Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Off I go again...

I'm so over it!! I'm flying out tomorrow to Brisvegas for the weekend. This was booked way way long ago last year before I made a kazillion other little trips in the meantime :) I just want to stay at home in my new house, to do nothing with me, myself, and I. And of course unpack boxes...

But -

I'm off with my sis tomorrow night to see PINK on Friday night!!! Although I really don't have a care factor for it yet, I know it will be a great weekend. I'm seeing Miss Lizzie on Friday to train together - I hope my body's recovered in time. I had a hardcore PT session yesterday with a trainer who has no mercy, at all. He's pretty muchly almost reduced me to tears on every occassion he's trained me... But that's another story. It'll be a case of Toughen Up Princess so Liz and I can make all the sore bits that little bit sorer on Friday :) And I can't wait!!

After the concert Friday night, I'm parting ways with my sis to head to the Gold Coast to stay with my bestie (and tanner extraordinaire!) for the rest of the weekend. Her boyfriend works nights, so I get her all to myself on Saturday night :) We've planned to go to the Gold Class cinemas as I've never been before. It should be a fun girlie weekend!

Best be off, I came to visit mum tonite to send off a few emails. Haven't read blogs properly but will catch up one day!

Be back next week!



Ronnie said...

Hope you enjoy the concert. We head down Friday for the Monday concert.

Kerry W said...

Enjoy your girlie weekend Selina. Sounds like fun! :)

Rebecca said...

Have a great time in Brissie Selina! One day we will meet up :)

Have fun at Pink. I am going in July and can't wait. I think it will be spectacular!


linda said...

Have a lovely time!!