Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Well, I'm into day 3 of depletion week, and all hasn't been well. I have been a bit sick... not physically ill, just "off". Since Sunday, I haven't been eating much, the thought of food makes me wanna throw up, and even water tastes gross. Good timing eh, just when all I'm allowed is chicken and beans/broccoli! Unfortunately I haven't really worked out since Saturday (which was the first of the high rep training which was different!). I've been sleeping SOOOOO much, between clients, and even had to cancel some sessions last nite and was in bed at 8pm and crashed through till 5.30am this morning. I am gonna attempt the next work-out in a few hours. My only issue is that I am feeling weak coz of lack of eating! I will make it though, just have to hang in there. Tomorrow I start carb loading so this alone should make me feel better :) Oh must add that my stomache has never been this flat in a long time!!!! hehehe Just the wrong way to go about it tho... :(
Well that's my measly update, not at all exciting :) Will catch up on everyone else's blog later this week!! Tootalooooooooooooo

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