Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Introducing..........MY LEGS!!! lol

As you can probably see, yesterday I received my 2nd CD of pics from my photo shoot on Saturday!! I now have a total of 200 pics.. damn good value for $130!!! There will be pics to come now forever... hehe. Well they make my boring blog a lil more colourful, and I've run out of shots of my goddaughter, so my body bitz it is!!!
I’m off to Sydney first flight tomorrow so early morning!!!! My mum and sis are coming along, and are like “We have to be up sooo early, like 4.15am” and they’re stressed. I’m like “Yea no worries, that’s a normal start for me!!” hehe. I have to finish off here, I’m leaving the place in the hands of my two boys that work here…hmm that could be scary! J/K, they’ve done an awesome job when I’ve been away before, so I have every faith.
I have to get home and pack…. I’m a bit scared!! A QLD gal going to Sydney in April – what is one to expect!!! So I’ve got warmish clothes as well as alll the exercise stuff I’m going to need for FILEX. A gal can never have too many changes of exercise gear! I’m soooo excited, it’s gonna be sooo much fun!! 3 full days of fitness exhibitions, lectures, displays and hopefully samples!!!
Everyone have a fantastic week!! I'll be back to check up on everyone next Wednesday!!
SeLiNa *Big Waves* xoxo


Anonymous said...

If I had legs like that I would be showin em to the world too :-)

Hope you have fun in Sydney!!!

M :-)

Hilary said...

Have a good trip Selina! Hope you manage to pack the right clothes to suit the weather! Its always hard to know what to take isn't it? I'm going to Canberra in a few weeks, and I'm expecting it to be cold, but it probably wont be! I think its just because us "Queenslanders" expect everywhere else to be freezing!! Be safe and enjoy!

Tracey said...

your legs are coming along nicely!! bring on the short skirts!!

Chontelle said...

Absolutely brilliant photos! I saw them on Sue's blog first, and then tracked down your blog!
You must be SO proud of yourself... and photo shoots are fun aren't they (once you get over the awkward embarrassed feeling and just start having fun).

Huge congrats! Have fun in Sydney!

RaeC said...

Oooooh... nice quad sweep girl!! What a great deal you found with the photos!! I might have to get some more done. Jadey is a photographer so I might have to get her to bring her equipment to the AFC and snap some piccies while I'm in comp condition!!

Have a wonderful time in Sydney Selina!! xxx

Bella said...

You look AWESOME Selina! - I have to say you seriously motivated me into lifting heavy at the gym today - go girl! yay! x

Jadey said...

Nice legs you sexy thang! I was thinking about going to Filex (i'm a qualified PT) but decided to keep money for comp time! Have an awesome time though, you will have so much fun! Let me know how you go!

Jadey xxx

Jodi said...

Hey Selina, I thought I recognised your photo on Sue's Blog. Now after reading your blog i know - I'm Jodi Elliott, I was the main trainer at Red E Personal Training who signed all the clients then I ended up quitting when you first started! Did you leave there and start your own business?? I know what you mean about the lack of qualified trainers in Mackay!!!

You have done a great job and come so far!!! Great Legs and congrats!!!