Sunday, April 16, 2006


Hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC day!!!! The Easter Bunny somehow got past that damn rabbit trap, as there appeared to be eggs everywhere in the house today. I am not eating any today, not after yesterday, I felt soooo gross, don't want to feel that bad again!
I was up at 6am to prepare for my 5km race. Prep went OK I felt, lots of water, good oats and cottage cheese and maple syrup... and I loved every bit of it. I've been a bit "nervy" as I always do before a big race and was still well acquainted with the loo this morning. That'll learn me for eating crap yesterday!
I took off in a great hurry, my first KM was extremely fast for me so thought I'd better settle a bit. I was going great guns, was in the lead pack till about 3.5kms. I got a tiny lil stitch which, within a minute was a massive stomache cramp, and I could hardly breathe. My stomache was rock hard, it was that cramped. I had to walk, I NEVER EVER EVER walk. I was in so much pain I was in tears, and it was very humbling to have many many people run past me. I'd start to jog again, then was reduced to a walk, this happened about 5 times no joke. It was the first time I've ever wished for the emergency cars to come past and collect me, but there was no way, I was going to finish. The other girls in my age group ran straight past me, my clients ran past me, it was very demoralising but it just wasn't my day. I finished the race in tears qnd quite distressed and the ambos assisted me. Apparently a few people struggled with cramping and heat exhaustion during the course of the morning, so at least I wasn't the only sook! I sat and was treated with ice... my calves, quads, even my jaw (from crying I guess) had all cramped up.
One of my clients received gold in his age group and 9th overall in a cracking time, but he didn't stay for the presentation so I went up to get his medal on behalf of him, and where there they happened to read out the next awards... turns out I got bronze for my age group female 18-39yrs!!!!!!!! I was absolutely shocked, as everyone noted on my face!! So I went back to my seat with two medals. Believe it or not, my time was still under 25mins... 24min 58secs. God only knows what I could have done had I not had to walk. I am just soooo stoked. I was 17th overall in a field of 35, so I'm so happy considering all *big smiles* Aren't I such a drama queen!
One of our local "legend" runners noted the followin... in his words "You were putting on a bit of weight there and I could see it affected your running style. Now you've trimmed down again, you're running well and looking fit". HEHE So it has all finally come together. Fat loss = fitter and faster. Couldn't ask for me. Anyway gotta run, I'm in at work, got the big family lunch to rush home for. Might be back later.........
BE GOOD!!!! tootaloooooooooooo


Hilary said...

Selina!!!! OMG girl you look fabulous! Those photos are awesome, and yes I agree, its always hard to decide which ones to use isn't it?!!

Look at those arms on you! Wow wow wow I am so excited for you!!

No good that you had a rough time in your race today - its probably because you're body has been under stress with all the depletion stuff going on. Well done on that time though!

Ali said...

Must agree with Hilary!! Great pics and you look fabulous!! Way to go,

You must be so pleased with those results Selina,

Ali :)

Anonymous said...

Oh what can one say really ... Selina you look absolutely amazing!!!

Those arms and those abs ... you look incredible ... and you must be so proud of yourself!!!

Jadey said...

Hey honey,

Thanks for your message you left on my blog... I'll be putting you in favourites when I get home! Sounds like you are doing well... Can't wait to get to know you more..

Jadey xxx