Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Blast from the Past!!

That's me, way back in April at the big photo shoot. Ahhh memories :)

Been a crazy week. I was ill as I've already whinged about, but came ok. Till yesterday when the headaches started again. Knocked myself out with a nurofen last nite and was almost comatose! Only just heard my alarm at 5am to get out and run.
Yes, I ran. 12kms. Almost pain free. Had a few incidences where I got a sharp jolt of pain and jumped 5m into the air. Stopped and stretched and continued. Had to be very wary of my feet... Don' Careful.on.traffic.islands. I tell you, I'm exhausted after it! All that thinking. Felt it the whole run, but it was better than last week. I have a little pain now but i guess that's to be expected. I have to be better soon! Rest is driving me insane.

Had a very unmotivating week, but I get those a bit. Probably coz I was sick and injured, it just makes me feel blah. But I'm over it again now. I'm house-sitting at the moment, so it's good to have a little variety in my routine. It's closer to work, so I can sleep in for an extra....5 mins!! YIPEE!!! hehe I'm living a lazy life, having chicken/meat and vege soup for tea every nite. Got another litre or so to get through, lucky I like it!! Nothing else planned this weekend, I like to do nothing :)
Will attempt our 7km club run tomorrow afternoon. *Fingers crossed* that my knee gets no worse than what it is at the moment, I should be right then.
Ciao for now!


Kelly said...

Congrats on your knee felling better. Knees are dodgy things, they can be pain free one morning and bang, one twist and they're all sore again. Been there-done-that!! Have a good run this arvo...

little rene said...

Great photo Selina,
Makes me feel a bit cold thinking about wearing bikinis at the moment. It is freezing here and I am sitting in front of the fire!
Have a great week,
Rene xxx

Sekhmet said...

So glad to hear that your knee is feeling better! That is fantastic news :-) Hope the club run goes well.....

Awesome photo by the way!

Alicia said...

You could sooooooo do sportsmodel (refer to our emails :P)!


Kaddy said...

everyone gets those just proves you're human!! god, how boring would it be being good all the time... you'd be like Ben Stiller in Dodgeball... just a fitnessfreak... lol! oh god now i've gone and cracked myself up because i can see him in his silv ewr suit pumping up his crutch... lmao..

12kms that impressive!! How long does that take?

Amy said...

Hey selina, glad to hear your knee is feeling better. You look awesome in that photo!! How is the running going at the moment?? how many km's you doing in a week?

Love Amy

Jodi said...

look at that gorgeous stomach of yours!!! You look absolutely stunning in this photo Selina!

Hilary said...

Hi Selina, long time no post, hope everything is ok! Miss you!

Hilary xx