Sunday, May 07, 2006

That's me and Jenny H!!
The first thing I noticed was how tiny she is!! (Yes I know, I'm a short-a$$ too!)
Yet another highlight of FILEX!!

I'm pretty buggered today. Had a girlie nite last nite, all the other halves were left at home and the three of us went for dinner. One of them has only recently announced that she's pregnant so that's our exciting news at the moment!! :) I'm really starting to feel 'out of it'. My only two friends left here are married with bubbys or expecting, even my younger sis is jumping on the wagon! EEEEK! It's just not what I want for now though :) Especially when comparing their hubbys' latest wrong-doings, and comparing pregnancy stories!!
Anyway that was an 11pm finish and I had to get to sleep fast for my big club run this morning. Set my alarm for 5.30am, but went back to sleep... i NEVER do that!! Thank goodness my lift called me at 5.45am to ensure I was going to be ready... so I had a quick wake-me-up shower, shovelled some porridge down, and I was pretty much outta there. We had to travel a good 30mins to get to where it started, but made it in great time.
It was a 28km club championship, but my running friend and her hubby (yet another one) and I did a team event. I did the first 12kms (1hr, 2mins 10secs), then Tanya took off for 8kms, then her hubby in his first ever run did a good 8kms as well :) The winner came in in something stoopid like 1hr 40mins!! Another friend holds the course record of 1hr 21mins... Like is that seriously possible to run that fast!! LoL Some people hog all the talent :P
so needless to say after a late nite, then running 12kms on a sunday morning, i went home for a kip. Just hanging out now till netball training this evening at 5.30pm - 7.00pm, it's really the last thing I feel like doing!
Well that's it, gotta get prepared for work before my mammoth 14hour day tomorrow. It's soooo busy, I only have one spare appointment left in the WHOLE day!! (take away my two hours to do ME training, plus a half hour elsewhere to eat).
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


little rene said...

Hey there Selina,
i was just reading back through a few of your previous blogs and was amazed that you had put into words exactly how I am feeling! I just finished a Challenge 2 weeks ago and since then I have fallen off the wagon and feel terrible about myself! all of that hard work to just go back to bad habits! Anyway today is my first day of change and so far so good. look forward to following your journey. Good luck,
love renexxx

Shar said...

Hi Selina

Thanks for my message, no rest for the wicked hey?

When I got your progs through I cheered!!! 'Yes a butt to kick harder!!'

My new motto - (for you anyway!!)
(hee Hee)

Speak soon

Shar x

Hilary said...

I love all these shots of you guys with Jenny H! I hear you about all your friends getting pregnant and not wanting to be part of it yet! I think I'm one of the only ones left who hasn't jumped on the baby bandwagon (and I'm not entirely convinced that i ever will actually)

Hope you had a good rest after your late night and your running!

RaeC said...

I'm 37 and still not ready to settle down... either with a man or with children. They do say that Aries are the babies of the zodiac... LOL!! Far too much stuff I want to do for me first... it might be selfish of me, but then it might be more selfish to bring someone into my life if I don't have time for them!!

Fantastic to see that you are scheduling your own training in!! Sounds like you had a great run too!! At least the winner's time give you something to aim for... LOL!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm ... just curious ... you havent gone and run off and eloped with your "future husband" by any chance have you Miss Selina ... you seem to have been missing in action lately :-)

Hope everything is going great for ya chick!

M :-)

Sekhmet said...

Hi Selina, thanks for leaving the comment on my blog - I shall have to add you to my list so that I can keep a track of you ;)

That run sounds fantastic - and what a place to do it in!!!

Unfortunately I don't think it's likely that I would be able to.....a money thing mostly - but also probably up to a good enough standard yet :(

Have a great weekend!