Monday, March 30, 2009

Stuff and Things...

On Saturday I went to the supermarket for some fresh salmon. I got 2 chunks of it, grand total of $7.00, then as the guy was packing it he said "I'll throw 2 more in for you". And they were nice fat pieces. SCORE of the week to me. So now there's a whole heap salmon in the freezer which should last a while! I'd love to say it was because of my charm, but I know he needed to get rid of it by the afternoon. :P


I spent all yesterday afternoon - four and a half hours to be exact - at a friends house who I haven't properly caught up with for 15-ish years! We went to primary school together and were close, played netball together for years, then hit high school and went our own ways. Nothing happened between us, people just join different groups. I've seen her around and we chat briefly, but we decided to get together and it was really really nice to have a proper catch-up. It was as if the past 15 since primary school didn't happen (ie - doing our own thing and not having each other in our lives) and we just took off from where we left off. We had a LOT to catch up on, it's actually weird her not knowing anything much about the me I am now and vice versa!

Funny thing is, we're so similar, although she has a partner we're unmarried, no kids, and no immediate plans to. In our town we're the 'abnormal' ones so it was nice to find another one of ME! LoL. She lives in the same suburb as me as well, so I have my old/new best friend to do stuff with, even if it is just bumming round stuff!!!


I'm in love with my scales. The whoosh fairy is finally being kind. After whinging about it about 2 weeks ago that things were going the wrong way, the digits have since then gone 2.2kgs down! :))


linda said...

I've got a friend that I met over 30 years ago. Our paths have intertwined sometimes with 6 months or more between when we talk. However- it's as though we've been in constant contact- conversation is easy and relaxed and we always have fun and lots of laughs. These are the best friends to have.

Kek said...

Woohoo for the WOOSH!