Friday, March 20, 2009

My next flight

Is happening on Tuesday! I'm such a jet-setter aren't I?! I'm off to Brisvegas for 2 nights :))) Staying with my cousin who very conveniently lives literally across the road from Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, soooo that means I get up early on Wednesday and join Liz for an RPM hiding! YAY!! Hopefully this dry, itchy cough which I still have, and is incoveniently exercise and trying-to-go-to-sleep-now enduced, clears up by then!!

Got a few things to do and people to see, then fly home Thursday night, to get back to work for a 6am start on Friday :) Then, it will somehow be the weekend again! See why I love my life! ;)

This week I've fat in 4 x weight training sessions and so far 4 cardio sessions of different sorts. About to get out there again and blast some fat ;)

Something funky is still going on inside this body - my belly has been so big and bloated, hard and sore to touch (well today anway, but I'm thinking that's from DOMS!) - even my mum commented that it's alot 'fatter' than normal. Well, at least it's not only me! Whether it's related or not - I'm on round 2 of antibiotics for my wonderful kidney infection, so hopefully when I finish the course on Tuesday things will start to settle, and I'll FINALLY be well again, for a LONG time. :)

I had one of my staff members resign yesterday :( He's a great guy which is a shame to lose but he's ready to move onto other things. Take me back two years and I'd be a stressed, crying mess (finding trainers, and suitable ones is HARD!), having panic attacks and Oh my god, what on earth am I going to do moments, and not sleeping... OK point taken.... But I took it fine. Stuff happens! And stuff will continue to happen! Things will work out how they're meant to :)

Well better do that cardio now, then get organised to hang at a Penthouse at the marina tonight! Bit posh for me, but it's good to know people, who know people :) LoL

Have a good weekend all!!!


Kek said...

This week I've fat in 4 x weight training sessions..

Freudian slip, darls?


Different cause, but I've had the big belly-bloat going on this week too. It's like someone put a balloon in there and pumped it up.

Maybe we need a pin?

little rene said...

Ha! That is SO funny Kek! I was just about to comment on that Freudian slip myself! Evil minds think alike ;)

You go Selina! Live that life to the max!