Saturday, April 01, 2006


Yet another pic of my lil girl! She turned 2 yesterday so party tonite for her!! No cake for Aunty Selina though :(

Why I'm in a good mood is beyond me! I've had NOOO sleep, and have no idea why! Was in bed last nite at 10pm, then awake for toilet trip at 2pm (as you do!) and couldn't get back to sleep! Tossed and turned for 30 mins then thought, bugger it, I'll get up. So ate breakfast at 3am (I WAS STARVING), read catalogues and made my grocery list, read the newspaper, was going to wait till light to go for a run, but got too bored, so showered and came into work, all by 4.30am!!! Had end-of-month reconciling done by 5.30am (THAT will never happen again... that early on the FIRST day of the month!!), and have been emailing/blogging/bludging on the puter. I'm waiting till 8am when the gym I go to opens, and I'm outta here to train hard, then prolly back to bed!!!

I had my first trial spray tan done last nite and I love it!!! If only I could always be this brown unlike the unsightly beluca whale colour I am!! It's a stereotype that if you live in QLD you're tanned! I think maybe that's why I couldn't sleep... I'm excited yet nervous TWO WEEKS TO GO, this time in 2 saturdays I'm preparing for my big PHOTOSHOOT!!! YIPEEEEEEEEE.
I still feel like I have soooo far to go though, maybe 'trick' photography will do it for me ;)
How much body fat can one successfully shed in two weeks?!?!
Also I couldn't sleep coz I was STARVING. I am sooooo terribly hungry all the time. I eat all my correct portions, but this last week, every TWO hours I'm gettin pains again. I always have been a 3-4 hour eater, but 2 hours is just a pain in the ass! Mix that with my water consumption.. every hour on the dot to the loo, well I've got it all at the moment!! hehe

Anyway I had a compliment last nite while being tanned in the raw. "Wow, look at those muscles in your legs, you're so toned". Then up to the upper body "And your arms, I love that toned look, they look sooooo (yes she did drag that out) good". Considering I was feeling quite vulnerable, it did make me feel good. Oh then for the comment that almost made me choke... "So do you compete?" LOL (I'm really really really no where near that!!) FOr a micro second it did make me think... Could I? Then I came back to earth with a thud :)

Well best be off make my time here at work productive. I have a lots planned for this weekend so that I keep my mind out of the fridge :) Busy will always do it, so this weekend its GO GO GO!!!!

Hope everyone else has an awesome one!!!!!!!!!!!


RaeC said...

Yes you could compete Selina... I was asked that same question during my 12-week challenge and here I am!! Never say never!! The only thing that can stop you is negative thinking. Think positive and you can achieve whatever you set out to achieve!!

Coach suggested I get a tan the other day... I asked him why, was it because it was too hard for him to look at me with my white skin... he laughed and said yeah that he needed to get glasses... but he was only kidding because he thinks it would be good for my self-esteem as he thinks it would help me to see that I am looking better than what I think I am looking... if that makes sense? It did to me... LOL!!

Have a great night and we'll chat soon...

Love Rae x

meggie said...

hey, kool blog
how exciting 2 weeks 2 go!!!
kute little girl :)
hehe catcha soon

Bella said...

hi selina! cant remember if i have introduced myself on one of your other posts - but if so - here i am again! 2 weeks to go - wow - i remember being really excited and HUNGRY also! and thanks for inspiring me to get some sort of fake really does help to see that 'muscle definition'!! x

Bella said...

but wanted to say - to beat the hunger pangs i drank soda water...dont know why but those little bubbles sure did help! xxx

Tracey said...

How exciting Selina only two weeks to go!!!!

Yes the old spray tan can be addictive once you have one done - so addictive that I am next week looking into buying a mobile tanning business - thus way I can be tan all of the time and make money on the side!!

Keep up the good work - you will be surprised at how much you will change in the next two weeks - keep on working hard - can't wait to see your pics!

Sekhmet said...

Hi and welcome to blogland!

Looking forward to following your progress :)

B xox

Jadey said...

Hey Selina,

Sounds like your beautiful life is full on! Glad to be sharing your journey with you!

Talk to you soon - jadey xxx

Hilary said...

Hey Selina
Enjoy these last two weeks! You'll be surprised how focused and dedicated you can be during this run up to the finish!

I have noticed (twice now) that my body goes through some massive changes during those last two weeks - I'm sure yours will too!

Cant wait to see your photos!