Saturday, June 17, 2006


My trials continue....
look at that, half up there, half in la-la land!
If I insert it in the template just one space along, it then disappears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AHHHHHHHHH frustrating. Anyway I'm gonna leave it there till I know what I'm doing, coz I don't want to have to create the ticker allll over again!!
Wish I knew what I was doing.
Rae?!?! If you read this, Kaddy says you have a document you can email which might assist?!
I better leave before this puter ends up out the window ;P (Im not bad tempered, really!!)


jodie said...

Hi Selina
Sometimes you have to play around with it. PATIENCE!! :) But word of warning save all your template first in word or something so you don't lose the whole lot. I find if you stick your ticker under your blog title it works best, but seems depend on your template. So go half way down through your template script til you get to where it says "body>
h1><$BlogTitle$" then add your ticker in there.

Let me know how you go...

RaeC said...

LOL... I will have to find it!! I know I emailed it to Kat, but I am not sure whether it was from home or work... take a deep breath and step away from the pooter... hopefully I can find it and help will be on the way... LOL!! xxx