Monday, March 16, 2009

It's All GOOD!

My golly gosh these drugs are awesome. I've had no pain since taking the first one - and if anyone has had a kidney infection, you will understand just how horribly painful they are - in fact I forget that I'm 'sick'. Although it's not related, I still have this horrible dry bark of a cough... as soon as I lie down the itch starts then the coughing fit follows. That caused a lovely scene at the gym earlier when I layed down to stretch.

My weekend date with the couch was good - I fit 3 DVDs in, then went out for a belated birthday lunch with my best friend. It was fun just the 2 of us, NO KIDS! (much to her joy, I love seeing them!) We haven't been able to do that for about 6 years, she timed yesterday's lunch between breast-feeds ;)

I went to Road Runners and was time-keeper for the 5km Club Championship. That's the first time since I started running 5 years ago that I couldn't do the annual Championship run
:( Nevermind, I'm not focused on running as much this year, but still, it sucked to not be able to do it.

THEN I was sick of being home, so I went out to the Marina to the Sports Bar there to catch up with a few friends. It was so nice, and I felt SO good to be there, and not be drinking.

So on that interesting topic, a few others have had their turn in the confessional box, so now's mine as I've made exactly the same decision the past few weeks.

I've gone cold turkey. I have to. I love to drink. I don't need to to have fun, I just like to. I've had many fun times out sober! Deep down I'm a party girl, and lately the she's been released. I don't have just a 'social' drink, I can't stop! I become SUPERWOMAN :P I am invincible, I am everyone's best friend! I can hold a 2 hour conversation with a stranger that I usually wouldn't be able to for 5 mins sober. I have no idea what on earth I can talk non-stop about, but I'm always happy and laughing! And huggy, let's not forget the all the hugs. Yea, I'm one of them...

So after Bali I decided that was it. Time to pull my head in. We only had 2 big party nights of the 11 we were there, (very well behaved for 4 girls) but when you get home at 4.30am (yes I have endurance...) but then stay in bed till 3pm... that's NOT cool.

I'm only a weekend drinker, if something is on. I don't sit at home at get plastered. But after Bali I made the decision to stop. Until my birthday last weekend, but that was a special occasion (and that's totally an excuse). The fact that I'm newly single is NOT helping. I get invited to go out with everyone. And unfortunately all social events usually include alcohol.

However, I did it last night - not that I would ever drink on a Sunday night anyway - it's a school night!! But I didn't feel like an idiot being around others who were progressively starting to wobble and talk crap. I felt awesome that I could jump in my car at any second and escape!

I have some HUGE goals coming up, so I was had to pull my head in anyway - but it was nice to feel that I finally 'got it'. I don't have any other option. If I want to be where I want to be, I have to do what I have to do! And that includes ZERO toxins.

Soooo... here's to this party girl reforming. No alcohol shall pass these lips until at least the 19th May which is my lil sis' birthday, and that's even if she celebrates - I seemed to inherit all the party girl genes in our family. That will be 10 weeks in total. Easy peasy :)

I have 2.2 litres of alcohol I got duty free just sitting there, and it hasn't even bothered me. I've made the decision, I love challenging myself, so let's see ME win my 10 week battle!! ;) WHOO HOO!

Pic from Bali - no more of these for a loooong time :)

Once we've won our battles, I love to meet up with Carolyn and Kek for one hell of a party! LOL!!!! :)


little rene said...

I wanna come to the party too! I will be sucking back some iced coffees on the rocks ;)

Kek said...

Party at the end sounds good. :p

Even if we can't all get together in person, we can party on Facebook. Or something. LOL.

Carolyn said...

Party sounds good, however I'm off the sauce till September on Coach's orders. I got a bit longer to wait.
Oh well, I've done it before, can do it again!
Will be thinking of you too! You, me and Kek really need to have a night out sometime LATER in the year!!!
Carolyn xx

Hilary said...

Sounds like a great plan Selina. I've been indulging a bit too much lately too, so my goal is now to limit it to Friday and Saturday nights only... you do feel much better for not having it!

Hilary xx