Friday, April 14, 2006


I have been here stuffing around for nearly two hours on this damn piece of machinery!!!!!!!!! FRUSTRATED!!
I'm trying to add the blogs I read, for some that's a simple task, but for me.... *shrugs*
I have listed all the blogs exactly the same way, but only half of them show up!! *BIG SIGHS* So to those I haven't listed, I will work it out. At least time is flying past, must keep busy today, I've only just eaten my second serving of fish today, oops, was 4 hours after my first so that's OK.
I had my spray tan last nite (obviously nowhere open today) then tried to stay up late so I could sleep in and make this day go faster, but no, I was sleepy by 9pm but held on and read till 10pm ish then crashed. Silly me didn't turn my alarm off from yesterday, so it beep beeped me outta my dreams at 5.30am. YUK. Never really got back into a decent sleep after that so got up at 7.30am and had my final supper of sweet potato. I love that stuff :) Rest of the day just protein... till tonite!! I GET A GLASS OF RED WINE!!! And I'm making a big deal out of it, my OH is gonna have it with me. JUST ONE for me tho :(. It's soooo hard today to pace myself with the one litre of water I'm allowed. Especially after the week of trying for 6each day, I must admit I was only getting 5 in, but my bladder still wasn't impressed!
Anyway I jumped on the scales this morning, just to have a lil look and I nearly died. I've been telling Shar that I'd love to see what 47kgs looks like on the scales, my lowest has been 48.2. Welllll today it went to 46.8kgs! So after all that I still haven't seen 47kgs. LoL ;) I'm well aware that reading is attributed to the depletion diet I'm suffering through, but hey, ill take it!!
Well that's prolly it, cleaned my car, might read more book, just hang out till my wine then go to bed nice and early so I can be organised nice and early in the morning to look as good as I can when feeling as crap as I am!! Heheh actually other than the first few days when I was a bit ill, I'm surprised at how I've been, a few wall hits but just keep on keeping on.
Till tomorrow.................THE DAY.......................... TOOTALOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Hilary said...

Not long to go now girl - yes enjoy that glass of wine!! (You wont enjoy the dry mouth tomorrow though!) You must be tiny... 46.8kgs? I cant wait to see these photos of you!

Oh by the way - I'm still struggling with this blog technology too - some things I will just never figure out!

Good luck tomorrow!~

little rene said...

Congratulations on nearly finishing Selina! I know how you are feeling about the red wine! I have 9 days to go and I could kill for some of the stuff sometimes! I can't wait to see some photos!
Have a great Sunday,
love little rene xxx

Shar said...

Good Luck Selina!!

Did you wave to the 47.0kg's as you flew past!!

Shar x

Amy said...

Congrats Selina!! Be proud of yourself. It took me an hour or so to work out the links too. I gave up one night and came back to it again the next day just to get frustrated all over again!! Can't wait to see the photos!

Sekhmet said...

My biggest piece of advice is to save a copy of your template in word before you make any changes! lmao - the number of times I have totally stuffed it up and spent hours trying to get it back.....lost count!

B x

Sue Heintze said...

Very proud of your efforts Selina! Way to go! It will all be worth it, but you already know that. Looking forward to seeing the 'finished product'!!