Championship run and a BBQ after it. It gorgeous weather here at the moment, it's just gotten a slight bit cooler - sure beats the heat!!



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Kek said...

And I'm crossing each one of those sleeps off my mental calendar too!