Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Whoosh goes the week. A whole week ago tonite I was preparing to fly back home to Oz - I can't believe I've been back a week, I'm not sure where it went :)

On Sunday I went for my first road-run in eight weeks. Isn't that disgusting. I've done a few tready runs, and other cardio as specified by the boss, but haven't hit the pavement. Since I started running 5 years ago I've never had that long off, so I had no idea how much it would or wouldn't hurt. It was a 4 or 8km cross country. I was going to see how I felt at 2kms whether I turned back then to make up the 4kms, or push on and do the full 8. I felt fine, and I made the whole 8, without stopping once. I was shocked. It was slow, but I was happy to make it, and to feel fine! 45mins and 26secs - a nice steady outing!

I've still been ill with the Bali Belly... one of the girls I travelled with only started diahorrea and vomitting last Friday (we got home Thursday). Luckily I haven't been throwing up, but I've had major stomache pains and all the other stuff. My belly has been huge, and for the amount I've been eating, then *ah-hem* 'losing' straight away, I should have had a flat gut! I expected it to pass as soon as I got back to 'real' food and water, but today on the 10th day, I went to the doctor as I was up during the night with bad stomache pains.

Suspects I have a virus, did the abdomen test and it's nice and tender and inflamed. Yay, that explains the huge bloat. Couldn't give me anything... just have to let it pass. I was told to take the week off work to which I replied "I feel fine, I may just have to excuse myself to use the bathroom". He said "You have to remember, you have an infection, you are ill, you need to recover". So he won... I'm having the rest of the week off. I feel like SUCH a bludger, I just got back from overseas and now I'm off again...

Bad news is I'm also not allowed to exercise until things pass - no straining (probably good considering the circumstances!!!!), and no getting heart rate up until virus is out of the system... GRRRR. I need a good smashing, it's been too long!

So now I have to practice something I SUCK at - patience. :( I hope I'm fine by the weekend, I have my 2 friends coming up for my birthday!!! Can't wait to see them again, it's only been, ummm eight days!!! ;)

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