Saturday, March 07, 2009

I Can Have My Cake And Eat It TOO!!!

Here's a pic from last night with my ice-cream cake :) Taken with my new camera of course! :P We don't have that many candles anymore, so a single sparkler does the job!

That's my new hair. It's dark again and you can't see in that shot, but there are random blonde foils throughout.

I had a piece of that yummo cake last night, my reward today was a 200g drop on the scales! YEEHA!!


Lyndsay said...

You, your hair (and your cake) look gorgeous!! Hope you enjoyed your barbie.


Kelly & Kane said...

You looked gorgeous on your birthday you tanned princess!

Ronnie said...

Happy, Happy Belated Birthday Selina. Your hair is absolutley gorgeous. I love it.

It's a bummer about the cyclone. It is still so far away. My hubby is off ishing with my youngest today and his parents have decided to stay home and clean up their (already cleaned up) yard in Bowen. It's overcast here today and only slightly windy but then I guess we are 50 minutes inland.

have the bestestest weekend ever with your gal pals.

Cheryl said...

OMG Selina, you look fantastic girl!
Love the hair.
Happy Birthday, sorry it's late honey. That will learn me for not checking reader quicker!!

Kek said...

I told you: I'll eat the cake for you.

That's the kind of friend I am - no sacrifice is too great.


linda said...

I want what you had!!! Happy birthday happy birthday girl! Your hair looks fabulous but best of all you look and sound so happy. Hope you had a great day!

Kelly & Kane said...

With the cyclone getting worse, I'm hoping you are well prepared.

Anonymous said...

Look at that smile, your glowing. Bali must of agreed with you in every way shape and form Selina. Sounds like you had a blast over there. :o)

Lia xxx

Jehanne said...

Love the new hair colour - suits you dark like that - its soooo glossy and shiny.

This is gonna be a supa year for you - nothing less will suffice!


Amy said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous!!

You look smoking!
Hope you had a great day

Kerry said...

Happy Birthday Selina and I am so glad that you haven't been wiped off the map with the cyclone.
You look like you are happy and contented.
Best wishes,