Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I've got SOOOO much going on behind the scenes at the moment that I feel I can't catch my breath! But finally, the hundreds of blog posts I had to catch up on are done!!! :) Sorry, I didn't leave any comments girls, but once my whole life is back to normal programming, I'll be back on deck :)

Having to stay away from work and training does have its advantages!!!


During the week, I finalised Filex plans! YIP-YAR-YAY!!!!! I so can't wait to see Kerryn again, it's nearly been two years!!! We spoke on Monday about the choices we made for each session, and most of them are the same! Great minds huh ;) That's if her bad-ass influence doesn't drag my angelic self away for Starbucks instead of an insanely boring lecture... ;)

So, Sydney in April, here we come!!!!!!!!!


I've been soooo happy lately!!! I know I'm still on a high from Bali, but I just love my life. I truly believe that how my year started was the best thing that could have happened to me. At the time, I wanted to die, I thought I would die... When a break-up happens so suddenly and with disgusting circumstances it's simply disbelief. I held onto all the good and happy memories... why does no one ever focus on the bad stuff?? As much love as I had, we also did have some 'issues' under the surface that I tried to ignore... so in hindsight, regardless of what low acts he did, it really is a blessing that I'm free of him and the issues that may have affected our future, had we stayed together. I can honestly say I am happy again, and I really believe I am over it :)
The week before I left for Bali, a staff members who I am close to said, "I hate to say this but you really seem like you've got a load off your shoulders". Hmmm...? Wonder how I was perceived prior then?! :)
Just this week, my massage therapist commented that she'd never seen me so happy, even in the four years I was with R. Whoa!

My mum is going through the anger part now... she was a little shocked to his car parked at her house all weekend - she was obviously up for the weekend. And no, we aren't a mob of stalkers, she lives on a main road!! Remember these are family friends, so mum was upset as she now felt that she'd been simply replaced as well, with his new girlfriend's mother, who is my mum's longtime friend. Messy messy!

Anyway good luck to them, they deserve each other!!


One book that I read twice when all the crap happened (and that I thoroughly recommend to anyone who may ever go through a break-up) is "It's Called a Break-Up Because it's Broken", written by the co-author of the bestseller "He's Just Not That Into You" (and at the risk of sounding like a TV ad - now showing in a cinema near you) ;)

Anyway, it's an great book, and some chapters end with "Awesome Thoughts" like:

That annoying thing your ex did will never bother you again.

Alone also means available for someone outstanding.

Even Halle Berry has been dumped. (Who made that stupid decision!?)

The right guy is out there right now, wondering when he's going to meet someone like you.

There are alot of handsome dudes at the gym, and some of them like women. (I had to giggle at this one!!!)

So there's some awesome thoughts I'll store in my head :)

So I say I'm over it, but still talking about it - well I just want to let everyone know, all the new people I've 'met', everyone who has read, commented, emailed and supported me in any way shape or form over the last few months, that I'm OK! You were right, I did survive, I am alive, and I'm doing fine!! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, if it wasn't for my live little diary here, I think I may have gone crazy :) Thanks for listening!!!

I love my job, I love my family, I love my friends, I love all my free time, and I'm learning to love ME again!!!

I've got a big and exciting year planned - my year is just starting now... it's March and I had only worked two weeks of the year prior to this week... which now I'm off ill anyway!!! LOL

I've got lots of exciting stuff coming up that I'm doing for ME - I'll spill when it all comes together closer to the time. ;) (Dont you just hate secrets!)


Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Good Girl!

Cheryl said...

Good on you Miss S. Your not quite over it yet but the rollorcoaster is starting to slow down. Still be ready for the odd bad day.
Life is so much better now huh? Time is a fantastic healer!
Keep smiling sweetheart, your a special lady!

Kek said...

Yeah, you're doing GREAT. Who needs whatsisname anyway?

Can't wait for Filex either.... and I seem to recall that you didn't take a lot of persuading to blow off a lecture in favour of Starbucks...

Oh. Fitness Expo/Filex = HOT GUYS. I feel some groupie photo ops coming up.

Kristy said...

I like the quotes from the book Selina and will focus on these for myself as I just got rid of a guy I was trying to go out with... Didn't work!

It's great to hear you are coming along so well. Hope you feel better soon

little rene said...

Ha! Even Halle Berry has been dumped! I laughed out aloud when I read that one!

Good to hear that you are in a good place Selina :) Life is too short to waste energy on cretins!

Cherub said...

Sounds like you are in a great place now. Good to hear it. Look forward to the rest of the year, I think you gonna have a good one.

Rebecca said...

You sound so happy and grounded Selina. You keep focussing on you and enjoying life.

xox Rebecca