Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yay for Weekends!

I had a good night last night at the marina! It's fuuuun to hang at penthouses :) Got home at 1am, so there went the early start this morning. I was shattered from not much sleep all week.

Today was a crappy start, after an immaculate day again yesterday, the freaking scales are NOT playing nice. Hammer anyone?? I'm scared as the boss lady has threatened a nutritional colonoscopy....

Today, I was out doing groceries, about to head home when a friend asked me to meet her for moral support to get her belly pierced. So I did my friend duties and calmed her nerves. We then did coffee, and she's complaining she has no dresses so I told her I'd take her to my favourite dress shop. Guess who walked away with a new dress that she really doensn't need? Hint - it wasn't my friend!!!!!!

We then did lunch, so my quick nip to the shops ended up being a nice day out. I like winging it. Even better we've made plans for tonight - I can't wait. I'll just have to wear my new dress ;) I love getting all dolled up and playing ladies! I'll be the driver, so I can get away when I need to.

I've got an early morning - I have to attend a triathlon (the one that I did myself last year! But I've retired now, after my big ONE triathlon) to hand out the prizes to the winners. Coz ya know, I'm all important and stuff. LoL ;)

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Jehanne said...

Yep - you ARE important and stuff! ;) You sound like you are enjoying life gorgeous - and so you should - you do NEED that dress - just like I need a new dress ;0 haha