Thursday, June 08, 2006

Injured :(

Well sort of... I went to the chiro yesterday for my monthly maintenance and all was good. Then of course coz I was all adjusted, yesterday afternoon when training legs/shoulders, my back started to hurt... don't like that. I got out of bed like a cripple this morning but once I was warmed up it was and still is better. So I've made an executive decision that I won't be doing any training today, which isn't a great drama as I'm all up to date with my sessions.
It was raining last nite so I couldn't run :( I did a big one Tuesday morning though which I don't usually do, so at least I've done SOMETHING :)

Thank you to all you sweet girlies who left comments, I have returned a comment within the comment section... say what?!?! LoL did we all understand that?!

I'm a naughty girl, I made a pact with myself when I saw the state of the floor here at 6am this morning, that I wouldn't touch the computer or do any emailing/blogging/commenting until the place was SPOTLESS... Well I'm here and it's still a mess... I *pinky promise* I will after this!

I really have nothing exciting to post! So I'll leave on this note...

"Today is yesterday's tomorrow,
Tomorrow is today,
So DO IT and then it's done!!!"


Lauren said...

Hey Selina,

I hope your back feels better soon, make sure you rest!! I always like to rub anti-inflam cream into my lower back when it gets sore, does wonders.

Cleaning sucks doesnt it? But ya gotta do what you gotta do....remember cleaning still burns calories :) Infact 1 hour of busy cleaning will burn 130 calories.

lol listen to me...little Miss Know it All.

Have a great day :))

Alicia said...

Heya chick!

Glad to finally hear from you - you'd gone a bit MIA! Haha.

Did you really cop some rain last night? Still nothing here in Bris despite the weather reports saying we are gonna get some.....apparently its gonna be raining this weekend now, which sucks coz of the long weekend.

Anyways back to the grindstone :S


Hilary said...

Good for you for taking the time off to rest. Hope your back feels better soon, dont push yourself sweetie!

Enjoy your cleaning!

Hilary xx

RaeC said...

LOL... your procrastination of clearing up sounds exactly like me when I have to do cardio... the amount of times I've blogged "I need to go for a run, but just a quick blog before I go," then can still be found at the computer a couple of hours later... what wonderful time wasters they are!! I hope you are feeling better and all raring to go soon Selina!! xxx

Selina said...

HI girls :)
My back remained my excuse to choose to not clean on Thursday, as the vacuuming really aggravates my lower back!!! ;)
Alicia yes it's been drizzling on and off since Thursday, and pouring down today (saturday). I love the rain, especially running in it!!
LoL Rae - yes I have many missing hours each day from blogging...!