Saturday, April 15, 2006


I HAD SOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN TODAY!!!!!!!!!! The photo shoot was just awesome!! I didn't have much sleep, the wine sent me over the edge right away, then I had a bit of an upset stomache, but that was prolly just nerves as well!! I was up with the sun, and tried to make myself look and feel decent.
Had another wine at 8.30am, it felt so wrong, but at least it calmed my nerves!! Went straight to "The Shoot" and well let me say I'm def not a natural poser, I was stiff as a board, but he made me feel better. I was there for nearly 2 hours!! It was great fun, I even had an audience with my mum, sis and other half to 'assist'.
Anyway enough of that... I'll try and attach a few pics. I got one CD with 100 pics, but not all of them are on there, he must have forgot to copy about half of them, so I'll be right onto him first thing Tuesday morning.
Here goes...
GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I can't post pics at the moment. I'm OVER having computer issues!!! I was at home but my home puter couldn't read the CD with the photos (it's very old), so I drove to boys house, and now still no go. I'm def not going into work now, maybe tomorrow :(


Sue Heintze said...

Yay Selina!!!!! You did it!!! I am bummed I can't see the pics yet, but I will be waiting by my email with baited breath! Congratulations girl, TOP effort - I know how hard you fought, you totally deserve it! We at IBO are proud :)

Shar said...


You got through the tough bits and made it to the end!

Well done, get those pics to us ASAP!!

Shar X