Sunday, May 21, 2006


11km run - 55min 39secs

But first...What a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!! Woke up bright and early yesterday morning and met my two training partners for a nice long run. We did 1hr 05mins in light drizzly rain, and felt great. Bummed around all day doing things like shopping, bitz and pieces of work, then I had to go back in the afternoon to take some clients out running hills. I did another 35mins yesterday afternoon. Was thinking about the lovely Rae all day and how her comp was going.

Went out for dinner last nite with OH, and enjoyed one drink :) Early nite as I had to get up again and cheer on my teams in the Duathlon comp this morning. They all did great, as they always do :) I had to come back home and nap, lil bit tired and my hammies are quite tight from all the running lately. Woke up and psyched myself up for the 11km club run this afternoon. My goal (after last week's 10km time) was to get in under an hour, as there were 2 steady long incline hills to conquer. For some reason, my handicap is 11min 33sec... that's like WAYYY to good for me!! My run partner who I bust my butt to keep up with is handicapped at 6min 33secs... somethings gone wrong in the system there!! So I was out running by myself, not sure if that is a good or bad thing!! The hills KILLED, but I had no intention of ever stopping - by the time I got to the top, my heart was jumping out of my chest, and I was sure I would be emptying the contents of my stomache... ewww, but next minute it was down hill again, and all the pains were gone! Flew it home to make that time, which I'm SOOO happy with. That's just over 5min kms, yay all my training is paying off.

Flew home to hop on here to see that Rae won her comp!! YEEEEHAAA!!! HUGE CONGRATS TO RAE!! I've followed her journey for a long time now, and am so excited for her!!

Well that's my weekend gone by, all too fast again :) Hope everyone has a great week!!!


Chontelle said...

WOW! What a brilliant time! I just had an 11km event I ran in yesterday, and I can't imagine the pace I would have had to keep to get 55mins! Fantastic!
You inspire me to keep going and push myself harder!

Hilary said...

Woohoo Selina you are on fire girl! That is a fantastic time, you must be over the moon!

Well done for the perseverance over those hills, I dont know how you can do it, I would be collapsing in a heap! :)

Selina said...

Chonny, i read your story on your blog, and you are doing absolutely fantastic!! There's just no better feeling that having completed a challenging run :)

Hilary - ta, I was quite happy to say the least! My training partner beat me by 1min 05secs, so that's my inspiration to keep bettering, and challenging myself. As for the hills, we I don't know how I didn't collapse that time!! They SUCKED!! ;)
Thanks for stopping by girls, I appreciate your comments :)

RaeC said...

Thanks gorgeous!! Although I am so COMPLETELY bummed that I won't be getting to meet you this weekend... I've got an idea... resign!! LOL!! No, I wouldn't make you do that ;-)

We are definitely going to catch up one of these days though!! xxx

Sekhmet said...

Awesome work hun!

I think you will always be 5mins ahead of me ;)

jodie said...

About time for a new entry I reckon, haven't heard from you in a long time!!!!! BTW laughed my a$$ off at your comment on my blog.