Thursday, July 13, 2006


Yes it's an ouchy day today :) Two reasons (always complex my life is)
1. I did chest and tris last nite - been baaaaaad, my first in two weeks, so therefore I'm a lil sore to touch. But my body liked the rest, coz I lifted heavier and it felt so good. I was in the "boy" section of the gym too... hehehe Makes me feel even stronger... lol
2. After all my leg/feet dramas of the weekend, my strains and sprains are better, and I played netball on Tuesday nite but my shoes were a little uncomfortable. Well woke up yesterday with one hell of a blister, actually it's not even a blister. It's one huge, sore, skinless piece of foot!!!
I hopped everywhere yesterday, it was soo swollen and red, the pressure was immense, I felt like my foot just wanted to explode!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol Anyway it's all bandaged up today and I'm still limping................... I tell ya, I just can't win!!!!!!!!!!
I had a blood test yesterday as well, i hate needles. It was my first ever blood test and I didn't faint!!!!!!! I lied down and strangled the living daylights outta the stuffed purple dinosaur by grasping it so tight - meant to occupy kids while having their shots of course ;P

Nearly the weekend :) I am so jealous of everyone in Melbourne this weekend.
To all you awesome competitors - BEST OF LUCK!! Will be thinking of you on Saturday. Ensure you post results ASAP as someone will be waiting in anticipation!!
To all the cheer squads - do some extra cheering for meeeeeeeee!!!!!! And take lots of pics, so we can all see!!!

Well gotta run, stomache is calling me to eat.

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


Carolyn said...

Hi Selina
Well done on the blood test! I am a TOTAL CHICKEN myself - I've never fainted, but I think I'd like to, just to miss the whole thing!! I admire those peeps who donate blood at the blood bank regularly, because I'm too scared of needles!

Kelly said...

Oh Selina.... You're a brave girl!!! My BF gets those horibble huge blister things from his footy boots. Blood tests are a bit scarey yes! you do get used to them though :)

Kaddy said...

lol u crack me! cant work out how u got the blister after playing netball in the same shoes you did the huge run in??

still laughing at visual with the dinosaur!

so - do u wanna do the next 10 weeks together.. i hanvent done weights in weeks! i need a training buddy... even if it is just a virtual one! :)can i please get your e-mail addy off you? mine is if you wanna drop me a line we can come up with a game plan!

Janelle said...

Ouch Selina, your foot must be so sore. I guess that's all part of the whole fitness thing. Imagine what a marathon runner's feet must look like!