Tuesday, June 27, 2006



For lack of a better title, YEEE HAAA is it for today!!
Just finished chest and tris and if it's anything like last week, I'm gonna be sore for days again! YIPEE!! Did some new PBs on incline bench and d/b bench, so bring the pain I say! LoL
Still havent ran and just had a mini-myocardial infarction seeing as it's only 12 days until my 10km Club Championship run! ARGH!!! We earn points on all CC runs over various distances, to decide Club Champion of the year. I'm trying to defend my "crown" of Club champ for females 18-39years, and i can't let an injury get in the way of my pride!!! HA! My netball coach tells me "Don't be a hero" LoL! I should really take his advice more often. Well I just did a 100m run down the hallway and my knee was ok...!!! Must be better. LoL!!! ;)
Jodie, Amy, Mandy, Janelle, Alicia, Hilary - thanks for all your well wishes on THE injury and flu. I'm back on top of the flu now, *fingers crossed* nothing else nasty comes my way this winter!
Beki - a whole month?!?! GEEEEZ!! It's not the end of the world, but I do have hope from reading your blog and knowing that i WILL be back up there. I have been doing the heat thing, everything actually!! Ice initially made it more painful, but it's handling it a bit better now :) I don't have skins, simply because it's not cold enough here to run in them!! I have looked into it though, especially as you mentioned, can also be used to speed up recovery. I ran in my good old trusty nikes on the weekend, and unfortunately it still flared up. Thanks for your advice all the same!!!
Jaime-Lee - yes muscle growing days they are now!! And yes, keeping active by punishing the upper body!!
Lauren - ta chick! Lol on the pull-ups. It was my goal by end 2005 to be able to do 10 unassisted pull-ups. I got there on the 29th December or something!!!! hee hee Not sure howd I'd go now though!!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Well girls, the news is not good on my silly injury. I'm so frustrated... I do everything I'm told and it still gives me hassles, what else CAN I do!!
I rested - as in NOOOOO running - for a whole week (very very agitated lil girwl i was!)
Iced when possible, anti-inflammatories - gel, and tablets when painful, did my stretches, remedial massages, and I even did the massaging on myself when possible.
So I got up all excited early Saturday morning, there were 5 of us this time which the more the merrier. We had a new route planned as well, about 18kms. Well I warmed up, gelled it, stretched it etc. About 22mins (yes I checked my watch), I felt something. Not pain, but I ignored it all the same. Stretched again when we had water breaks, but about 30mins into it, crossing the big busy bridge here in town, it just went OUCH. I had to stop (very very demoralising have to STOP in the middle of a run, especially on a main street...how embarassing ;) lol). Hobbled along to see all my training partners stretching further and further ahead. I had 2 options.... turn around and have to run all the way back, or persevere and see how it goes. I kept going.. but the sensible selina kicked in and thought "if you push it, you may have even longer time off" so I kept going till I reached my nan's house and decided to pull the pin :( That was all of 45mins worth. I waved the other two off with tears in my eyes :*(
So the 1/2 marathon is 6 weeks off... I've lost over 2 weeks of training now... my chances of travelling north to compete are looking slimmer... I'm just really upset, it's been my goal all year, and the closer it gets, the further out of reach it is :( I iced it right away and have been into the anti-inflams and stuff and I do have a glimmer of hope as it is heaps better at this stage than what it was at the same stage after last run... ie i can walk today.
Ohhh and to throw another spanner in the works, I've got the flu!!!! So needless to say, today I have to miss ANOTHER club run, but I might try a small run tomorrow to see how it pulls up. I don't like being injured :(
On a happier note - I got my new weights program and it's very exciting!! I've got PULL-UPS in there!!! WHOO HOOOO. I'ts been a looong time since I've tried them... I was a tad embarassed last time, as, although they tried to be subtle (men??...as if!), some of the boys at the gym were looking a little dumbfounded to see me doing them by myself. hee hee ;)
Well I had all intentions of posting a pic today, but I left the CD at home...DOH! Was having a big clean-up, and OMG, the dust... mix that with the flu, I've sneezed a hell of alot today!!! How many calories do you burn sneezing?!?!? LoL
Ooopsy gotta run... well not literally. I"m going to go and tease myself by going down to watch all the runners take off...and just to see everyone, it's been so bloody long!
Have a fantabulous week all!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Taken from Rae's blog... (but my answers of course!!!) LoL

Four Things about me
Things you may not have known about me.....

A) Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Novelty Shop Junior
2. Pizza Hut "Phoney" - taking all phone orders
3. Legal Accounting Assistant
4. Personal Trainer

B) Four movies I would watch over and over
1. Dirty Dancing
2. Titanic
3. Pearl Harbour (love the epics!)
4. Bring It On!! ;)

C) Four places I have lived
1. Mackay, QLD
2. Vancouver, Canada
3. Out of my backpack!
4. That's it!

D) Four TV shows I love to watch:
1. The OC
2. Desperate Housewives
3. That's all I get the opportunity to tape and watch :)

E) Four places I have been on vacation:
1. England
2. Europe
3. Egypt
4. Bali
5. USA
6. Canada............. OK so its a few more than 4, but I couldn't leave any out!!!

F) Websites visited daily:
1. Hotmail - personal
2. Email - work
3. Blogs (almost daily)

G) Four of my favourite foods:
1. Chico babies and Snakes Alive - I love sugar!!!!!!!!! ;)
2. Cottage cheese on flavoured rice cakes
3. Oats and cottage cheese
4. Sushi

H) Four places I would rather be right now:
1. In bed
2. Back in Canada in my old house in front of my fireplace *ahhh*
3. In bed
4. On holiday!

I) Four people I think will respond
1. Hmmm I'm not sure... surprise me!

Now, here's what you're supposed to do... copy the above, enter your answers and either post it on your blog or email it to your friends!!



Hmmm Blogger is being naughty tonite. I twice uploaded another pic, and twice it's not here!!
Ahh well :) I'm still cranky about my leg. I was supposed to go running last nite, but I just knew it wasn't up to it. Although it kills me to stay still, I know if I rush it it will never get better. I've got my usual netball game tonite, so I'm hoping all pulls up well after that. It's been fine, until now... must have ESP, I just pushed my rolly-chair back using that leg (DUH!) and it pinched big time. bugger bugger bugger *sighs*

Anyway, I spent this morning at the Show today with my goddaughter. She was the gorgeous pic I was going to share. She was sooo cute and had sooo much fun. The weather was far from desirable, drizzling all day, but we looked on the bright side - at least not many people were there to be crushed in!

I had my chest and triceps training session yesterday and OMG, I can't even straighten out my arms my tris are so sore! My chest alllllways gets sore and surely enough it's not letting me down today either! Planning a full-on week of it this week, nothing is going to stop me. Oh except for the leg of course...

Hold on, let me try the pic again... OH OH IT WORKED IT WORKED!!!


Sunday, June 18, 2006


Yes Yes we doooo get one!!!!! Here is a pic of me and my friend last nite at her BBQ outside, YES it really was that cold!!! (no that is not a wine
bottle in front of us) ;P

Hehe, we laughed at how silly we must have looked, in our beanies and ski jackets. Brought back memories of our Christmas in Canada in 2003. It was the last time any of that stuff had been brought out!! It was a fun nite though, I must admit my other half looked a site in my other pink and purple tea-cosy looking beanie, and my friend's pink playboy slippers. At least IIIIII was prepared!!! ;)

Golly gosh its been a week since my last decent post! I've been busy, and stressing, and having a rough time with one thing or another. Of course my latest drama is nothing major, but at the moment it's taking over my thoughts!!!!!!!

I HAVE self-diagnosed and have had verification that I have ITB friction syndrome.

Starting at the beginning, last Saturday morning I did a nice long 16kmish run. All good. To walk down stairs that nite was painful in my right knee, very bizaare. I pulled out half way through my Sunday arvo run jsut coz it was a little twingy. Ran 10kms Monday nite with no pain, played netball Tuesday nite with nothing to whinge about. The week was exercise-free after that due to this and that, so I was hyped up for a long 17kmish Sat morning run. 5kms into it, something just went OUCH and my knee was soooo damn painful. I limped back and stretched but as soon as I stopped I could hardly walk again. I remembered Beki and her knee issues and her symptoms and put 2 n 2 together. I went for a massage which made me almost cry and we together worked out thats what it was :( I still CANNOT put any downward pressure on my knee, I couldn't even walk on it last nite. Sitting for a while then getting up was agony, especially in the cold last nite! My legs are bruised today from the massage yesterday, it feels a little better, but I'm gonna have to rest. I'm SOOO CRANKY!!!!!!! When things are going good, I always seem to get injured, my body keeps breaking :( I had to sit out our club 10km race today, I was hoping to do a PB over the 10 today, and I was well on target with my current training times. Half marathon is only 6 weeks off and I haven't put in enough long runs coz something keeps happening. I also remember something that Beki mentioned - different shoes. I have just swapped and they are soooo comfy, but I'm going to try running Monday nite and will wear my old Nikes and see if I get the same pain. Please.make.it.go.away!!!! Not a happy camper.

Umm what else.... My stubborn nan is home from the hospital one week after hip replacement surgery. Her kids - ie, my mum etc - are sooo mad. She's only had occupational therapy for a few days, had one practise at the small things - like getting in and out of bed - so told the doctor she was OK, and PUSHED to be let out, so they checked her out. She is so not ready to be at home, there's no magic button to push when she needs help in the middle of the nite. She was recommended to have another week in there, but noooo she cracked the poops and wouldn't eat and stuff, she was being jsut like a little kid, until she got her own way!! What I'm saying may sound nasty, but we're all concerned thats all. She lives alone in a unit and is barely walking, and we're all worried she's just going to go back down on it, and hurt the same hip, or do the other one!! The modifications to the house whilst the hip is rehabbing, is astronomical. The small things you wouldn't even think of. From stairs to chairs to toilet seats and simply putting stockings and socks on! She'll most probably come through with flying colours and shut everyone up though!! I love her... obviously the stubborn streak in me comes right back from her!!!

I'm on the second six weeks of my current 12 week plan, and I've been terrible. I didn't get to do any weights last week, so I can't wait to thrash the musckles tomorrow.
My goals are
1. ENSURE I drink 3+litres H2O each and every day. It's been harder in this weather!
2. NO FREE MEALS, no pickys, no nothing that I shouldnt have!!
3. Write down what I'm eating, I havent done this lately and do miss it.
4. Never miss a weight training session again. EVER! lol
5. Revise my goal book with more inspiring pics and motivational quotes etc.
That's just my start.

Whoa, its late, gotta bolt (I'm at work, on a Sunday nite). Feed time!!
PS - still working on that ticker thing ;)

Saturday, June 17, 2006


My trials continue....
look at that, half up there, half in la-la land!
If I insert it in the template just one space along, it then disappears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AHHHHHHHHH frustrating. Anyway I'm gonna leave it there till I know what I'm doing, coz I don't want to have to create the ticker allll over again!!
Wish I knew what I was doing.
Rae?!?! If you read this, Kaddy says you have a document you can email which might assist?!
I better leave before this puter ends up out the window ;P (Im not bad tempered, really!!)


Can anyone out there give an computer-illiterate bubble brain step-by-step instructions on how do work this damn blogger thing?
I thought that I could use a ticker thingy, just coz I like counting down! So i set it all up pretty and ready to go and pasted the link into the template....
But where does it go???
I had it at one stage only half visible RIGHT up the top of the page. So then I moved it down further within all the mumbo jumbo in the template and it just disappeared. I played with it for an hour and found the spot where it's too high up, and put it one space over, and it was invisible!?!?!? It made me a cranky-pants let me say.
Can anyone help?!?!

Ill be back later to post my latest issues, never a dull day in a drama-queen's life!!! Hee hee ;)


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Good News, Bad News

Starting with the bad...
I got home from work on Thursday evening to the news that my beloved nana had had a bad fall
:( She's 82, all of 37kgs, so very tiny, and as always happens when older people fall, it was something so silly - tripped over her footstool as she jumped up to grab water when knitting :(
My poor nan was writhing in pain on the cold floor yelling out hoping someone walking past would hear. Anyway she got to the phone eventually to call my mum and it went from there...
As at this moment she's still in hospital waiting for surgery for a total hip replacement.
I love her attitude though "So I'll be up walking my dog again in 4 days?" So cute :) She's a trooper, every day has an hour walk with her dog, and that's what will keep get her up and going again. With her brand new titanium hip, she really will be an ironwoman :)

Now to the good...
Originally I missed out on Robbie Williams tickets, ticketek site was jammed for last Friday's pre-sale for ticketek members, by the time my friend got on, there were only single seats left. For the public sale we had no chance... BUT... my friend's sister-in-law, like JODIE is a Robbie club member and was smart enough to buy extra... SO I GOT ONE!!! YEEEEEEEEEEHAAA
So I'mmmm going to roooooobbbbiiieeee :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) I've already decided that I'm going to be the lucky chick like at his Knebworth concert to be the one picked out to go on stage and feel his butt and get a big kiss!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! Lucky I'm going to the Brisbane concert Jodi, coz my claws will come out ;) LoL

Anywhooo had a whopping nice 16km run in the rain this morning :) I'm feeling a lil tired now but still have a few more hours of work (Yes selina, WORK not BLOGGING!!) to tackle before I can even think of leaving!

Hope ya'll have a fantabulous weekend, YIPEE for long ones!!!!!!!!!
Be good, or be good at it :)


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Injured :(

Well sort of... I went to the chiro yesterday for my monthly maintenance and all was good. Then of course coz I was all adjusted, yesterday afternoon when training legs/shoulders, my back started to hurt... don't like that. I got out of bed like a cripple this morning but once I was warmed up it was and still is better. So I've made an executive decision that I won't be doing any training today, which isn't a great drama as I'm all up to date with my sessions.
It was raining last nite so I couldn't run :( I did a big one Tuesday morning though which I don't usually do, so at least I've done SOMETHING :)

Thank you to all you sweet girlies who left comments, I have returned a comment within the comment section... say what?!?! LoL did we all understand that?!

I'm a naughty girl, I made a pact with myself when I saw the state of the floor here at 6am this morning, that I wouldn't touch the computer or do any emailing/blogging/commenting until the place was SPOTLESS... Well I'm here and it's still a mess... I *pinky promise* I will after this!

I really have nothing exciting to post! So I'll leave on this note...

"Today is yesterday's tomorrow,
Tomorrow is today,
So DO IT and then it's done!!!"

Monday, June 05, 2006

KING OF THE MOUNTAIN - 6.4kms - 46mins 26secs

And my butt isn't even sore today!!!!! Yesterday consisted of travelling of where I was staying to the top of the mountain to pick up my friend...that was prolly a really bad idea, travelling up the mountain before i had to run it, it reminded me too well of what i was in for! I started with a good warm up to find somewhere hidden enough to 'empty my bladder'!! Miles down the road I found someone's cane paddock... hehehehe Anyway we had to run about 2.5-3kms before the ascent even started and from there on it was a walk-run-walk-run. I was playing leap frog with 3 or so men, our walk-run cycles were opposite, it was quite funny overtaking the same person about 8 times only to see them go past you again. It was SOOOO hard, like SOOO Hard. My heart rate was off the richter scale, my beathing was like I was dying, and at times I got hot/cold flushes and felt I was gonna pass out! BUT I DIDN'T!!!! Anyway to cut a long story short, I ended up being 5th female in which I was SOOOO happy about :) I also beat my time last year by just over 4 mins so was stoked!!! Won $25 for fifth place, so I made a profit ;) Oh plus won a T-Shirt from a sponsor in the random drawer prizes...ya know that ones that are way tooooo huge that will end up being a pyjama top... anyway i def came out on top!! It was lotsa fun. I have made a promise to me that I will do some serious hill training before next years... lol thats what i said last year!

I had a great run Saturday AM with my training partners. It was bloody freezing, but of course I don't have anything warmish to wear... who needs warm clothes up here!! I musta looked a sight at still dark in 10degree weather in my singlet. Never takes long to warm up though :)

Just finished a good weight work-out and this week is gonna be a good one in terms of training/food etc. I'm gonna make sure it is!

Gotta run, lots to dooooooooooooooooo
tootalooooooooooooooooooooooo :)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Bout time for a post...?

Thanks Jodie... yes it was well overdue, so I've decided to get off my lazy a$$ and write something. Been 'missing' as I've felt I've had nothing positive to post, so it's better to post nothing. The last 2 weeks have been low low low, but there's only one person that can change that, and that's ME. It goes a bit deeper than that, but that's all I need to share. I know I'm not the only one that has hassles and obstacles to overcome, and most peoples probs are alot bigger than mine, so I need to GET OVER IT!! :)
Anywho... ummmm.... Well I did my first run on Wednesday nite in 10 days (yes, that's bad, but that's what happens when crap hits the fan with me, everything 'normal' is pushed to the side).
I can't complain though, I did my fastest time for 5kms in over 15 months! I did a huge leg work-out the day before so my musckles were sore, but it so worked for me! I'm proud to say my PB for this season is now...
5kms.... 24mins 06secs :) :) :)
It's still a far cry from my best ever of 22min 56secs, but considering the circumstances, I was OVER THE MOOOOOOOOOON!!! So needless to say, since Wednesday nite, I have been a bit more focused. I HATE HATE HATE that I am sooo sporadically emotional, I'm depressed for 10 days, then within 25mins it all changes? Then the issues that consumed me for those 10 days seem so silly. This happens all the time to me, but lately more often than not, and the lows last longer. GRRRR Anyway... OHHH plus I had my new Asics Kayanos, so I reckon that must have given me the edge ;)
Have a KILLER of a run on the weekend, it's King of the Mountain, so you guessed it, a long run almost vertical. It's only 6.4kms, but last year I walked it in at 50mins. I felt better to see alot more experienced runners reduced to a walk as well, it's sooo tough. Can't wait for it to be over!! hehe Love the challenge though.
Not much planned for this weekend, going out for a few drinks (of water in my case) tonite as it's my OHs 'farewell' drinks for his current job now that he's starting at the mines in 2 weeks. Early one for me as I'm up before the sun for half marathon training. That's prolly the highlight of my weekend, aren't I so sad :)
Better run, my fingers are FROZEN. My work is the coldest building EVER! Air-con isn't even on - I even have my hoody on at the moment!!!
Have been reading everyones blogs still, THANK YOU ALL for being so inspiring, wonderful women :) You are all my strengths in times that i need...