Friday, March 13, 2009

Stuff and Things...

Well the cyclone by-passed us, just like normal! Although this one did have people getting serious and doing stuff like cleaning up yards and buying tinned food. I still had a GREAT weekend with my girls :) It did make for a crappy day on Saturday and prevented almost everyone from coming to my birthday celebrations! Then we found out the power was out in town where we were meeting everyone... Everything worked against me, but it was my bloody birthday, I was celebrating regardless!! Had a fun night :)

Over the weekend, played a lot of cards and even pulled out the old Trivial Pursuit. I'm a legend of the game. If you ask me the kids questions.

Due to the cyclone, all flights in and out were cancelled on Sunday, so I got an extra day from my friends! YAY! I've come down ill, AGAIN, so had Monday off anyway, so it worked in perfect.

I ended up at the doctor yesterday - 2nd time in 2 weeks. I'm on antibiotics AGAIN, but at least my abs have had an awesome work-out with the coughing I've been doing :)

I've still done my weight training, and OH MY LORDY I've been in agony. I'm still sore today from legs on Tuesday. With my headcold and everything else, I really feel like I've been run over!


Other than that, I've been GREAT!!! Have I mentioned recently that I love my life! LoL
Lia commented on my last pic that I look like I'm glowing... OK, spray tan aside (yea that's my secret), so many people have said that exact same thing lately. I was told yesterday I have a twinkle in my eye and that there's a spark back. YAY!

On the physical side, I was told that my hair looks GREAT - and might I add, the colour and cut is so funky, that I getting asked if I've got extensions! I thought that was cool!! - and keep getting comments that it's obvious I've lost weight and it looks good. Everything is just going PERFECT!!

As my friend keeps saying "when you're with the wrong person, it pulls you down, even if you realise it or not!"



Quiet weekend in stall for me - I've got a weight session and hopefully RPM tomorrow which I really really want (need) to do, so I hope I feel better tomorrow.

Other than that, it's me, myself and I, and a date with the TV and the kazillion DVD's I brought home from overseas!!!


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Kek said...

Hope the bug disappears fast so you can enjoy the weekend!