Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lazy Blogger

Is there an award for that? I think I win!!!

It has been 2 weeks since my last post and I have managed to do the following:

Stay reeeeallly sick with that damn flu. I still haven't shaken it :( I had TEN whole days off training, felt like a whale but was ensured I didn't look like one. Attempted to go for a run and lasted 7 mins and had to walk :( Where is the long-distance runner in me hiding?? It's crazy how unfit I felt so fast, although I still holding some crap in my lungs and still got the attractive nasal voice happening :)

Back into weight training this week and so so so painfully sore and so so so loving it!!

AND although I dormant for quite some time, I had my skin folds redone on Tuesday and they're ALL DOWN!! I so didn't deserve that, but I'll take what I can ;)

I flew to Brisvegas last Friday night and stayed with Miss Lyndsay and her fam for the night before catching the train to the Goldy for my best friend's 30th!! What a night, it was AWESOME!!! My two friends from here left their babies and hubbies at home so it was a huge girlie trip :) Heaps and heaps and heaps of fun.

I also managed to yet again burn the credit card out. But did get a hot little dress for my bday party, so that cancels it out.

I ate well, didn't get to train at all but still come home with the skins down so I'm doing something right :) (eating!!)

UMmmmmmmmmmmm that's the end of my lil life. I visit my gorgeous little girl almost every day, and she'll be up from her nap now, so I better be off!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


That's what I feel like I am at the moment!!! This horrid flu has been hanging on. I was a bit naughty yesterday morning and went and trained leggies - I did feel almost 100% again before I went, but maybe pushed it a little toooo hard.

I find the longer I am in the air-con'd office, the more downhill I go as the day goes on. Then last night I had free Premiere tix to "Valentine's Day" - so more air-con.

Today I was worse than ever - my eyes watery and my back is just aching. I fronted up for my PT Session but my trainer turned me away (thank god, I really didn't feel like it!) and told me to go home and sleep. Love him! So I went back to work to shut down my puter - which between other 'stuff' took an hour! -then I was home.

Cold and Flu tablets are gooooood ;) I feel alll betterer again :)

It's frustrating having missed so many sessions but I need to practice what I preach and REST or I'll keep delaying being well. I just have no patience!

On the flipside, I had a nice little coffee date at my new fave place "Sinful Coffee", so that was the extent of my exercise today - walking the block and a half to get there ;)

And I popped into a newsagent on my way past, and the chickie working recognised me from the Oxygen Mag article. That was... weird!?!?! But cool :))

Enjoy the rest of the working week. Friday here we come!!xx

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Where on earth did I catch a summer flu??

Had a slightly sore throat last week but thought I got over it. Nuh-uh. Sunday afternoon it came on bad and Monday morning my alarm went off at 5am to get to my Community Health Challenge session by 6am. It was raining so someone called me, heard my voice and said "I'm calling everyone to cancel. You sound like sh!t".

I did plan on doing the session and going straight back to bed - after all I didn't want to stand the Mayor up!

I crashed back to sleep until 8.30am. Popped into work to pick up stuff to do at home, then somehow dropped back off to sleep from 12pm - 2.30pm.

I don't think I've slept that much ever! I can't remember the last time I had a real and true sick day from work - it just doesn't happen when you have a business. And I'm sure no one even noticed I was gone ;) Must take more sickies!!!

Needless to say no gym yesterday or today :( Just when I'm IN THE ZONE... poo-bum. But I refuse to be one of those inconsiderate people who share their germs when sick... sneezing and coughing all over the equipment. Ick.

I've lost about a kg from nose-blowing however!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

In Denial

I can't avoid it any longer, it's now 3 weeks and 6 days until I wave good-bye to my 20s...

I know it's only a number but I'm not handling it too well. At all. I don't want to have a 3 as the first digit of my age.

I'm in denial.
Drama Queen much?

The upside is - A PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm having a Masquerade Party at a swanky new venue. I went to the grand opening on Friday night, as soon as I walked in, I knew it HAD TO BE MINE for my par-tay. Small, private, dim, almost-sexy(?) lounge-bar type venue. Perfect for a Masquerade Party.

SOOOOO - who wants to come???????????? And I'm serious :)

Brissie girls - you're all close by ;) Fares are cheap.... I have accommodation if needed....

Saturday 6th March. Think about it!!! Let me know if you're keen and I'll send a formal invite :)

(Does that sound like I'm desperate and trying to find friends????) I'm just sharing the love :)


I'm so so so slack for typing, but lurve to read what's happening in everyone else's worlds! Soooo...

- I had my skin folds done last Monday 1st Feb and I'm going to get them done fortnightly just to make sure I'm shrinking :)

- A pole came into contact with my brand new car :(

- I'm suppposed to be in Bali right now. I booked a trip last year but canned it (no refund on flights, but got them for a huge bargain so it's no great loss.) Reason - I need to save some $$$ and although I lost a little by forfeiting, if I went for the 2 weeks I would have caused a lot more damage! PLUS it's busiest time at work and I've got the Community Fitness Challenge - training the mayor, his deputy and a few other business people. PLUS I'd prefer to go back over to the USA/Europe later this year instead of Bali again!

- Miss Media Tart strikes again - A fortnight ago, I was in the local newspaper for the Kid's Sessions I was running and now I'm on the radio website for the challenge. Check it out here ;)
Publicity is good for the business but I feel like I'm on Big Brother... I got recognised - "you're that chick on the ad for the fitness centre" - whilst I was looking like a scrap after training. I'm not big-noting myself to you guys, I just feel so restricted and don't like it as I feel I always have to be good and polite and behave... Coz I don't know who knows me. I'm scared to put business signs on my car... I suffer from bad road rage - only when idiots do stupid things and deserve it!!!!!!!! In this town, it's most of the time :P Rant over - need to run away to the bigger fish bowl of a city where I don't feel like I have to be constantly on my best behaviour.

- I've been hitting some PBs in the gym - woop woop.

- Went to Brisvegas on Tuesday for an overnighter with my mummy as I had 2 appointments. Even with the limited time we still managed to shop HEAPS.

- Had a mass clean-out of my room yesterday, I can't believe how much crap I can accumulate in only 8 months of being here. After my shopping spree, I culled shoes/underwear/clothes - not one drawer was untouched. I got rid of bags - how good does a clean-out feel!