Monday, April 17, 2006

Three days till I'm off to Sydney!!

Still can't believe that I'm off on Thursday. It really didn't register how close it was! I've had a busy long weekend, I'm at work at the moment. Lots to do before I fly out, from past holidays, it's always double the time to catch up on what I couldn't do when I was away. I came in here 7.30am this morning to get the BAS done, of course this month of all months there had to be errors. I had clients from 8.30-11.30 and they were all impeccable over easter, not eating any chocolate (I thought only people like Sue and Rae did that!!) I must be teaching them well, didn't dare tell them of my chocolate accidents!!
I've just finished doing up my 'essay' for the bodyblitz and Sue's New You comps, so that's another job to tick off the list. I just have to get my piccies printed onto paper (hopefully tomorrow I will get the next 100 or so of them... lol just to make sure i have what i think are the best ones) then I can send it off in time.
I gotta sort out all my FILEX stuff this arvo, make sure I know what's going on, get my air tix in order rah rah rah. I'm pretty busy with clients Tuesday and Wednesday so don't know when I'll be packing! First flight out at 6am on Thursday morning! Man, life has been hectic lately!!
Thanks Ali, Mandy, Jadey for popping in to my blog! I will add you to my list WHEN i can work it out again :) And Hilary, Sue, Sharleen and Rae ta for your nice words as always.
Will catch up with everyone another time (I'm still so selfish). I'ts nearly 3.30...I've been here all day!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Am feelin ya pain about working out this whole blog business ... have spent all afternoon fighting with mine ... all sorted now but :-)

Have a goody chick!

Anonymous said...
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