Tuesday, April 04, 2006

NEARLY THERE!!!!!!!!!!

A few pics from the weekend. Jade-Lyn and her cake for her 2nd birthday and then me and her. I don't know how to turn the pic round... hepl?!?!

Had a few topsy turvy days after my early Saturday morning. Had a great work-out that morning after posting, and if I say so myself, I looked HEAPS leaner and defined in the mirrors with the spray tan! It was awesome, I felt good for once!! Better be careful...I might become addicted to them :) Had a nana nap after that then did my big shopping haul for the week, went home and cooked then to Jade-Lyn's birthday party, as per the pic!!! She was soooo cute, did NOT want to share her cake with anyone!!

I thought I'd try some pics n poses with new tan and all, so mum played photographer for me... to my absolute disgust, I looked terrible in them. I thought I was looking OK, but the pics say otherwise. I'm crossing my fingers big time that there's a miracle fat loss in the next 2 weeks, or that the photographer can do some editing (LOL only joking there), or trick photography to make me look better. I could have cried, ten weeks and the pics looked like that?!!? :( Anyway, I'm over that, and that's keeping me focused and more determined to give 1248931687614% in the next well only 12 days... Hilary - hope I notice lots of change in the last 2 weeks as you have :) That's a good thing to know!

I'm gonna be faaaaaaaaaaamous. Well not quite. We had a 9km reef forest run on Sunday morning 50mins from town. (Might I add that everyone told me how much weight I had lost and that I was looking so fit - AGAIN I LOVE SPRAY TANS!!!!). After the run they needed a few ppl to drive another hour north to Airlie Beach to get some pics for Runner's World magazine! So me, being me, lil miss dont-miss-a-photo-opportunity went along for the ride. There's gonna be a big 28km run through the rainforest up there organised by our local club and it's being advertised nationally in the hopes of getting lots of participants, sooooo they needed pics for Runner's world mag. We got so many photos, one better turn out!! I'm sure we ran 5kms worth over the same 10m piece of grass "just to make sure". So that's my 10mins of fame!!

Well best be off to do more work, busy busy. Not much time to read what everyone else is up too. Will catch up soon!! Enjoy the rest of your Tuesdays :)


Sue Heintze said...

Selina your arms look fantastic!!! No toothpicks there!! Great work, can't wait to see your final pics, I am sure you will suprise even yourself at how good you will look! Very proud of your dedication these last few weeks, well done!


Shar said...

I bet your pics were not bad!!

You are nearly there and you WILL look fab, keep going right to the end.

Shar X

Hilary said...

Hi Selina... dont worry - if you are doing Sue's "hell week" (otherwise known as depletion diet and workout!!!) you will see some major changes! When you load up with water though, I felt like my muscles disappeared for a few days though - scary!!

Hope we get to see you in Runners World! How exciting! I've bought Runners World once, I'll make sure I get it again if you get your pic in there!

RaeC said...

Hi Selina,

Hang in there girl!! There are so many changes in the last two weeks whether it be for a 12-week challenge or comp diet, so you will be amazed by the results. On the last week the changes happen daily. You'll find it VERY exciting!! xxx

Ali said...

Hi Selina, I just dropped by your blog and noticed you commented on not knowing how to put your pics in right way up, not that I am an expert *LOL* just that by using the software on your computer, adobe Photoshop, or photo editor, or even when you open a folder full of pics. on your computer, there should be a little box in the tool bar that when you run your mouse over it says “ view”. If you click on this to open it and select film strip, all the pics should appear, now click on the one you want to view, just under the pic of it there should be a couple of icons, fiddle with these and one of them will rotate the pic they way you want. you can change the rotation of pics, before you post them on your blog, not sure if this explanation is very helpful, just that I waste a lot of time sometimes with the computer trying to work such things out and any help is appreciated. Gosh... hope that helps!!

Ali :)