Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hump day!!

Love Wednesdays, it's my "admin" day so I don't usually book in any clients, which means it's the only day of the week I DON'T have to start at 5.30am. It is nice to have that break in the middle :) Lots to do today, staff training :) I now have another female trainer, which takes the pressure off me a lil bit :)
Yesterday I trained back and bis, then did 25mins interval training on the tready. Didn't absolutely bust myself as I had a netball game last nite. We won! Eats were perfect as well!
Tonite is run nite!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, speaking of running, I haven't received "THE" call to say my new shoes are in :( Nevermind, I have another 4 pairs (yes I'm serious) to keep me going!!
My OH went for a new job yesterday, and he was hired on the spot. He'll now be doing field service, meaning out at the mines for days at a time. GRRR. Not that we see each other that much as it is due to our totally different commitments, but that makes the available time even less. Ah well, I said to him, at least it's less time to argue!! ;) hee hee
That's it for now, just a quickie. Will catch up on everyone else's lives later in the week.
Enjoy the rest of it!!!


Hilary said...

Selina those Mines near Mackay keep stealing our people!! We had quite a few staff from our Mackay office leave cos of better job offers! And now they've got your man too! I think 'GRRR" sums it up nicely!

Congrats on the new staff member, hopefully that will take a bit of pressure off?

Have a great week!

Jodi said...

Hi Selina,

Glad to see your business is booming :-) - do you guys still follow the same style of training as in the beginning? No I don't have a blog at the moment. I couldn't believe when I realised it was you on Sue's website - it bugged me for days because I knew you looked familiar but could not place you - then you must of left a comment somewhere and I came across your blog!! Your photos came up sensational!! You should be very proud of yourself!!!

Glad to see you have another goal to keep you on track!


jodie said...

Hope your new shoes are in by now!!

Congratulations on the new staff member, hope it all works out for you.

Bummer about your man and his new position, but it is true, absence does make the heart grow fonder!! Make sure you get quality time with each other!!

Selina said...

Hi guys :)

Hilary - Yes, the mines steal people from all over!! And yes, more staff sort of takes pressure off hee hee

Jodi - Thanks again for your nice comments. As for business - I've changed the format heaps, and it's all working well.

Jodi - Damn, you reminded me bout my shoes, no they aren't in yet :( Will have to get onto that!!