Saturday, March 07, 2009


There's a cyclone headed straight for us. It's slowly making its way down the coast and expected to cross the coast on Monday. Expected to hit here, coinciding with high tide. That's going to be fun. We're being issued cyclone warnings and shops are mad with people stocking up on tinned supplies.

Funny thing is, it hasn't even started raining yet. It's overcast and a bit - dare I say it - cold today, but no rain yet. Of course, because I washed my car yesterday it will rain very soon anyway!

As a kid cyclone warnings were issued every year in the wet season. I remember packing up all my important stuff to go into hiding - all 3 boxes of it... hey my Kylie Minogue posters WERE important! Neighbours taped up their windows, everyone panicked. Nothing ever happened. Nothing has EVER happened so we all get a little complacent. "Nah, it will fizzle into nothing" Apparently this one IS serious, so we will see what happens in the next 24 hours.

Maybe I won't be working Monday either?!


Lyndsay said...

We're new to the cyclone thing and we've been a bit complacent. Ok, A LOT complacent... I think the Weather Man's a bit of a drama queen really. The boy who cried wolf.

The warnings were coming on TV every hour last night and our fridge and cupboards are EMPTY.

Not even a slight breeze or rain today. We really should wander down to the supermarket though...

Kek said...

Mmm, just be prepared and hopefully it'll all be a waste of time.

Worked for us in the bushfires. :o)