Sunday, June 28, 2009

Well hello there!

LOOoooong time, no post. Have you missed me :P

Life keeps whooshing by, each day one closer to the All Females :)

I'm had some utterly crap days, where I've ended in tears - but it's always from external sources not from me... if that makes any sense at all. That in turn had me so negative and pessimistic about every aspect of my life and I was miserable.

Of course it had to change - and I'm a happy chappy again, and really really working on not letting others influence my moods and behaviours. WE are in control of our emotions, getting upset at something someone else has done is them having total power over you. Nuh-uh, not anymore :)

My comp prep has been alot more enjoyable since the shift in mood. Not that the bad one lasted long, but when I'm in that place I feel I'll never get back out.

Been smashing the training, absolutely copping a hiding. I've been training with an EVIL trainer who pushes me to limits I never thought I was capable of. I cannot perform anything after our sessions. He has 30 years experience in the industry and was a very successful competitor so I'm learning lots from him as I go :) I know I train bloody hard by myself, but having that someone to push push push and help squeeze that last little bit out, and do negatives with just to really trash the old muscles has taken my poor bod to places I've never thought possible! I LOVE IT!

Posing practice is so much better second time around, my routine is finally coming together, it's just practice practice practice - as that makes perfect! I'm SOOO excited about the All Females - I'm a little more relaxed then last time, now that I know what happens, so I can't wait to get on stage, hopefully in better shape, and HAVE FUN!! Can't wait to be on stage with Shannon (and who else out there is gonna be with us?) and let my inner show-pony SHINE!!! HA!!!

Still got work to do before then.... I wanna BRING IT HOME STRONG!!!!!!!!!!


LOVE LOVE LOVE living alone. I can cook in my hooker heels, I can break out in routine when my song comes on, and no one thinks I'm a fruit loop.

Having huge problems with internet which is why there's been no posting... Seems I'm in a black spot! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Spent HOURS signing up last week for mobile broadband only to get home and find I have no coverage. It's crazy, I'm in the centre of town, and I can't get coverage? What the hell?

I'm so lost at home with no internet :( I feel so isolated...

So it's either trips into work (yuk) or home to mum's like I am now.

Till next time!! GO HARD!!! :)))

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Time's flying!! Today is a public holiday for our show day which is why I can finally blog something. Bet you've all been dying for it :P Felt great to have cardio & weights done by 9.30am, whoo hoo. So the day is mine... and I'm at work :(

My weekend away was great :) Did some Lorna Jane retail therapy, had lunch and a catch-up with Miss Lizzie, loved the Pink concert as expected. I wasn't as over-awed as my other friends as I'd seen her in 2007 and knew what an awesome show it would be. I was a tad disappointed my two fave songs from her Funhouse album weren't played and heaps of covers were, but, well, you can't win them all hey. It was still a fantastic production!

Got home at 2am after driving back to the Gold Coast. Checked out Robina Town Centre - the refurbs are AMAZING!!!! Spotted a Max Brenners... OMG! Had to walk as far away as possible, coz if I even sniff the stuff I'll put on fat ;) I sat and ate my (boring) meal while my friend enjoyed a nice tasty healthy Grill'd burger. Can't wait to check that out after comp!

We went to Gold Class cinemas to see Angels & Demons. I liked it :) I pulled out my smelly tuna - I hope everyone got a whiff. It's their own fault for having popcorn when I can't :P

Good weekend, but always glad to be home.

This week had flown - been smashing the training. I can't believe there's only three weeks and 2 days till the All Females, it's snuck up so quick!!! So much happening... had some really upsetting moments yesterday which ended with me in tears again, so I took it out on my body. Used up all that negative energy in a positive way! YAY! Three weeks - head down, bums up!

Well that's my week of nothing-ness updated. Hope you didn't hold your breath :P I'm heading home to have a day off... Couch & DVD, here I come!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Off I go again...

I'm so over it!! I'm flying out tomorrow to Brisvegas for the weekend. This was booked way way long ago last year before I made a kazillion other little trips in the meantime :) I just want to stay at home in my new house, to do nothing with me, myself, and I. And of course unpack boxes...

But -

I'm off with my sis tomorrow night to see PINK on Friday night!!! Although I really don't have a care factor for it yet, I know it will be a great weekend. I'm seeing Miss Lizzie on Friday to train together - I hope my body's recovered in time. I had a hardcore PT session yesterday with a trainer who has no mercy, at all. He's pretty muchly almost reduced me to tears on every occassion he's trained me... But that's another story. It'll be a case of Toughen Up Princess so Liz and I can make all the sore bits that little bit sorer on Friday :) And I can't wait!!

After the concert Friday night, I'm parting ways with my sis to head to the Gold Coast to stay with my bestie (and tanner extraordinaire!) for the rest of the weekend. Her boyfriend works nights, so I get her all to myself on Saturday night :) We've planned to go to the Gold Class cinemas as I've never been before. It should be a fun girlie weekend!

Best be off, I came to visit mum tonite to send off a few emails. Haven't read blogs properly but will catch up one day!

Be back next week!


Monday, June 08, 2009

Just call me...

.... a Ford Falcon.

I love public holidays, because I can go to the gym and take my time, knowing I don't have to get back to work to call this person, or do that errand. I slept in till 8.30am today... how shameful! First night alone in my house, and doesn't it make a difference when there's no noise. I thought for sure I'd be up early and planned to go for a run - the gorgeous pink curtains I've inherited in the unit let the bright morning light through. But no, I must have needed the sleep, I had an early morning yesterday where I officiated at the half marathon - I got to be a 'pole' - dressed as a lolly pop lady I had to stand still and direct the runners around a cone. It was more fun than running it. :P

So I walked to the gym and smashed my legs... so much so my back is really sore :( Toughen up Princess! I love the atmosphere at the gym - there's a lot of older members - "Mature and Motivateds" as I like to call them :) I always have time for a chat with them, and I know I'm a 'favourite' for that reason. They are so sweet!

One always asks "hows my little body-builder going today?"... he's been a 'mate' for a long time, offers to do stuff for me like help me move house, and so on and so forth. In fact, he's coming over for coffee once I get something he can sit on! LoL.

A few weeks back an older gentleman had been quite fascinated with my ipod shuffle. He asked what it was and what it did - I explained it played music. He asked how many LPs could fit on there - I explained it fits hundreds of songs. He was amazed. Then someone else came to chat to us he said to them - "Did you know that that little thing can fit 240 songs?? Amazing isn't it." It was so cute :) He's such a sweetie.

Today he had a classic line - "You're like the latest model Ford Falcon", he said to me. "Do you know what that means?"

I said no.

"Trim, taut and terrific".

AWWWW isn't he a sweetie!!

See I have some special men in my life after all :)

And so Kerryn, you are no longer looking for a blingy stick-insect, look for a Ford Falcon hopping off that plane!! HA!


I went for a look at the furniture store for more 'stuff' this afternoon. I plonked myself down on the massage chair as my back was aching.

A salesman started to walk over - ahhhh dammit, I have to pretend to be interested.

"Hi there, can I help you... Hey, didn't I see you at the gym this morning".

"Ahhh yes I was, I do remember seeing you. That's why I'm testing this, I'm a bit sore..."

20 mins I stalled him for and waffled on, whilst enjoying every single second of my massage ;)

Teee hee heee.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

It's was time...

I had to buy some new jeans. My old trusty faves which were a bargain purchase in Melbourne, have been a little errr.. big. Crotch hanging low, g-banger occassionally popping out (NOICE) from falling down my now-flatter butt. But I didn't want to part with them.

I really really liked a pair I saw in a shop window. Upon scouting them out they were Skinny leg jeans. Crap, I've never ever fit into a pair of skinny legs... I can't get them up my non-skinny legs. Then I found another pair that were even nicer. These were called "Super Skinny". Ahhhh double crap. But the stubborn cow in me wanted to try them on anyway. So I took in a size 10 - a bigger size should mean I can get them up my legs, right, and they're usually quite small makes :). I also took in a size 8, just in case I was having a "skinny" day. I walked out of the shop with not just a pair of the elusive Skinny jeans, but a pair of Super Skinny jeans...

.... in a size 6. (If I could insert the boogly eyed smiley face here I would).

I stood there 'arguing' with the shop attendant - "I can't get these, I'm not a size 6, maybe I should try the 7s." She rolled her eyes - "Darl, you've got them on and they fit you perfect, the 7s will be baggy". My brain couldn't accept that I'm a smaller me now. She must have thought I was a fruit loop taking in a size 10. I think the manufacturers have finally gotten the point that only stick insects could fit into skinny jeans previously, and altered the sizing for the general population. Or maybe I am classified as a stick insect now.

Either way, I got sh!t-hot new jeans!! WHOO HOO!! I wore them to the basketball last night, they are COMFY!!


For Christmas, I got a pair of (what used to be) gorgeous earrings from the f*ckface (as he is affectionately known) ex. As you know 10 days later it was all over red rover. I couldn't wear the earrings for a bit, then I got over that... Recently the diamonte stones had started to fall out and the earrings went a funny colour. I found the receipt thank goodness - of course I had it, he had the responsibility level of a dead fly - and thought I'd try my luck returning them.


Not only could I return them, I didn't even have to get them replaced for the same pair. I can pick whatever the hell to the equal value.

So now I have a gift card to spend on any sort of jewellery thanks to him, and best of all, there will be no reminder of him!

What a productive shopping day yesterday! :)

Saturday, June 06, 2009


I've just been thinking about a few things and made a few realisations....

It's been a whole year since I've been coached by Miss Lizzie - and it's been the best thing I've ever done. I've changed SO SO SO much, physically and in the head :)

Thinking back, last winter was the first one I didn't become a bit of a sloth and hibernate - I have previously become unenthused and have motivation for ZIP during winter and have a few extra kgs to show for at the end of it. Not last year - I had someone to be accountable to. Therefore I didn't get my yearly case of the SADS; (thanks Kekky baby for 'diagnosing' that one for me). I didn't go comfort eating at all :)

I was a cardio FREAK, I always did weights, but I never had the same passion. Now it's TOTALLY opposite, me, the runner, procrastinates when it comes to cardio. I love weights, LOVE them... I do four days now, and I told the boss with my last program update that I wanted to keep the four days (prior to comp prep it had been three). My throat would be cut if I had to do only three! :P I'm a creature of habit and I like my routine.

I finally have arms!! I've always wanted arms!!! I have lines, I love them!!! WHOO HOO!!

It was Lizzie who planted the seed of competing last year - I laughed at her at first... PUH!! Me? A figure chick?! HA!! I'm a RUNNER :P But, who had the last laugh ;)

Most importantly, I've killed my Gollum, my Mad Monkey and my Binge Monster. All one and the same, but I was 'blessed' with all three of them. HA! I used to troll and troll and pick and pick as a regular thing. But I just weaned myself off it. It just clicked. By having a well-rounded, 'diet' I didn't need to go for that crap.

He still appears at times, but never like before. After my comp, I struggled a little bit... it was more a case of "because I can", not really because I wanted to... I was eating crap that I would never even look at prior, not even think about even when I was craving something/anything during prep. I was just being STUPID. Liz put me back on the straight and narrow, and ultimately it was up to me to get my head back in the right place and not be so dumb about it. That's the only way to describe it - DUMB.

What's prompted me to realise the turn-around I've had in the past year, is the fact that tomorrow is the local Half Marathon. A huge event - over 200 runners are expected this year. My race report from last year is here. For those who knew me a year ago, I was all about running. I was one of the few runner bloggers amongst the figure girls :)) This year I'm not going in the half, gosh I haven't run over an hour all year! I could go in it, but I'm not excited about it, which made me realise how much my passions have changed. That's not to say they won't change again, but for now, the thought of running for 4 hours in marathon training - which WAS my original goal this year before Lizzie got me thinking about getting up on stage 95% naked in hooker heels in front of an auditorium full of strangers - doesn't turn me on in the slightest.

My training buddy misses me. We still run occassionally, but not like we used to. About tomorrow's race she said "hey I'll miss my little partner egg'n me on........... you had to leave me be a "Bodybuilder". LOL :)

So on the 5th July this year when my 2 buddies do their debut marathon which we planned together on the Gold Coast, I will be a week out from my 2nd body-building competiton.

My, oh my, haven't things changed :) And I wouldn't change them for the world!!!

I Got Another Present :)

Yesterday the DVD in the INBA comp was in the mail! Whoo hoo!!! Of course I watched it straight up, it's a bit weird watching yourself doing all that stuff. I really really really need to practice wearing those hooker heels, I thought I looked awkward, but we're always over-critical of ourselves aren't we?

I also finally got to see the my "new best friend" (HA! Jokes - although he did give me feed-back on my posing!) our local boy who won the Open men and the Overalls. Whoa - he looks very different with no clothes on!!!!!!!! In his back and bis pose he shoved his costume up his bum, and OMG you should see the glutes him!! Holy crap!! I will never look at him the same way again :)


It's official now - I have my own place!!!! :)) Last night I slept there for the first time. My lil sis stayed over as planned and she thought ahead - she BYO'd her own chocolate... uh-ohhhh...

I got to sleep in this morning as we fluffed around till late last night, and walked all of 6 mins to the gym, smashed out some (chocolate-fuelled) cardio and walked back. I live in the bestest spot, the guys down there at the gym are going to get so sick of me!!! My spin bike's at my house now too, so I have zero excuses for not getting in any extra 'secret' training :)


Tonight I'm going to the local basketball game with my sis and her friends. Her hubby used to play for the local team, now they sponsor the team so get a corporate box and free drinks for the home games. Not sure where the visiting team is from, don't really care much for basketball at all, I won't be drinking or eating the supplied food.... but I'm going anyway! LOL!!

Hope everyone has a great long weekend!!! I don't get to blog or read much at the moment, I don't have an internet connection at my new home - I'm at mum's right now, but if I don't stop by here or go to work (which I try to avoid when I can on weekends) I'm isolated from the outside world!!! Let's see how long I will last before caving ;)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.
Vince Lombardi
Busy busy as usual, but getting on with it all the same :) I'm half living in my unit, half not... my fridge has food, some furtniture is there, but it's been raining all week so I haven't been able to transport my bed there without it getting wet! GRRR!! I LOVE it though, being so close to the gym, I can now fly home for a shower and food before heading back to work :) Sure beats showering and eating and work and the gym all the time!!
My sis' hubby is away for the weekend so she's going to stay with me all weekend - should be fun! I'll get to experience how emotional a pregnant woman can be. Hee hee... Hope she has no cravings, coz when she gets there, the cupboard is bare!
Steph & Kerry - my next goal is the All Females in 5 weeks and 2 days, and so not counting :) That's what we're training towards and, yes Kerryn, I don't know why I got all excited about the program when I saw what I actually had to DO!! ;)

Monday, June 01, 2009

Christmas in June #1

I got a new program from the boss!! Whoo Hooo!!

Snail mail, email, anything with a present attached is Christmas for me!