Sunday, May 21, 2006


11km run - 55min 39secs

But first...What a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!! Woke up bright and early yesterday morning and met my two training partners for a nice long run. We did 1hr 05mins in light drizzly rain, and felt great. Bummed around all day doing things like shopping, bitz and pieces of work, then I had to go back in the afternoon to take some clients out running hills. I did another 35mins yesterday afternoon. Was thinking about the lovely Rae all day and how her comp was going.

Went out for dinner last nite with OH, and enjoyed one drink :) Early nite as I had to get up again and cheer on my teams in the Duathlon comp this morning. They all did great, as they always do :) I had to come back home and nap, lil bit tired and my hammies are quite tight from all the running lately. Woke up and psyched myself up for the 11km club run this afternoon. My goal (after last week's 10km time) was to get in under an hour, as there were 2 steady long incline hills to conquer. For some reason, my handicap is 11min 33sec... that's like WAYYY to good for me!! My run partner who I bust my butt to keep up with is handicapped at 6min 33secs... somethings gone wrong in the system there!! So I was out running by myself, not sure if that is a good or bad thing!! The hills KILLED, but I had no intention of ever stopping - by the time I got to the top, my heart was jumping out of my chest, and I was sure I would be emptying the contents of my stomache... ewww, but next minute it was down hill again, and all the pains were gone! Flew it home to make that time, which I'm SOOO happy with. That's just over 5min kms, yay all my training is paying off.

Flew home to hop on here to see that Rae won her comp!! YEEEEHAAA!!! HUGE CONGRATS TO RAE!! I've followed her journey for a long time now, and am so excited for her!!

Well that's my weekend gone by, all too fast again :) Hope everyone has a great week!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hump day!!

Love Wednesdays, it's my "admin" day so I don't usually book in any clients, which means it's the only day of the week I DON'T have to start at 5.30am. It is nice to have that break in the middle :) Lots to do today, staff training :) I now have another female trainer, which takes the pressure off me a lil bit :)
Yesterday I trained back and bis, then did 25mins interval training on the tready. Didn't absolutely bust myself as I had a netball game last nite. We won! Eats were perfect as well!
Tonite is run nite!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, speaking of running, I haven't received "THE" call to say my new shoes are in :( Nevermind, I have another 4 pairs (yes I'm serious) to keep me going!!
My OH went for a new job yesterday, and he was hired on the spot. He'll now be doing field service, meaning out at the mines for days at a time. GRRR. Not that we see each other that much as it is due to our totally different commitments, but that makes the available time even less. Ah well, I said to him, at least it's less time to argue!! ;) hee hee
That's it for now, just a quickie. Will catch up on everyone else's lives later in the week.
Enjoy the rest of it!!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday again!!!

10km run - 53min 29secs

Was quite happy with that, it hurt, and I actually thought of possibly only doing the 5km course, but thought "you sook, you'll feel better once it's done". In the last km, thought I was on track for a PB, then realised I wasn't quite sure what my PB was... Nevermind, I missed it anyway! It felt good all the same. I haven't done alot of "official" 10km runs, I usually just run based on time (ie a one hour run) rather than distance, so it's good to gauge where I'm at.
A few of us going in the half marathon in August have officially planned our training early Saturday mornings. It's going to kill me, but better to do it now than on race day! I'm slowly building up my distances, which can only be done on weekends due to work, but my goal is to survive the half, I'm not planning on a record time or anything!
Oh, I ordered some new shoes on saturday!!! I just can't stop spending money *blush*. No shoe stores stock my size however, 7 is the smallest (how prejudiced!!!), so I've ordered in a 6 to try. Some Asics Kayanos, got them for a bargain :) Quite excited about that!!

I'm feeling great today, not at all tired which is strange for a Monday morning! Had a few issues getting to sleep last nite (as usual) but probably managed 6 hours before I started getting unsettled....checked the time it was 4.11am. Damn that. Drifted in and out before the alarm went off at 5.05am. I've been fluffing around on the computer here, when I'm sposed to be at gym now... NAUGHTY!!! Monday is usually a big day at work so I use it as my rest day, but due to a few cancellations, I might get there this afternoon anyway :)

I'm feeling highly elevated and motivated at the moment!! That's what running does to me, I feel great having a goal (can't forget the new purchase either hehe), and just loving it at the moment. Reading about other people's runs etc also gets me excited to plod on!!

OHHH good news!! I have someone coming in for a "chat" today for employment!!! I'm soooo excited. Advertising is useless as I have previously discovered, I've briefly met this girl and she's just completed her Cert IV at AIF, same as all us trainers here, and she called me last nite!! That's even better as I know she's keen, I didn't have to call her! *Fingers crossed* all goes well, I can really need the help on the shifts I can't cover/the other two boys can't do. We're quite busy!! (Says me as I'm blogging....)

Well best be off, drag myself away from this computer, it's one of those days where there's so much to do, but where to start!
Have a great week!!!!!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ahhh Sunday :)

Oh my lordy, I just spent a very long time trying to upload a pic of my mummy, said it was done...BUT WHERE IS IT HUH!?!?!?!? grrr I really really hate these things *spits dummy*
A big HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to my wonderful mum and all the other mother's out there!! She’s out with my dad at the moment for a special luncheon that his work has put on for them today. Tonight we’ll be doing dinner altogether :)
It’s been a long time between posts for me, I've been reading everyone else's regularly, coz i just can't stay away!!!!! I got back into weight training this week, being the first one in three weeks coz of my holiday and sheer laziness, since completing my first 12 week prog with Sue. Well I don’t know what on earth Sue has against my bum, but she’s made it really really really OUCH!!!! Hee hee. OH and my chest... well lucky I only got a small amount of groceries, coz it really hurt to push the trolley... I was totally expecting the soreness all over my body, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was soooo naughty and stayed in bed yesterday (Saturday) morning and missed my run training – of which I planned about an hour run - but it was raining, and my legs were heaps sore – excuses I know. I planned to meet some clients yesterday afternoon for hill training, so as my ‘punishment’, I did double the course and the hardest hills, and 1hour and 5 mins later I was cactus! Quite happy though, as I still got in my longer run, it was just a harder than planned! But I really do love hills!!
I’ve actually had NOTHING on today , it’s one of those tracky daks and ugg boot days. I’ve read some of my book, and for the last few hours have been working on client files and all the behind-the-scenes stuff. My OH is working all weekend, yet another one where we get to spend a total of about 5 hours all weekend together. I have a 10km comp run on this arvo then straight to netball training for an hour and a half, what a great way to spend Sunday! Ha!
Beki – thanks for stopping by!! Will send you an email :)
Wish I had something more exciting to write, but that's my boring, simple life!!!
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, well what's left of it!
Will be back during week :)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

That's me and Jenny H!!
The first thing I noticed was how tiny she is!! (Yes I know, I'm a short-a$$ too!)
Yet another highlight of FILEX!!

I'm pretty buggered today. Had a girlie nite last nite, all the other halves were left at home and the three of us went for dinner. One of them has only recently announced that she's pregnant so that's our exciting news at the moment!! :) I'm really starting to feel 'out of it'. My only two friends left here are married with bubbys or expecting, even my younger sis is jumping on the wagon! EEEEK! It's just not what I want for now though :) Especially when comparing their hubbys' latest wrong-doings, and comparing pregnancy stories!!
Anyway that was an 11pm finish and I had to get to sleep fast for my big club run this morning. Set my alarm for 5.30am, but went back to sleep... i NEVER do that!! Thank goodness my lift called me at 5.45am to ensure I was going to be ready... so I had a quick wake-me-up shower, shovelled some porridge down, and I was pretty much outta there. We had to travel a good 30mins to get to where it started, but made it in great time.
It was a 28km club championship, but my running friend and her hubby (yet another one) and I did a team event. I did the first 12kms (1hr, 2mins 10secs), then Tanya took off for 8kms, then her hubby in his first ever run did a good 8kms as well :) The winner came in in something stoopid like 1hr 40mins!! Another friend holds the course record of 1hr 21mins... Like is that seriously possible to run that fast!! LoL Some people hog all the talent :P
so needless to say after a late nite, then running 12kms on a sunday morning, i went home for a kip. Just hanging out now till netball training this evening at 5.30pm - 7.00pm, it's really the last thing I feel like doing!
Well that's it, gotta get prepared for work before my mammoth 14hour day tomorrow. It's soooo busy, I only have one spare appointment left in the WHOLE day!! (take away my two hours to do ME training, plus a half hour elsewhere to eat).
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

A few pics :)

Well that's a couple of pics from my Sydney trip. First one is at the expo at the EAS stand with Aaron Ferguson and his transformation pics in the background. Second one is out for drinks and dinner with the EAS crew. Gotta love the stunned teenager look on my face! It was SO MUCH FUN!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006


It's been a whole long week nearly since my last post. I've kinda been avoiding it I guess after my whinge, didn't wanna sound like a whiner allll the time!
Last time round I forgot to address the lovely comments that were left. Ta to all the new names who've dropped in lately :)
Chontelle - nice to meet you. I've checked out your blog too! I'll be adding you to my faves :)
Jodi - HELLO!! I know exactly who you are! Small world eh. Never would have thought I'd find another person from Mackay on here! So do you have a blog yourself?!
Suzi - hello and thanks for dropping in!! I'll be popping by your blog as well to see how you're doing!!
HIlds - have you got any pics yet that we can take a peek at?!?! Would love to see how you finished up. Hang in there for your last 2 weeks tho... they should be just about up now right?!
Shar - ARGH!! She still haunts me!! LoL Just kidding, I'm happy you're still harassing me, when I fall, I fall hard, but I always climb back up again. Negative Selina usually gets kicked in the butt my Positive Selina, although I do miss your butt kicks as well!! I'm still checking your blog out, glad to see you're doing well :)
Lauren - yep, I always was planning to do another prog, it's just been this in-between phase where I've gone off the rails!! I'm starting again on Monday 8th, and so can't wait. Being so care-free with my food especially when away has left me feeling so Bleugh that I can wait to feel YIPEE again!!

I've started running again this week, OHHH if anyone gets the Runners World mag, i'm in there!! heheheeee Not coz I"ve done anything great tho, just in a promo ad for the "Run the Great Whitsunday Walk". It's a 28km run in September and now coz I feature in all the fliers for it I'm thinking I'd better run it!! I've had someone ask me if i'll run for their company and they'll sponsor me, so I've got no excuses!!

I got nothing much to say, just been checking everyone's blogs. I'm having trouble leaving comments on some, prolly the puter I'm on, very tempermental.

I'm starting a brand new fresh 12 weeks (as I mentioned above to Lauren) and I can't wait to get back on track.
HILARY - if you read, to answer your question, yes it's this Monday 8th! Let's do it together :)

Betta run, got a bit of sleep to have, got an early morning run planned before heading into work for a few hours of catch-up. If I remember I'll take my camera in as i STILL haven't loaded those pics of the fun I had in Sydney!!