Friday, May 05, 2006


It's been a whole long week nearly since my last post. I've kinda been avoiding it I guess after my whinge, didn't wanna sound like a whiner allll the time!
Last time round I forgot to address the lovely comments that were left. Ta to all the new names who've dropped in lately :)
Chontelle - nice to meet you. I've checked out your blog too! I'll be adding you to my faves :)
Jodi - HELLO!! I know exactly who you are! Small world eh. Never would have thought I'd find another person from Mackay on here! So do you have a blog yourself?!
Suzi - hello and thanks for dropping in!! I'll be popping by your blog as well to see how you're doing!!
HIlds - have you got any pics yet that we can take a peek at?!?! Would love to see how you finished up. Hang in there for your last 2 weeks tho... they should be just about up now right?!
Shar - ARGH!! She still haunts me!! LoL Just kidding, I'm happy you're still harassing me, when I fall, I fall hard, but I always climb back up again. Negative Selina usually gets kicked in the butt my Positive Selina, although I do miss your butt kicks as well!! I'm still checking your blog out, glad to see you're doing well :)
Lauren - yep, I always was planning to do another prog, it's just been this in-between phase where I've gone off the rails!! I'm starting again on Monday 8th, and so can't wait. Being so care-free with my food especially when away has left me feeling so Bleugh that I can wait to feel YIPEE again!!

I've started running again this week, OHHH if anyone gets the Runners World mag, i'm in there!! heheheeee Not coz I"ve done anything great tho, just in a promo ad for the "Run the Great Whitsunday Walk". It's a 28km run in September and now coz I feature in all the fliers for it I'm thinking I'd better run it!! I've had someone ask me if i'll run for their company and they'll sponsor me, so I've got no excuses!!

I got nothing much to say, just been checking everyone's blogs. I'm having trouble leaving comments on some, prolly the puter I'm on, very tempermental.

I'm starting a brand new fresh 12 weeks (as I mentioned above to Lauren) and I can't wait to get back on track.
HILARY - if you read, to answer your question, yes it's this Monday 8th! Let's do it together :)

Betta run, got a bit of sleep to have, got an early morning run planned before heading into work for a few hours of catch-up. If I remember I'll take my camera in as i STILL haven't loaded those pics of the fun I had in Sydney!!



Jehanne said...

All the best with your new 12 week challenge! Its great to get a bit of focus back hey. I am hoping to compete in Oct, thanks for popping by and leaving a comment in my blog.

RaeC said...

Hi Selina,

Got to agree with everyone else... you definitely need some new goals, but your 12-week program should do that for you.

Like my coach says, there is no such thing as 12 weeks and that is it. There is the first goal to achieve, then when you achieve that you set another goal for yourself. If you want to stay on track, you should ALWAYS have a goal you are working toward. xxx