Monday, March 30, 2009

Stuff and Things...

On Saturday I went to the supermarket for some fresh salmon. I got 2 chunks of it, grand total of $7.00, then as the guy was packing it he said "I'll throw 2 more in for you". And they were nice fat pieces. SCORE of the week to me. So now there's a whole heap salmon in the freezer which should last a while! I'd love to say it was because of my charm, but I know he needed to get rid of it by the afternoon. :P


I spent all yesterday afternoon - four and a half hours to be exact - at a friends house who I haven't properly caught up with for 15-ish years! We went to primary school together and were close, played netball together for years, then hit high school and went our own ways. Nothing happened between us, people just join different groups. I've seen her around and we chat briefly, but we decided to get together and it was really really nice to have a proper catch-up. It was as if the past 15 since primary school didn't happen (ie - doing our own thing and not having each other in our lives) and we just took off from where we left off. We had a LOT to catch up on, it's actually weird her not knowing anything much about the me I am now and vice versa!

Funny thing is, we're so similar, although she has a partner we're unmarried, no kids, and no immediate plans to. In our town we're the 'abnormal' ones so it was nice to find another one of ME! LoL. She lives in the same suburb as me as well, so I have my old/new best friend to do stuff with, even if it is just bumming round stuff!!!


I'm in love with my scales. The whoosh fairy is finally being kind. After whinging about it about 2 weeks ago that things were going the wrong way, the digits have since then gone 2.2kgs down! :))

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I came to this page with full intentions of writing my 'big blog', but I'm just too shattered.

I got up early to drive to a nearby-but-not-really national park to do the road runners 9km trail run. I did it in 51.05mins, a full six minutes slower than last year, but it hurt just the same :P I'm not concerned, that was only my fourth run of this year, training or racing! I don't think I'm allowed to call myself a runner anymore :P

It's all good, my goals are different this year :)

I think I need a nana nap now, I still haven't caught up from my fly-by full-on trip to Brisvegas!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spot the Difference!

I've got so much to blog, that I'm putting off starting it!! hee hee
So instead, here's something to amuse you:


Both pics are taken in Bali in front of rice patties.

Both pics are of the same chick - yours truly! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just a quickie

I'm so freaking busy at the moment, always happens when I have to leave town! Training done and dusted for today, that's the main thing. Forget about all those important work tasks that have to be done...

I'm off to Brisbane for 2 nights, catching up with Liz tomorrow! YAY! I'll get to see how hot she's looking in the flesh :)

Tootalooo till end of the week!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yay for Weekends!

I had a good night last night at the marina! It's fuuuun to hang at penthouses :) Got home at 1am, so there went the early start this morning. I was shattered from not much sleep all week.

Today was a crappy start, after an immaculate day again yesterday, the freaking scales are NOT playing nice. Hammer anyone?? I'm scared as the boss lady has threatened a nutritional colonoscopy....

Today, I was out doing groceries, about to head home when a friend asked me to meet her for moral support to get her belly pierced. So I did my friend duties and calmed her nerves. We then did coffee, and she's complaining she has no dresses so I told her I'd take her to my favourite dress shop. Guess who walked away with a new dress that she really doensn't need? Hint - it wasn't my friend!!!!!!

We then did lunch, so my quick nip to the shops ended up being a nice day out. I like winging it. Even better we've made plans for tonight - I can't wait. I'll just have to wear my new dress ;) I love getting all dolled up and playing ladies! I'll be the driver, so I can get away when I need to.

I've got an early morning - I have to attend a triathlon (the one that I did myself last year! But I've retired now, after my big ONE triathlon) to hand out the prizes to the winners. Coz ya know, I'm all important and stuff. LoL ;)

Friday, March 20, 2009

My next flight

Is happening on Tuesday! I'm such a jet-setter aren't I?! I'm off to Brisvegas for 2 nights :))) Staying with my cousin who very conveniently lives literally across the road from Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, soooo that means I get up early on Wednesday and join Liz for an RPM hiding! YAY!! Hopefully this dry, itchy cough which I still have, and is incoveniently exercise and trying-to-go-to-sleep-now enduced, clears up by then!!

Got a few things to do and people to see, then fly home Thursday night, to get back to work for a 6am start on Friday :) Then, it will somehow be the weekend again! See why I love my life! ;)

This week I've fat in 4 x weight training sessions and so far 4 cardio sessions of different sorts. About to get out there again and blast some fat ;)

Something funky is still going on inside this body - my belly has been so big and bloated, hard and sore to touch (well today anway, but I'm thinking that's from DOMS!) - even my mum commented that it's alot 'fatter' than normal. Well, at least it's not only me! Whether it's related or not - I'm on round 2 of antibiotics for my wonderful kidney infection, so hopefully when I finish the course on Tuesday things will start to settle, and I'll FINALLY be well again, for a LONG time. :)

I had one of my staff members resign yesterday :( He's a great guy which is a shame to lose but he's ready to move onto other things. Take me back two years and I'd be a stressed, crying mess (finding trainers, and suitable ones is HARD!), having panic attacks and Oh my god, what on earth am I going to do moments, and not sleeping... OK point taken.... But I took it fine. Stuff happens! And stuff will continue to happen! Things will work out how they're meant to :)

Well better do that cardio now, then get organised to hang at a Penthouse at the marina tonight! Bit posh for me, but it's good to know people, who know people :) LoL

Have a good weekend all!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lesson for the day

When the instructions on a box of Supa Glue say, IN CAPITALS:


They mean it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's All GOOD!

My golly gosh these drugs are awesome. I've had no pain since taking the first one - and if anyone has had a kidney infection, you will understand just how horribly painful they are - in fact I forget that I'm 'sick'. Although it's not related, I still have this horrible dry bark of a cough... as soon as I lie down the itch starts then the coughing fit follows. That caused a lovely scene at the gym earlier when I layed down to stretch.

My weekend date with the couch was good - I fit 3 DVDs in, then went out for a belated birthday lunch with my best friend. It was fun just the 2 of us, NO KIDS! (much to her joy, I love seeing them!) We haven't been able to do that for about 6 years, she timed yesterday's lunch between breast-feeds ;)

I went to Road Runners and was time-keeper for the 5km Club Championship. That's the first time since I started running 5 years ago that I couldn't do the annual Championship run
:( Nevermind, I'm not focused on running as much this year, but still, it sucked to not be able to do it.

THEN I was sick of being home, so I went out to the Marina to the Sports Bar there to catch up with a few friends. It was so nice, and I felt SO good to be there, and not be drinking.

So on that interesting topic, a few others have had their turn in the confessional box, so now's mine as I've made exactly the same decision the past few weeks.

I've gone cold turkey. I have to. I love to drink. I don't need to to have fun, I just like to. I've had many fun times out sober! Deep down I'm a party girl, and lately the she's been released. I don't have just a 'social' drink, I can't stop! I become SUPERWOMAN :P I am invincible, I am everyone's best friend! I can hold a 2 hour conversation with a stranger that I usually wouldn't be able to for 5 mins sober. I have no idea what on earth I can talk non-stop about, but I'm always happy and laughing! And huggy, let's not forget the all the hugs. Yea, I'm one of them...

So after Bali I decided that was it. Time to pull my head in. We only had 2 big party nights of the 11 we were there, (very well behaved for 4 girls) but when you get home at 4.30am (yes I have endurance...) but then stay in bed till 3pm... that's NOT cool.

I'm only a weekend drinker, if something is on. I don't sit at home at get plastered. But after Bali I made the decision to stop. Until my birthday last weekend, but that was a special occasion (and that's totally an excuse). The fact that I'm newly single is NOT helping. I get invited to go out with everyone. And unfortunately all social events usually include alcohol.

However, I did it last night - not that I would ever drink on a Sunday night anyway - it's a school night!! But I didn't feel like an idiot being around others who were progressively starting to wobble and talk crap. I felt awesome that I could jump in my car at any second and escape!

I have some HUGE goals coming up, so I was had to pull my head in anyway - but it was nice to feel that I finally 'got it'. I don't have any other option. If I want to be where I want to be, I have to do what I have to do! And that includes ZERO toxins.

Soooo... here's to this party girl reforming. No alcohol shall pass these lips until at least the 19th May which is my lil sis' birthday, and that's even if she celebrates - I seemed to inherit all the party girl genes in our family. That will be 10 weeks in total. Easy peasy :)

I have 2.2 litres of alcohol I got duty free just sitting there, and it hasn't even bothered me. I've made the decision, I love challenging myself, so let's see ME win my 10 week battle!! ;) WHOO HOO!

Pic from Bali - no more of these for a loooong time :)

Once we've won our battles, I love to meet up with Carolyn and Kek for one hell of a party! LOL!!!! :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

And the Winner is.....

A Kidney infection.

NO chance of that RPM and weight session today - I couldn't even stand up straight, drive or walk a few hours ago.

Until......... SUPER PAINKILLERS!!! YAY!

So I'm on different antibiotics now, and these super duper prescrition painkillers.

Definitely a weekend date with the couch for me :)

Sick and Sick of it

I've got another doctor's appointment today at 10am. I was up all night in pain, and thought I may have to drive myself to the hospital. Downed more drugs and managed to sleep lightly for a few more hours.

I need something, STRONG. I don't have time for being ill :(

Friday, March 13, 2009


It's already been a WHOLE month since I left for Bali. Flew out on Friday 13th Feb - and yes it was a scary flight that night.

Golly gosh, where did the month go?

Stuff and Things...

Well the cyclone by-passed us, just like normal! Although this one did have people getting serious and doing stuff like cleaning up yards and buying tinned food. I still had a GREAT weekend with my girls :) It did make for a crappy day on Saturday and prevented almost everyone from coming to my birthday celebrations! Then we found out the power was out in town where we were meeting everyone... Everything worked against me, but it was my bloody birthday, I was celebrating regardless!! Had a fun night :)

Over the weekend, played a lot of cards and even pulled out the old Trivial Pursuit. I'm a legend of the game. If you ask me the kids questions.

Due to the cyclone, all flights in and out were cancelled on Sunday, so I got an extra day from my friends! YAY! I've come down ill, AGAIN, so had Monday off anyway, so it worked in perfect.

I ended up at the doctor yesterday - 2nd time in 2 weeks. I'm on antibiotics AGAIN, but at least my abs have had an awesome work-out with the coughing I've been doing :)

I've still done my weight training, and OH MY LORDY I've been in agony. I'm still sore today from legs on Tuesday. With my headcold and everything else, I really feel like I've been run over!


Other than that, I've been GREAT!!! Have I mentioned recently that I love my life! LoL
Lia commented on my last pic that I look like I'm glowing... OK, spray tan aside (yea that's my secret), so many people have said that exact same thing lately. I was told yesterday I have a twinkle in my eye and that there's a spark back. YAY!

On the physical side, I was told that my hair looks GREAT - and might I add, the colour and cut is so funky, that I getting asked if I've got extensions! I thought that was cool!! - and keep getting comments that it's obvious I've lost weight and it looks good. Everything is just going PERFECT!!

As my friend keeps saying "when you're with the wrong person, it pulls you down, even if you realise it or not!"



Quiet weekend in stall for me - I've got a weight session and hopefully RPM tomorrow which I really really want (need) to do, so I hope I feel better tomorrow.

Other than that, it's me, myself and I, and a date with the TV and the kazillion DVD's I brought home from overseas!!!


Saturday, March 07, 2009

I Can Have My Cake And Eat It TOO!!!

Here's a pic from last night with my ice-cream cake :) Taken with my new camera of course! :P We don't have that many candles anymore, so a single sparkler does the job!

That's my new hair. It's dark again and you can't see in that shot, but there are random blonde foils throughout.

I had a piece of that yummo cake last night, my reward today was a 200g drop on the scales! YEEHA!!


There's a cyclone headed straight for us. It's slowly making its way down the coast and expected to cross the coast on Monday. Expected to hit here, coinciding with high tide. That's going to be fun. We're being issued cyclone warnings and shops are mad with people stocking up on tinned supplies.

Funny thing is, it hasn't even started raining yet. It's overcast and a bit - dare I say it - cold today, but no rain yet. Of course, because I washed my car yesterday it will rain very soon anyway!

As a kid cyclone warnings were issued every year in the wet season. I remember packing up all my important stuff to go into hiding - all 3 boxes of it... hey my Kylie Minogue posters WERE important! Neighbours taped up their windows, everyone panicked. Nothing ever happened. Nothing has EVER happened so we all get a little complacent. "Nah, it will fizzle into nothing" Apparently this one IS serious, so we will see what happens in the next 24 hours.

Maybe I won't be working Monday either?!

Friday, March 06, 2009

It's My Birthday and I'll Cry If I Waaant to...

Except for the crying part - hell no there will be no crying!! (except maybe for the age I've turned) ;)

This is going to be the BESTESTEST year of my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had today off work anyway, coz it's my birthday ;) so I woke, ate, washed car (need clean car to pick friends up in tonite!), went to gym for first session in a few weeks... OUCH!, saw some new 'talent' there that I haven't seen before ;), ate, went to hair appointment, ate and here I am!!

I feel GREAT!! My hair looks HOT if I say so myself. Back to dark dark, and the cut finally has some style. It was a new hairdresser and totally picked up was I was putting down :P

I got a fancy schmancy camera for my biffy - it's PINK!

My sis and bro-in-law are coming over to mum's tonite for a BBQ, my lil bro is on nightshift :(, then about 8.30pm I pick up my 2 friends! YAY!!! No partying tonight, we will probably play cards. Old grannies aren't we - we got addicted to cards in Bali and played every day! (and only hit the night spots twice... very old grannies).

Food has been spot on today and with a BBQ tonight I can't go wrong. Will save myself for a few drinkies tomorrow night, and I have it all planned out when my friends are here. For breakfast, I will cook them pancakes, but have my own special concoction so I'm being good, without anyone knowing!! ;) Where there's the will, there's a way!!

I didn't realise I had so many friends - with facebook messages, emails and texts, I feel SOOO blessed and SPECIAL!! :) Thanks to all :)

YAY!!! Here's to the bestestest year of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

Thursday, March 05, 2009

What Does One do When Ill???

Go get a piercing! I did a Liz today! :) Have wanted it for awhile, just haven't got there. And today is a momentous day, so why not! :)) I got my birthstone so it's all sparkly. I'm such a rebel huh, doing that when I should be at work! :P

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I've got SOOOO much going on behind the scenes at the moment that I feel I can't catch my breath! But finally, the hundreds of blog posts I had to catch up on are done!!! :) Sorry, I didn't leave any comments girls, but once my whole life is back to normal programming, I'll be back on deck :)

Having to stay away from work and training does have its advantages!!!


During the week, I finalised Filex plans! YIP-YAR-YAY!!!!! I so can't wait to see Kerryn again, it's nearly been two years!!! We spoke on Monday about the choices we made for each session, and most of them are the same! Great minds huh ;) That's if her bad-ass influence doesn't drag my angelic self away for Starbucks instead of an insanely boring lecture... ;)

So, Sydney in April, here we come!!!!!!!!!


I've been soooo happy lately!!! I know I'm still on a high from Bali, but I just love my life. I truly believe that how my year started was the best thing that could have happened to me. At the time, I wanted to die, I thought I would die... When a break-up happens so suddenly and with disgusting circumstances it's simply disbelief. I held onto all the good and happy memories... why does no one ever focus on the bad stuff?? As much love as I had, we also did have some 'issues' under the surface that I tried to ignore... so in hindsight, regardless of what low acts he did, it really is a blessing that I'm free of him and the issues that may have affected our future, had we stayed together. I can honestly say I am happy again, and I really believe I am over it :)
The week before I left for Bali, a staff members who I am close to said, "I hate to say this but you really seem like you've got a load off your shoulders". Hmmm...? Wonder how I was perceived prior then?! :)
Just this week, my massage therapist commented that she'd never seen me so happy, even in the four years I was with R. Whoa!

My mum is going through the anger part now... she was a little shocked to his car parked at her house all weekend - she was obviously up for the weekend. And no, we aren't a mob of stalkers, she lives on a main road!! Remember these are family friends, so mum was upset as she now felt that she'd been simply replaced as well, with his new girlfriend's mother, who is my mum's longtime friend. Messy messy!

Anyway good luck to them, they deserve each other!!


One book that I read twice when all the crap happened (and that I thoroughly recommend to anyone who may ever go through a break-up) is "It's Called a Break-Up Because it's Broken", written by the co-author of the bestseller "He's Just Not That Into You" (and at the risk of sounding like a TV ad - now showing in a cinema near you) ;)

Anyway, it's an great book, and some chapters end with "Awesome Thoughts" like:

That annoying thing your ex did will never bother you again.

Alone also means available for someone outstanding.

Even Halle Berry has been dumped. (Who made that stupid decision!?)

The right guy is out there right now, wondering when he's going to meet someone like you.

There are alot of handsome dudes at the gym, and some of them like women. (I had to giggle at this one!!!)

So there's some awesome thoughts I'll store in my head :)

So I say I'm over it, but still talking about it - well I just want to let everyone know, all the new people I've 'met', everyone who has read, commented, emailed and supported me in any way shape or form over the last few months, that I'm OK! You were right, I did survive, I am alive, and I'm doing fine!! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, if it wasn't for my live little diary here, I think I may have gone crazy :) Thanks for listening!!!

I love my job, I love my family, I love my friends, I love all my free time, and I'm learning to love ME again!!!

I've got a big and exciting year planned - my year is just starting now... it's March and I had only worked two weeks of the year prior to this week... which now I'm off ill anyway!!! LOL

I've got lots of exciting stuff coming up that I'm doing for ME - I'll spill when it all comes together closer to the time. ;) (Dont you just hate secrets!)


Whoosh goes the week. A whole week ago tonite I was preparing to fly back home to Oz - I can't believe I've been back a week, I'm not sure where it went :)

On Sunday I went for my first road-run in eight weeks. Isn't that disgusting. I've done a few tready runs, and other cardio as specified by the boss, but haven't hit the pavement. Since I started running 5 years ago I've never had that long off, so I had no idea how much it would or wouldn't hurt. It was a 4 or 8km cross country. I was going to see how I felt at 2kms whether I turned back then to make up the 4kms, or push on and do the full 8. I felt fine, and I made the whole 8, without stopping once. I was shocked. It was slow, but I was happy to make it, and to feel fine! 45mins and 26secs - a nice steady outing!

I've still been ill with the Bali Belly... one of the girls I travelled with only started diahorrea and vomitting last Friday (we got home Thursday). Luckily I haven't been throwing up, but I've had major stomache pains and all the other stuff. My belly has been huge, and for the amount I've been eating, then *ah-hem* 'losing' straight away, I should have had a flat gut! I expected it to pass as soon as I got back to 'real' food and water, but today on the 10th day, I went to the doctor as I was up during the night with bad stomache pains.

Suspects I have a virus, did the abdomen test and it's nice and tender and inflamed. Yay, that explains the huge bloat. Couldn't give me anything... just have to let it pass. I was told to take the week off work to which I replied "I feel fine, I may just have to excuse myself to use the bathroom". He said "You have to remember, you have an infection, you are ill, you need to recover". So he won... I'm having the rest of the week off. I feel like SUCH a bludger, I just got back from overseas and now I'm off again...

Bad news is I'm also not allowed to exercise until things pass - no straining (probably good considering the circumstances!!!!), and no getting heart rate up until virus is out of the system... GRRRR. I need a good smashing, it's been too long!

So now I have to practice something I SUCK at - patience. :( I hope I'm fine by the weekend, I have my 2 friends coming up for my birthday!!! Can't wait to see them again, it's only been, ummm eight days!!! ;)

Monday, March 02, 2009

My fave Pic :)

I don't have any pics yet as my friend is bringing a DVD of them all up to me this weekend. She did email me this one, which is our favourite :)

The four of us out at Paddy's Club. This was one of the 2 clubs that were bombed in 2002, and it's still where all the westerners go. You get given the bandana thingy on arrival. Had heaps of fun, and they serve damn large drinks!! The oval glass thing filled with poison in my hand is a 'jam jar'. They're evil.