Sunday, February 07, 2010


I'm so so so slack for typing, but lurve to read what's happening in everyone else's worlds! Soooo...

- I had my skin folds done last Monday 1st Feb and I'm going to get them done fortnightly just to make sure I'm shrinking :)

- A pole came into contact with my brand new car :(

- I'm suppposed to be in Bali right now. I booked a trip last year but canned it (no refund on flights, but got them for a huge bargain so it's no great loss.) Reason - I need to save some $$$ and although I lost a little by forfeiting, if I went for the 2 weeks I would have caused a lot more damage! PLUS it's busiest time at work and I've got the Community Fitness Challenge - training the mayor, his deputy and a few other business people. PLUS I'd prefer to go back over to the USA/Europe later this year instead of Bali again!

- Miss Media Tart strikes again - A fortnight ago, I was in the local newspaper for the Kid's Sessions I was running and now I'm on the radio website for the challenge. Check it out here ;)
Publicity is good for the business but I feel like I'm on Big Brother... I got recognised - "you're that chick on the ad for the fitness centre" - whilst I was looking like a scrap after training. I'm not big-noting myself to you guys, I just feel so restricted and don't like it as I feel I always have to be good and polite and behave... Coz I don't know who knows me. I'm scared to put business signs on my car... I suffer from bad road rage - only when idiots do stupid things and deserve it!!!!!!!! In this town, it's most of the time :P Rant over - need to run away to the bigger fish bowl of a city where I don't feel like I have to be constantly on my best behaviour.

- I've been hitting some PBs in the gym - woop woop.

- Went to Brisvegas on Tuesday for an overnighter with my mummy as I had 2 appointments. Even with the limited time we still managed to shop HEAPS.

- Had a mass clean-out of my room yesterday, I can't believe how much crap I can accumulate in only 8 months of being here. After my shopping spree, I culled shoes/underwear/clothes - not one drawer was untouched. I got rid of bags - how good does a clean-out feel!

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