Sunday, July 23, 2006

16km Club Championship Run - 1hr 29.55mins

That's what I've just finished doing. SOOOOO happy with that time, coz to be honest I felt like absolute shit the whole way. I nearly pulled the plug at every water stop. I actually did walk a few metres or so twice during it - and I NEVER do that in actual races. Just sooo tired in the legs, feet still strained and aching, just felt like poo. At the 14km mark, breakfast made its way up as far as my throat, but returned. (Sorry for the visual!) Nothing was feeling good today. I can really feel the lack of training the past 2 months with various injuries holding me back, oh plus the 4kgs or so extra I have to haul around at the moment!! :( I have till the end of this week to decide if I'm going up north for the half marathon in two weeks... HMMMM decisions decisions. It killed me so much today I don't know whether I should put myself through an extra 5kms on top of that!!! But anyway, Im still alive, and thrilled to think of what time I could do if it was a "good" day.

Long time no post. I'm so extremely busy its unbelievable. Have just put on another staff member, part time. So that's me and 4 employees now :) It's good to have help, but the busier we are, the more work it generates for me. But I'm not complaining - I am doing various exercises on how to cope and function efficiently coz things have gotten out of hand lately which has effected my health and I've been told I'll be in hospital in a few months if I don't take control of the situation. One step at a time :)

Had a bit of a drama yesterday. I stayed at my boyfriends parents farm on Friday nite and we planned on horse riding yesterday (i haven't ridden a horse in my life). I was supposed to go first, but he was determined to have first ride, wellllll not a good idea. He was thrown off the horse. I was with his dad on the 4 wheeler about a km away and we looked back and the horse was doing the thing that bulls do (what's that annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd he was no longer in the saddle. We shat ourselves and that 4 wheeler caned it back where he was lying still in the paddock.... oh my god, I can't explain that feeling i felt. Anyway he got up pissing himself laughing (thank god) but he ain't laughing today! lol His back is scratched raw from being dragged along in the cane trash and he pretty muchly can't walk, a lot like whip lash. So he's very lucky its nothing worse and that he was wearing a helmet or it might be a different story. Needless to say, I have still never ridden a horse!!

I do apologise to everyone who may read this, if I haven't said hello on your blogs. I do catch up on them every second day or so, but don't always have time to leave a little message :) I'm not being rude! I will catch up soon. I'm actually at work right now (yes on a Sunday, how sad) to play a bit of catch-up, so I can't dilly-dally on here for long.
To all who I owe an email.... SOON!!! *pinky promise*
All the same, thanks for stopping by and hope you're all doing great!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Proud Aunty Eenie! :)

This is my lil girl, who is my best friends daughter. I've had many pics of her splashed over this blog :) So I'm not quite her blood aunty, but love her to bits anyway!!! I'm her godmother. My shortened name to those close to me is Seen, or Seenie... well to Jade-lyn is Eenie!!!!! It's so beautiful :) So other than the fact that she's my lil princess I'm so proud to say that her most favouritest snack in the world is now..............
COTTAGE CHEESE ON RICE CAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe *evil laugh* I've taught her so well already ;) She proceeds to lick the cottage cheese off, leaving most of it on her face, then later decides whether the rice cake is worth eating!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

IT's the weekend!!!!!!!!!

I've started well today - did a nice 16kms this morning. It's been drizzly here so it was perfect running weather :) 1hr 30.44mins (lol - being exact!) later we were done. Of course I had aches and pains - story of my life at the moment! My blistery-looking-thing survived, covered in a nice thick medicinal patch :) My knee has pulled up great, looks like I'm outta the woods with that one! My feet however, very very ouchy. Hurts to walk again, it kinda feels like both feet are fully stone-bruised underneath - but its not actually bruised its all the "stuff" inside that hurts to place pressure on. I'm thinking a massage might be the way to go :)
Had a blinder of a back/bis workout last nite!! I was the only gal in the gym - it was weird!! Not that I cared, I just got on with the job. One guy commented "Selina, you aren't bulking up are you?" I take that as a good thing I guess :) As long as he didn't mean FAT bulk. lol
Off to do some groceries now, and back to the couch I think! It's still rainy here so perfect weather for doing nothing!! Might just stay that way until tomorrow afternoon, our club road run is only 5kms, so my feet should hold up for that one!

Hope everyone is having a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic weekend!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Yes it's an ouchy day today :) Two reasons (always complex my life is)
1. I did chest and tris last nite - been baaaaaad, my first in two weeks, so therefore I'm a lil sore to touch. But my body liked the rest, coz I lifted heavier and it felt so good. I was in the "boy" section of the gym too... hehehe Makes me feel even stronger... lol
2. After all my leg/feet dramas of the weekend, my strains and sprains are better, and I played netball on Tuesday nite but my shoes were a little uncomfortable. Well woke up yesterday with one hell of a blister, actually it's not even a blister. It's one huge, sore, skinless piece of foot!!!
I hopped everywhere yesterday, it was soo swollen and red, the pressure was immense, I felt like my foot just wanted to explode!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol Anyway it's all bandaged up today and I'm still limping................... I tell ya, I just can't win!!!!!!!!!!
I had a blood test yesterday as well, i hate needles. It was my first ever blood test and I didn't faint!!!!!!! I lied down and strangled the living daylights outta the stuffed purple dinosaur by grasping it so tight - meant to occupy kids while having their shots of course ;P

Nearly the weekend :) I am so jealous of everyone in Melbourne this weekend.
To all you awesome competitors - BEST OF LUCK!! Will be thinking of you on Saturday. Ensure you post results ASAP as someone will be waiting in anticipation!!
To all the cheer squads - do some extra cheering for meeeeeeeee!!!!!! And take lots of pics, so we can all see!!!

Well gotta run, stomache is calling me to eat.

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Monday, July 10, 2006


My silly ITB was still giving me hell last week. I rested ALLL week again, only running 7kms the previous Sunday. We went out for the usual bright and early Saturday morning run, and the others I run with were ready to do the whole 1/2 marathon course that has been used in races here before. I didn't plan to do the whole thing as my prep has not at all been on target. At each stop I planned to pull out, or run back to one of the many stops (our cars/friends houses/work) that I could stop at. I got to nearly the end and decided to pull the plug at 18kms as I was dying off fast, plus didn't want to pay the price for pushing my injury. Got to the 18km marker and went "dammit, I'm doing it all". So I did, the last 3kms was the slowest of my life, my feet were burning/hurting, but I just had to lift them up. Was soooo happy to run that far (its the furthest I've even run!), that mental battle is won! If I behave now on, I will get to go up to Townsville and hopefully survive it! That's my main goal hehe. We did have about 4 stops - water and to stretch our injuries...we're all getting them now :( We stopped our clocks when we stopped, but my actual running time was 1hr 51mins. Quite happy with that!!! In the real run, we wouldn't stop that much and for that long, so I'm hoping for a sub 2hr run, but again, just to finish it will be my biggest accomplishment!! I needed a nana nap that afternoon, then I still slept like a baby that nite.

Yesterday (sunday) was our 10km club championship run. I was secretly hoping for a PB, but knew not to expect much considering the efforts of the day before. I had a bad bad start, I left my runners at home!!!!!!!!! HOW?!?! I was in such a hurry to get there early coz we had massage ladies there to rub us up before the run and I so wanted my knee to hold out the 10kms. I home left in my thongs.... well coz I didn't have my runners on.... ya know the rest.
Luckily I had my netball court shoes in the car so I ran in them. BAD MISTAKE. Absolutely no support, my feet ached the whole way, felt like I was running on boards. So that and fatigue were not the right ingredients for a PB. I don't know what happened though.... I smashed my PB!!!! LoL I've run many 10kms before - either within a longer run when I'm not sure of my splits - but not "official" clocked races so this was officially my fastest.
50mins 07 secs. We bolted the last bit to make it under 50, but damn that home straight went foreeeeeeeeeeeever! I have all faith I can run a sub 50min, in the right circumstances ;)

So today - ITB good (it was the post-race massage that really really helped again), but feet, OMG. I've strained all the tendons in both, right foot a little bit worse. I just did too much, wrong shoes. I can hardly walk, I look like such a drama queen... always have a new injury! But stubborn Selina won, so now I'm paying for it! A few days rest, and I'll be good to go again :)
That's my weekend wrap-up. Been busy at work, hence lack of posts, but still checking up on everyone!

Have a grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat week!!!!!!


Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Blast from the Past!!

That's me, way back in April at the big photo shoot. Ahhh memories :)

Been a crazy week. I was ill as I've already whinged about, but came ok. Till yesterday when the headaches started again. Knocked myself out with a nurofen last nite and was almost comatose! Only just heard my alarm at 5am to get out and run.
Yes, I ran. 12kms. Almost pain free. Had a few incidences where I got a sharp jolt of pain and jumped 5m into the air. Stopped and stretched and continued. Had to be very wary of my feet... Don' Careful.on.traffic.islands. I tell you, I'm exhausted after it! All that thinking. Felt it the whole run, but it was better than last week. I have a little pain now but i guess that's to be expected. I have to be better soon! Rest is driving me insane.

Had a very unmotivating week, but I get those a bit. Probably coz I was sick and injured, it just makes me feel blah. But I'm over it again now. I'm house-sitting at the moment, so it's good to have a little variety in my routine. It's closer to work, so I can sleep in for an extra....5 mins!! YIPEE!!! hehe I'm living a lazy life, having chicken/meat and vege soup for tea every nite. Got another litre or so to get through, lucky I like it!! Nothing else planned this weekend, I like to do nothing :)
Will attempt our 7km club run tomorrow afternoon. *Fingers crossed* that my knee gets no worse than what it is at the moment, I should be right then.
Ciao for now!