Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Well, I made myself eat some fish and beans and off to the gym I went (I don't train at my own studio, I need a mental break most days). I asked the owner if I could try his body fat scales (The fat-ometer as I prefer to call it!!) just to see the differences with my handheld one.
Well he was quite impressed with all my readings!!!!! I was so excited. We don't chat on a regular basis, if at all, but he said I have def changed since training consistently. he said I look "harder" and "more athletic" WHOOPPPEEE!!! He also mentioned that another girl he trains said something about "looking like her" meaning ME... i mean ME!! Isn't it funny, in your own skin there's so much more work to be done, you focus on the parts that aren't up to your standards, yet others see you as being fine, and what they strive to achieve.
As far as Im concerned, in my clothes, yes there's a def improvement, but put me in those swimmers, its still scary!! *Fingers crossed* that my final pics are OK. I'm a bit worried.
Better go have more food, I've got an appetite, I must be gettin better. However, I'm never ever EVER gonna eat another chicken breast again. ERGHHH


Hilary said...

Selina - lol - told you that you'd get sick of chicken!! Hope you are feeling better... I couldn't imagine anything worse than being sick during depletion week!

Congrats on those compliments lovey, well done! How awesome to hear that you are looking hard and athletic! You must be getting pretty excited? Not long to go now!

Shar said...

Glad to hear you are perking up girl!!

Head down and focus right to the photos, you are gonna look amazing!!


Bella said...

haha - I never wanted to touch chicken again...and right now Im eating it for dinner! LOL! - Cant wait to see your pics - Congratulations in advance! x

RaeC said...

I thought that way too... but I still live off the chicken!!

It is absolutely fantastic that others are noticing the changes... don't you just love it when someone says you look "harder"... way to go Selina!! xxx