Monday, April 03, 2006

Just a quickie!

Hi to all who popped in and visited my blog :)
It's lovely to 'meet' you all and thanks for all your kind comments!
Rae: Yes I was just a little embarassed at first to see the post on your blog!!! But it's all good... thanks for your lovely introduction :)
Meggie: HI and thanks for dropping in!
Bella: Hi again! Thanks for the tip on the mineral water!! Those lil things might be just what keeps me sane over the next two weeks of hunger!!
Tracey: Love the idea of the mobile tanning!! Will you make trips all the way up the QLD Coast?!?! ;)
Sekhmet: Beki is it? I checked out your blog, and you're a runner too!!! How exciting, I'll pop in more often :)
Jadey: Love your blog! Ta for the mention! Feel like I already know you from reading Rae's blog. hehe. Am excited to follow your progress for your modelling comp!!
Hilary: As always, thanks for your motivating words, tips and hints!!

Gotta run girls, will post properly tomorrow. Enjoy your days!! :)

selina xoso


Tracey said...

If I ever make it up to Mackay - a tan will be comin ur way!!!

Chontelle said...

Hi Selina,

I know what it feels like to work for yourself, and feel pretty drained from it. But in saying that... I wouldn't have it any other way! I love it.

Great blog... I will continue to stop by!