Saturday, July 15, 2006

IT's the weekend!!!!!!!!!

I've started well today - did a nice 16kms this morning. It's been drizzly here so it was perfect running weather :) 1hr 30.44mins (lol - being exact!) later we were done. Of course I had aches and pains - story of my life at the moment! My blistery-looking-thing survived, covered in a nice thick medicinal patch :) My knee has pulled up great, looks like I'm outta the woods with that one! My feet however, very very ouchy. Hurts to walk again, it kinda feels like both feet are fully stone-bruised underneath - but its not actually bruised its all the "stuff" inside that hurts to place pressure on. I'm thinking a massage might be the way to go :)
Had a blinder of a back/bis workout last nite!! I was the only gal in the gym - it was weird!! Not that I cared, I just got on with the job. One guy commented "Selina, you aren't bulking up are you?" I take that as a good thing I guess :) As long as he didn't mean FAT bulk. lol
Off to do some groceries now, and back to the couch I think! It's still rainy here so perfect weather for doing nothing!! Might just stay that way until tomorrow afternoon, our club road run is only 5kms, so my feet should hold up for that one!

Hope everyone is having a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic weekend!!!!!!!!!


Rebecca said...

Good on you with the run, gosh I hope I can do that one day. I used to be able to run, but now have to build up again. Can be tough getting your fitness back. Hope the injuries feel better :) Off to the couch too, perfect weather for it.
Rebecca :)

Cate said...

Hi Selina,

thanks for the "blogland" welcome!
I am so impressed at the distances & duration of your running - wow!
Very inspiring!


Kelly said...

Selina I did it... If you still want to add a ticker read on.

I tried to paste a copy of where to put your ticker in the template section but blogger won't let me put codes in the coment section here soooo...

My email address is

If you still want to know how to put the ticker in the right place I can hopefully :))) give you the code through email. Let me know.

Hilary said...

I love being the only girl in the gym... makes ya feel tough!! Well done on the run, and hope your footsies get better - a massage does sound like it might help!

Hilary xx

Amy said...

Awesome run chick- it really is all in you head when you reach that distance. I know what you mean about achy feet though. How did you go in the club run? did your feet hold up??
love amy

Selina said...

Rebecca - you will get there. 18mths ago I had never run, now I'm doing a half marathon!! Injuries *PUH*
Cate - no worries, I'll try to pop over more often. I don't get a huge amount of time spare :) Same with you for the running... you'll get there!
Kelly - awesome... I will email you soon!!
HIlary - yea, i sometimes feel like they are thinking "she's in my way, or get to the cardio machines" LoL coz that's where all the girls hang ya see ;)
Amy - I hope you don't have the foot syndrome thingy now!!! I NOW totally understand why you're not supposed to increase any training loads by more than 10% each week... BLAH, I'm invincible... ahhh hem NOT
Didn't do club run, too sore, couldn't walk