Saturday, April 15, 2006

And a sheepish....just oooone more...

Well I thought I'd better give the good with the bad. Only a handful of people have seen my "before" shots. For obvious reasons... ICK. Thought it would be nice to show where I started. And well with the other I'm attempting a pose. I was the worst "model" i think my camera man has ever come across!!! hehe Oh and scuse the tag hanging out of my swimmers... we noticed after many, many pics... see definitely not a natural!!!

So now what?!?! I've been living for today, everything has been for Easter Saturday... THE DAY. I feel strange now, empty, like... what's next?! That's something I will be in touch with Sue about :) I havent looked past today so much so that i "forgot" I'm heading to Sydney on Thursday for the FILEX convention!! LoL My mum and sis are coming along as well... she's getting married in September, so they'll do wedding stuff while I do fitness stuff, which suits me fine!! We also have just over 2 days for pleasure stuff as well when I'm not "working". Whole trip is a business tax deduction though ;) .. Gotta love that!!
I also "forgot" that tomorrow I am in a 5 km race. We here in Mackay are hosting the Suncorp Nth Qld Games this weekend and I'm racing in the morning. Not ideal training prep being on a depletion diet, but hey, I'll give it my best shot. They requested a blurb on me in case I come in a good position and asked my goal time... well I was aiming for a PB, but with lack of specific training 25mins would be a god-send, not exactly a 'gold-class' performance however!! But finishing my 12 weeks was my number 1 priority, and I have no regrets.
Me and my boy planned a nice meal today, but you know after my photo shoot, I really wasn't craving anything. He wanted resturant-style eating, I wanted a salad bar to have a wrap or something!! What i really really wanted was oats and cottage chees and maple syrup. He was not impressed so I didn't push that one!! I ended up with sushi and an ice-cream from Cold Rock. I really wasn't missing out on much. Oh plus the lil chocolates that have appeared in the house... and the... LOL So, i've eaten a few things "bad" today, but I've paid for it. Me and the loo have become quite friendly this evening *sighs* My stomach is telling me something.. Anyway I'll be all good again tomorrow, feeling how I felt today far outweighs how good ANYTHING tastes. I will continue to fuel my body for performance, not for pleasure, coz I know how much better i really do perform!! IN THE GYM AND IN MY SPORTS THAT IS!!! In case minds were in gutter :P
Speaking of which, once these last pics have uploaded, I better get to bed for a good sleep for my run tomorrow. :) I just finished munching on an apple... YUM And sharleen, you can't get up me for more than one piece of fruit today.. HEHE!!! ;)
Till tomorrow when I will present my "Speech"....
SELINA (the new one!!! hee hee) XOXOXOX

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