Saturday, April 29, 2006


HMMM, not liking me lately. I still have not gotten back on track since I finished my 12 week prog TWO weeks ago. I feel gross, fat, and yuk, and no crap here, my clothes are tighter again. Like what the?! In TWO weeks...geez i musta been worse than I thought. And also the horrid scales are reading right up again. I am going through what I remember TRACEY D saying - a puffer fish phase :( I feel SOOO horrible, so yuk, like I have no direction at the moment. I don't want to spiral out of control, I have to regain that OOMPH i had before. All the things that I never touched before are now so appealing and "one won't hurt"...right!? Well certainly not, ONE IS HURTING.
I've realised I really really need a strict goal to set myself. It's almost like being happy with my bod isn't reason enough for me anymore. Well I had the big photo shoot to aim for before, that was like IT for me. Now what?! I want to feel daily the satisfaction and passion for my goals like I read in Sue's, Rae's and Jadey's blogs as they prepare for their comps. I need to have a big huge goal like that to strive for, that failing or little slip-ups aren't an option coz too much depends on it.
Suggestions anyone?! I HAVE to get over this silly phase, it happens regularly it feels, then later I wonder what I was being so stoopid about.

Other than sulking I have not much to report, sadly. Worked all morning, going on a road trip tomorrow up to Airlie Beach (1.5hrs away) with my boyf, my bestie, her hubby and my gorgeous lil goddaughter. Should be fun!

I just tried to upload the pics from last weekend, but it didn't happen so have to wait till Tuesday when I'm back at work, coz if any non-QLDers didn't already know... we have monday off!!!!! YIPEEE!! Not to rub your nose in it or anything ;P

Anywho, im outtie, enjoy your sundays :)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm BAAAAACK!!!!!!!!

I had the bestestestest time eva!!!!! I SOOOO love Sydney :) Filex was AWESOME!!! The lecture/seminar part was fantastic for updating/refreshing knowledge, and learning new tricks. I took in sooo much info in the three days, it was well worth it. The expo...well that was like Disneyland!! So many fact I'm never ever ever gonna eat a protein bar again. I was so carried away in my lunch breaks in the expo, that I didn't get time to run and grab something to eat before the next seminar, so the freebie samples were my "staple" diet those days.
I met a few of my buddies from the sportzblitz forum - Kerryn (Kek) and Jay. Kerryn and I did lots of workshops together and it was like we'd always known each other. It was great to hang out with someone! Jay was a sweetie - he won the Ironman bodyblitz grand champion title, and it a very smart boy!
I was flabbergasted to meet Jen Hendershott - she gave me a hug like she'd known me forever!! She was soooo lovely. I saw on stage Rosa Maria Romero, I wanna be like her when I grow up. I met Aaron Ferguson (Body For Life grand champion and millionaire!!) and went for drinks on Saturday nite with the EAS crew. He is GORGEOUS. I almost couldn't speak, I was tongue-tied. He is really sweet as well, and he gave me a kiss good-bye!! I almost couldn't bring myself to wash my face LoL! I have phtographic evidence of all these meetings of course, but have no battery left at the moment in the camera, it had a workout!
That's not even mentioning the 2.5days I had for pleasure... shopping, oh the shopping!!!!
IT WAS SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring on next year's!! hehe
Better run do some work.............. I'll be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Introducing..........MY LEGS!!! lol

As you can probably see, yesterday I received my 2nd CD of pics from my photo shoot on Saturday!! I now have a total of 200 pics.. damn good value for $130!!! There will be pics to come now forever... hehe. Well they make my boring blog a lil more colourful, and I've run out of shots of my goddaughter, so my body bitz it is!!!
I’m off to Sydney first flight tomorrow so early morning!!!! My mum and sis are coming along, and are like “We have to be up sooo early, like 4.15am” and they’re stressed. I’m like “Yea no worries, that’s a normal start for me!!” hehe. I have to finish off here, I’m leaving the place in the hands of my two boys that work here…hmm that could be scary! J/K, they’ve done an awesome job when I’ve been away before, so I have every faith.
I have to get home and pack…. I’m a bit scared!! A QLD gal going to Sydney in April – what is one to expect!!! So I’ve got warmish clothes as well as alll the exercise stuff I’m going to need for FILEX. A gal can never have too many changes of exercise gear! I’m soooo excited, it’s gonna be sooo much fun!! 3 full days of fitness exhibitions, lectures, displays and hopefully samples!!!
Everyone have a fantastic week!! I'll be back to check up on everyone next Wednesday!!
SeLiNa *Big Waves* xoxo

Monday, April 17, 2006

Couple more pics, just in case you haven't seen any! hee hee

We went to the beach after my shoot to get a few pics, it was SOOO windy and the sand was sticking to my body oil!! Here's one all the same :)

Another pose from the professional photo shoot. Did I mention that i had SOOO much fun!!! ;)

Three days till I'm off to Sydney!!

Still can't believe that I'm off on Thursday. It really didn't register how close it was! I've had a busy long weekend, I'm at work at the moment. Lots to do before I fly out, from past holidays, it's always double the time to catch up on what I couldn't do when I was away. I came in here 7.30am this morning to get the BAS done, of course this month of all months there had to be errors. I had clients from 8.30-11.30 and they were all impeccable over easter, not eating any chocolate (I thought only people like Sue and Rae did that!!) I must be teaching them well, didn't dare tell them of my chocolate accidents!!
I've just finished doing up my 'essay' for the bodyblitz and Sue's New You comps, so that's another job to tick off the list. I just have to get my piccies printed onto paper (hopefully tomorrow I will get the next 100 or so of them... lol just to make sure i have what i think are the best ones) then I can send it off in time.
I gotta sort out all my FILEX stuff this arvo, make sure I know what's going on, get my air tix in order rah rah rah. I'm pretty busy with clients Tuesday and Wednesday so don't know when I'll be packing! First flight out at 6am on Thursday morning! Man, life has been hectic lately!!
Thanks Ali, Mandy, Jadey for popping in to my blog! I will add you to my list WHEN i can work it out again :) And Hilary, Sue, Sharleen and Rae ta for your nice words as always.
Will catch up with everyone another time (I'm still so selfish). I'ts nearly 3.30...I've been here all day!!!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC day!!!! The Easter Bunny somehow got past that damn rabbit trap, as there appeared to be eggs everywhere in the house today. I am not eating any today, not after yesterday, I felt soooo gross, don't want to feel that bad again!
I was up at 6am to prepare for my 5km race. Prep went OK I felt, lots of water, good oats and cottage cheese and maple syrup... and I loved every bit of it. I've been a bit "nervy" as I always do before a big race and was still well acquainted with the loo this morning. That'll learn me for eating crap yesterday!
I took off in a great hurry, my first KM was extremely fast for me so thought I'd better settle a bit. I was going great guns, was in the lead pack till about 3.5kms. I got a tiny lil stitch which, within a minute was a massive stomache cramp, and I could hardly breathe. My stomache was rock hard, it was that cramped. I had to walk, I NEVER EVER EVER walk. I was in so much pain I was in tears, and it was very humbling to have many many people run past me. I'd start to jog again, then was reduced to a walk, this happened about 5 times no joke. It was the first time I've ever wished for the emergency cars to come past and collect me, but there was no way, I was going to finish. The other girls in my age group ran straight past me, my clients ran past me, it was very demoralising but it just wasn't my day. I finished the race in tears qnd quite distressed and the ambos assisted me. Apparently a few people struggled with cramping and heat exhaustion during the course of the morning, so at least I wasn't the only sook! I sat and was treated with ice... my calves, quads, even my jaw (from crying I guess) had all cramped up.
One of my clients received gold in his age group and 9th overall in a cracking time, but he didn't stay for the presentation so I went up to get his medal on behalf of him, and where there they happened to read out the next awards... turns out I got bronze for my age group female 18-39yrs!!!!!!!! I was absolutely shocked, as everyone noted on my face!! So I went back to my seat with two medals. Believe it or not, my time was still under 25mins... 24min 58secs. God only knows what I could have done had I not had to walk. I am just soooo stoked. I was 17th overall in a field of 35, so I'm so happy considering all *big smiles* Aren't I such a drama queen!
One of our local "legend" runners noted the followin... in his words "You were putting on a bit of weight there and I could see it affected your running style. Now you've trimmed down again, you're running well and looking fit". HEHE So it has all finally come together. Fat loss = fitter and faster. Couldn't ask for me. Anyway gotta run, I'm in at work, got the big family lunch to rush home for. Might be back later.........
BE GOOD!!!! tootaloooooooooooo

Saturday, April 15, 2006

And a sheepish....just oooone more...

Well I thought I'd better give the good with the bad. Only a handful of people have seen my "before" shots. For obvious reasons... ICK. Thought it would be nice to show where I started. And well with the other I'm attempting a pose. I was the worst "model" i think my camera man has ever come across!!! hehe Oh and scuse the tag hanging out of my swimmers... we noticed after many, many pics... see definitely not a natural!!!

So now what?!?! I've been living for today, everything has been for Easter Saturday... THE DAY. I feel strange now, empty, like... what's next?! That's something I will be in touch with Sue about :) I havent looked past today so much so that i "forgot" I'm heading to Sydney on Thursday for the FILEX convention!! LoL My mum and sis are coming along as well... she's getting married in September, so they'll do wedding stuff while I do fitness stuff, which suits me fine!! We also have just over 2 days for pleasure stuff as well when I'm not "working". Whole trip is a business tax deduction though ;) .. Gotta love that!!
I also "forgot" that tomorrow I am in a 5 km race. We here in Mackay are hosting the Suncorp Nth Qld Games this weekend and I'm racing in the morning. Not ideal training prep being on a depletion diet, but hey, I'll give it my best shot. They requested a blurb on me in case I come in a good position and asked my goal time... well I was aiming for a PB, but with lack of specific training 25mins would be a god-send, not exactly a 'gold-class' performance however!! But finishing my 12 weeks was my number 1 priority, and I have no regrets.
Me and my boy planned a nice meal today, but you know after my photo shoot, I really wasn't craving anything. He wanted resturant-style eating, I wanted a salad bar to have a wrap or something!! What i really really wanted was oats and cottage chees and maple syrup. He was not impressed so I didn't push that one!! I ended up with sushi and an ice-cream from Cold Rock. I really wasn't missing out on much. Oh plus the lil chocolates that have appeared in the house... and the... LOL So, i've eaten a few things "bad" today, but I've paid for it. Me and the loo have become quite friendly this evening *sighs* My stomach is telling me something.. Anyway I'll be all good again tomorrow, feeling how I felt today far outweighs how good ANYTHING tastes. I will continue to fuel my body for performance, not for pleasure, coz I know how much better i really do perform!! IN THE GYM AND IN MY SPORTS THAT IS!!! In case minds were in gutter :P
Speaking of which, once these last pics have uploaded, I better get to bed for a good sleep for my run tomorrow. :) I just finished munching on an apple... YUM And sharleen, you can't get up me for more than one piece of fruit today.. HEHE!!! ;)
Till tomorrow when I will present my "Speech"....
SELINA (the new one!!! hee hee) XOXOXOX

OK I can't help myself... a few more


Well here's a "fun" shot, I can't remember this one being taken!! Being a dag tensing up, but he 'captured the moment' lol
And one of my fave upper torso shots.


OK Here's me as of this morning!! I have a million pics to choose from and ended up picking two of the same poses!! WOOPS! Anyway took me 40mins to upload (very very slow and old puter) so I ain't changing it!!!
Can you believe I had the darkest spray tan possible, and two coats... Hate to see the real me, you would need your sunnies on!!! lol


I HAD SOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN TODAY!!!!!!!!!! The photo shoot was just awesome!! I didn't have much sleep, the wine sent me over the edge right away, then I had a bit of an upset stomache, but that was prolly just nerves as well!! I was up with the sun, and tried to make myself look and feel decent.
Had another wine at 8.30am, it felt so wrong, but at least it calmed my nerves!! Went straight to "The Shoot" and well let me say I'm def not a natural poser, I was stiff as a board, but he made me feel better. I was there for nearly 2 hours!! It was great fun, I even had an audience with my mum, sis and other half to 'assist'.
Anyway enough of that... I'll try and attach a few pics. I got one CD with 100 pics, but not all of them are on there, he must have forgot to copy about half of them, so I'll be right onto him first thing Tuesday morning.
Here goes...
GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I can't post pics at the moment. I'm OVER having computer issues!!! I was at home but my home puter couldn't read the CD with the photos (it's very old), so I drove to boys house, and now still no go. I'm def not going into work now, maybe tomorrow :(

Friday, April 14, 2006


I have been here stuffing around for nearly two hours on this damn piece of machinery!!!!!!!!! FRUSTRATED!!
I'm trying to add the blogs I read, for some that's a simple task, but for me.... *shrugs*
I have listed all the blogs exactly the same way, but only half of them show up!! *BIG SIGHS* So to those I haven't listed, I will work it out. At least time is flying past, must keep busy today, I've only just eaten my second serving of fish today, oops, was 4 hours after my first so that's OK.
I had my spray tan last nite (obviously nowhere open today) then tried to stay up late so I could sleep in and make this day go faster, but no, I was sleepy by 9pm but held on and read till 10pm ish then crashed. Silly me didn't turn my alarm off from yesterday, so it beep beeped me outta my dreams at 5.30am. YUK. Never really got back into a decent sleep after that so got up at 7.30am and had my final supper of sweet potato. I love that stuff :) Rest of the day just protein... till tonite!! I GET A GLASS OF RED WINE!!! And I'm making a big deal out of it, my OH is gonna have it with me. JUST ONE for me tho :(. It's soooo hard today to pace myself with the one litre of water I'm allowed. Especially after the week of trying for 6each day, I must admit I was only getting 5 in, but my bladder still wasn't impressed!
Anyway I jumped on the scales this morning, just to have a lil look and I nearly died. I've been telling Shar that I'd love to see what 47kgs looks like on the scales, my lowest has been 48.2. Welllll today it went to 46.8kgs! So after all that I still haven't seen 47kgs. LoL ;) I'm well aware that reading is attributed to the depletion diet I'm suffering through, but hey, ill take it!!
Well that's prolly it, cleaned my car, might read more book, just hang out till my wine then go to bed nice and early so I can be organised nice and early in the morning to look as good as I can when feeling as crap as I am!! Heheh actually other than the first few days when I was a bit ill, I'm surprised at how I've been, a few wall hits but just keep on keeping on.
Till tomorrow.................THE DAY.......................... TOOTALOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Well, I made myself eat some fish and beans and off to the gym I went (I don't train at my own studio, I need a mental break most days). I asked the owner if I could try his body fat scales (The fat-ometer as I prefer to call it!!) just to see the differences with my handheld one.
Well he was quite impressed with all my readings!!!!! I was so excited. We don't chat on a regular basis, if at all, but he said I have def changed since training consistently. he said I look "harder" and "more athletic" WHOOPPPEEE!!! He also mentioned that another girl he trains said something about "looking like her" meaning ME... i mean ME!! Isn't it funny, in your own skin there's so much more work to be done, you focus on the parts that aren't up to your standards, yet others see you as being fine, and what they strive to achieve.
As far as Im concerned, in my clothes, yes there's a def improvement, but put me in those swimmers, its still scary!! *Fingers crossed* that my final pics are OK. I'm a bit worried.
Better go have more food, I've got an appetite, I must be gettin better. However, I'm never ever EVER gonna eat another chicken breast again. ERGHHH
Well, I'm into day 3 of depletion week, and all hasn't been well. I have been a bit sick... not physically ill, just "off". Since Sunday, I haven't been eating much, the thought of food makes me wanna throw up, and even water tastes gross. Good timing eh, just when all I'm allowed is chicken and beans/broccoli! Unfortunately I haven't really worked out since Saturday (which was the first of the high rep training which was different!). I've been sleeping SOOOOO much, between clients, and even had to cancel some sessions last nite and was in bed at 8pm and crashed through till 5.30am this morning. I am gonna attempt the next work-out in a few hours. My only issue is that I am feeling weak coz of lack of eating! I will make it though, just have to hang in there. Tomorrow I start carb loading so this alone should make me feel better :) Oh must add that my stomache has never been this flat in a long time!!!! hehehe Just the wrong way to go about it tho... :(
Well that's my measly update, not at all exciting :) Will catch up on everyone else's blog later this week!! Tootalooooooooooooo

Friday, April 07, 2006


Get it Done!

You have a choice. You can either get things done or let things happen. Letting things happen is easy. It requires no effort on your part. The problem is, when you just let things happen they will almost never be to your liking.

The other choice is to get things done. That requires your active involvement. It takes effort, as well as focus, commitment, discipline and persistence. Those things sound difficult, and they are. Yet just because they're difficult, doesn't mean they're to be avoided.

When you do what it takes to get things done, you'll get the results you want. The only way you can get what you want out of life, is to put in what you have. And that is done through your own efforts and actions.

Sure, you can take your chances and just let things happen. You might even get lucky, though few do. Or, you can step forward, put all you have into every day, and get things done. That is the only reliable way to build the life you desire.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Happy Day!!!

Today I'm having a good/happy day :) Lately things have been topsy-turvy, but you know when you just feel great and like you're on top of everything...?!?! Well its one of those. I had a few client cancellations today, which is never what I like, but that has given me more time to catch up (the pile is FINALLY getting smaller!!) AND drum roll..... TWO sessions of cardio. One was my allotted session, and I just got back from a 40 min steady sess at the gym. Burn calories....BURN!!! Hope I don't get in trub for doing double, but I did sitck to my HR zones. So I'm feeling quite happy chappy and content. Food has been spotless as well of course!!

Sue, Shar, Hilary and Rae - again thanks for your motivating input!! Sue, ta for your comment on my arms....don't want no toothpicks!! ;)

Rae - I've stolen a paragraph from your blog... Yet another motivating, to the point quote:
"Keep working toward your dreams and goals. Each day you stick to your nutrition plan and training brings you a step closer. Each day you don't stick to your nutrition plan and training either stalls your progress or takes you a step further away... so keep putting one foot in front of the other!! " Keeping this in my head for the last 10, yes only TEN days.

I'm planning well ahead for next week. The big chook stock-up and cook-up on Saturday, into serving containers so there's no reason to even contemplate looking at any other shelf in the fridge. I'm booking myself out solid with clients (except for allotted training times on Mon and Tues!! And of course, eating times), so that I can't think how hungry I am. Having a late nite Thursday nite coz got my tan booked at 7.45pm... closed for Good Friday on Friday SOOO this will be my hard day. HOwever I'm equipped... Sleeping in, will sleep whenever required during day (Yes I love sleep), and have bought a new book and have many on hold at the library to get keep me occupied. BUT I really don't think I'll be needing all that much to keep me strong, just knowing the pics are on Saturday will be enough!! Anyway nuff bout that. I'm really not that obsessed with it (specially as I was disappointed with my trial at-home-pics). It's just knowing that I got through it, and the changes I have noticed has made me so proud of what I can do when I really try. I will keep going till I get where I want to be :)

Gotta run................. food time! YIPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Then working solidly thru till 7pm tonite then I get home and get to eat again, shower, prepare tomorrow's meals and sleep enough to wake up at 4.30 to come back and repeat the cycle!!


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

NEARLY THERE!!!!!!!!!!

A few pics from the weekend. Jade-Lyn and her cake for her 2nd birthday and then me and her. I don't know how to turn the pic round... hepl?!?!

Had a few topsy turvy days after my early Saturday morning. Had a great work-out that morning after posting, and if I say so myself, I looked HEAPS leaner and defined in the mirrors with the spray tan! It was awesome, I felt good for once!! Better be careful...I might become addicted to them :) Had a nana nap after that then did my big shopping haul for the week, went home and cooked then to Jade-Lyn's birthday party, as per the pic!!! She was soooo cute, did NOT want to share her cake with anyone!!

I thought I'd try some pics n poses with new tan and all, so mum played photographer for me... to my absolute disgust, I looked terrible in them. I thought I was looking OK, but the pics say otherwise. I'm crossing my fingers big time that there's a miracle fat loss in the next 2 weeks, or that the photographer can do some editing (LOL only joking there), or trick photography to make me look better. I could have cried, ten weeks and the pics looked like that?!!? :( Anyway, I'm over that, and that's keeping me focused and more determined to give 1248931687614% in the next well only 12 days... Hilary - hope I notice lots of change in the last 2 weeks as you have :) That's a good thing to know!

I'm gonna be faaaaaaaaaaamous. Well not quite. We had a 9km reef forest run on Sunday morning 50mins from town. (Might I add that everyone told me how much weight I had lost and that I was looking so fit - AGAIN I LOVE SPRAY TANS!!!!). After the run they needed a few ppl to drive another hour north to Airlie Beach to get some pics for Runner's World magazine! So me, being me, lil miss dont-miss-a-photo-opportunity went along for the ride. There's gonna be a big 28km run through the rainforest up there organised by our local club and it's being advertised nationally in the hopes of getting lots of participants, sooooo they needed pics for Runner's world mag. We got so many photos, one better turn out!! I'm sure we ran 5kms worth over the same 10m piece of grass "just to make sure". So that's my 10mins of fame!!

Well best be off to do more work, busy busy. Not much time to read what everyone else is up too. Will catch up soon!! Enjoy the rest of your Tuesdays :)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Just a quickie!

Hi to all who popped in and visited my blog :)
It's lovely to 'meet' you all and thanks for all your kind comments!
Rae: Yes I was just a little embarassed at first to see the post on your blog!!! But it's all good... thanks for your lovely introduction :)
Meggie: HI and thanks for dropping in!
Bella: Hi again! Thanks for the tip on the mineral water!! Those lil things might be just what keeps me sane over the next two weeks of hunger!!
Tracey: Love the idea of the mobile tanning!! Will you make trips all the way up the QLD Coast?!?! ;)
Sekhmet: Beki is it? I checked out your blog, and you're a runner too!!! How exciting, I'll pop in more often :)
Jadey: Love your blog! Ta for the mention! Feel like I already know you from reading Rae's blog. hehe. Am excited to follow your progress for your modelling comp!!
Hilary: As always, thanks for your motivating words, tips and hints!!

Gotta run girls, will post properly tomorrow. Enjoy your days!! :)

selina xoso

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Yet another pic of my lil girl! She turned 2 yesterday so party tonite for her!! No cake for Aunty Selina though :(

Why I'm in a good mood is beyond me! I've had NOOO sleep, and have no idea why! Was in bed last nite at 10pm, then awake for toilet trip at 2pm (as you do!) and couldn't get back to sleep! Tossed and turned for 30 mins then thought, bugger it, I'll get up. So ate breakfast at 3am (I WAS STARVING), read catalogues and made my grocery list, read the newspaper, was going to wait till light to go for a run, but got too bored, so showered and came into work, all by 4.30am!!! Had end-of-month reconciling done by 5.30am (THAT will never happen again... that early on the FIRST day of the month!!), and have been emailing/blogging/bludging on the puter. I'm waiting till 8am when the gym I go to opens, and I'm outta here to train hard, then prolly back to bed!!!

I had my first trial spray tan done last nite and I love it!!! If only I could always be this brown unlike the unsightly beluca whale colour I am!! It's a stereotype that if you live in QLD you're tanned! I think maybe that's why I couldn't sleep... I'm excited yet nervous TWO WEEKS TO GO, this time in 2 saturdays I'm preparing for my big PHOTOSHOOT!!! YIPEEEEEEEEE.
I still feel like I have soooo far to go though, maybe 'trick' photography will do it for me ;)
How much body fat can one successfully shed in two weeks?!?!
Also I couldn't sleep coz I was STARVING. I am sooooo terribly hungry all the time. I eat all my correct portions, but this last week, every TWO hours I'm gettin pains again. I always have been a 3-4 hour eater, but 2 hours is just a pain in the ass! Mix that with my water consumption.. every hour on the dot to the loo, well I've got it all at the moment!! hehe

Anyway I had a compliment last nite while being tanned in the raw. "Wow, look at those muscles in your legs, you're so toned". Then up to the upper body "And your arms, I love that toned look, they look sooooo (yes she did drag that out) good". Considering I was feeling quite vulnerable, it did make me feel good. Oh then for the comment that almost made me choke... "So do you compete?" LOL (I'm really really really no where near that!!) FOr a micro second it did make me think... Could I? Then I came back to earth with a thud :)

Well best be off make my time here at work productive. I have a lots planned for this weekend so that I keep my mind out of the fridge :) Busy will always do it, so this weekend its GO GO GO!!!!

Hope everyone else has an awesome one!!!!!!!!!!!