Monday, July 10, 2006


My silly ITB was still giving me hell last week. I rested ALLL week again, only running 7kms the previous Sunday. We went out for the usual bright and early Saturday morning run, and the others I run with were ready to do the whole 1/2 marathon course that has been used in races here before. I didn't plan to do the whole thing as my prep has not at all been on target. At each stop I planned to pull out, or run back to one of the many stops (our cars/friends houses/work) that I could stop at. I got to nearly the end and decided to pull the plug at 18kms as I was dying off fast, plus didn't want to pay the price for pushing my injury. Got to the 18km marker and went "dammit, I'm doing it all". So I did, the last 3kms was the slowest of my life, my feet were burning/hurting, but I just had to lift them up. Was soooo happy to run that far (its the furthest I've even run!), that mental battle is won! If I behave now on, I will get to go up to Townsville and hopefully survive it! That's my main goal hehe. We did have about 4 stops - water and to stretch our injuries...we're all getting them now :( We stopped our clocks when we stopped, but my actual running time was 1hr 51mins. Quite happy with that!!! In the real run, we wouldn't stop that much and for that long, so I'm hoping for a sub 2hr run, but again, just to finish it will be my biggest accomplishment!! I needed a nana nap that afternoon, then I still slept like a baby that nite.

Yesterday (sunday) was our 10km club championship run. I was secretly hoping for a PB, but knew not to expect much considering the efforts of the day before. I had a bad bad start, I left my runners at home!!!!!!!!! HOW?!?! I was in such a hurry to get there early coz we had massage ladies there to rub us up before the run and I so wanted my knee to hold out the 10kms. I home left in my thongs.... well coz I didn't have my runners on.... ya know the rest.
Luckily I had my netball court shoes in the car so I ran in them. BAD MISTAKE. Absolutely no support, my feet ached the whole way, felt like I was running on boards. So that and fatigue were not the right ingredients for a PB. I don't know what happened though.... I smashed my PB!!!! LoL I've run many 10kms before - either within a longer run when I'm not sure of my splits - but not "official" clocked races so this was officially my fastest.
50mins 07 secs. We bolted the last bit to make it under 50, but damn that home straight went foreeeeeeeeeeeever! I have all faith I can run a sub 50min, in the right circumstances ;)

So today - ITB good (it was the post-race massage that really really helped again), but feet, OMG. I've strained all the tendons in both, right foot a little bit worse. I just did too much, wrong shoes. I can hardly walk, I look like such a drama queen... always have a new injury! But stubborn Selina won, so now I'm paying for it! A few days rest, and I'll be good to go again :)
That's my weekend wrap-up. Been busy at work, hence lack of posts, but still checking up on everyone!

Have a grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat week!!!!!!



Jodi said...

Congratulations Selina!!!! That is a really awesome effort for both runs.......I bet you are soooo proud of you should be too!!!!! I'm thinking all the pain you are suffering was worth it?? I hope so!!! I hope your feet recover quickly, are you training clients this week?? Bet that will look funny!!! Congratulations again Selina!!!! Nothing will be holding this chick back now will there!!! ;-)

Alicia said...

Good work hun! I'm so proud of you. xo

Amy said...

Awesome run selina. I know what you mean about it being all mental. You feel absolutely buggered and your body is telling you to stop but if your mind is in the right place you can do anything!! Few days rest and you should be feeling good again. Well done chick!!
Love Amy

Kelly said...

Well done Selina!!! You must be so proud of yourself. Take care of those feet... Soak them in a bath and do the whole massage/rub with moisturiser thing! They'll love you for it.


Chontelle said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!
That is so amazing! Well done Selina!
Great work... and a great inspiration to me!


Hilary said...

Congratulations Selina that is fantastic!! Good on you for keeping going when you felt like stopping! Hope your feet recover soon.

Hilary xx

Rebecca said...

Congratulations, well done on that run!! I also wanted to say I have followed your 12 week challenge for the last few months and you look amazing. I am starting my own challenge in 2 weeks time and am really using you as inspiration. Any advice is welcomed!! lol.
Rebecca :)

Kaddy said...

eek...dont you hate those moments when you just think 'how the helld i do that??!!" i have them frequently lol my own lil bonde moments!

Your running sounds awesome selina... im loking forward to the day i can write that i ran for neally 2 hours... i have a feeling it can't be too far away!

you go grrl!!! (hope your itb is fixed soon :)