Saturday, June 10, 2006

Good News, Bad News

Starting with the bad...
I got home from work on Thursday evening to the news that my beloved nana had had a bad fall
:( She's 82, all of 37kgs, so very tiny, and as always happens when older people fall, it was something so silly - tripped over her footstool as she jumped up to grab water when knitting :(
My poor nan was writhing in pain on the cold floor yelling out hoping someone walking past would hear. Anyway she got to the phone eventually to call my mum and it went from there...
As at this moment she's still in hospital waiting for surgery for a total hip replacement.
I love her attitude though "So I'll be up walking my dog again in 4 days?" So cute :) She's a trooper, every day has an hour walk with her dog, and that's what will keep get her up and going again. With her brand new titanium hip, she really will be an ironwoman :)

Now to the good...
Originally I missed out on Robbie Williams tickets, ticketek site was jammed for last Friday's pre-sale for ticketek members, by the time my friend got on, there were only single seats left. For the public sale we had no chance... BUT... my friend's sister-in-law, like JODIE is a Robbie club member and was smart enough to buy extra... SO I GOT ONE!!! YEEEEEEEEEEHAAA
So I'mmmm going to roooooobbbbiiieeee :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) I've already decided that I'm going to be the lucky chick like at his Knebworth concert to be the one picked out to go on stage and feel his butt and get a big kiss!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! Lucky I'm going to the Brisbane concert Jodi, coz my claws will come out ;) LoL

Anywhooo had a whopping nice 16km run in the rain this morning :) I'm feeling a lil tired now but still have a few more hours of work (Yes selina, WORK not BLOGGING!!) to tackle before I can even think of leaving!

Hope ya'll have a fantabulous weekend, YIPEE for long ones!!!!!!!!!
Be good, or be good at it :)



Chontelle said...

Sorry to hear about your Nan! Hope she is walking the dog again soon! :o)
Well done on scoring the tickets! Hope you have a great time!

Hilary said...

Your nan sounds like she's a trooper - must be where you get it from!! Hope she's up and around and feeling better soon.

Fantastic news on the Robbie tickets!! One of my work colleagues lives just near the venue in Brisbane, and apparently because they live so close (and will hear the show anyway) they get to buy tickets before they are released to the public! So he was buying up tickets for all the girls at the office!


Hilary xx

Jodi said...

Ooooo not your poor nan!! Hope all goes well with her hip replacement. I spend a fair bit of time with my nan because she gets so much joy out of my daughter but she's getting to the point where she can't get out of bed because of her hips now so I can sympathise!! Give her a big kiss and hug!!!

Lucky bugger about the robbie tickets, can we be siamese twins joined at the hip??

Good luck with the kiss!!!

Alicia said...

Hey babe. Sorry to hear about your nan - she sounds like a tough woman so she will be out of hospital in no time!

Congrats on getting the Robbie tix. I am so JEALOUS! But since you will be in Bris for the concert we should aim to catch up!

Right - back to the footy!


Lauren said...

Hi Selina,

I hope your Nan is up and walking in no time, poor little thing. She's so tiny 37kgs!

Congrats on getting the Robbie tickets. I hope your dream about giving Robbies toosh a good squeeze comes true :P

jodie said...

Nan's are incredibily resilient aren't they? I know mine is too. God love them. :)

And YAH, YAH, YAH on the Robbie ticket!! He is going to be AWESOME, can't wait can't wait!!!! 6 months and counting.

PS if you get to squeeze his butt, make sure you give it a squeeze for me too! ;)

RaeC said...

Your nan sounds exactly like mine too!! Like she said "You don't get to 90 for nothing!!"... LOL!!

Sounds like the Robbie concert could get a bit wild if anyone else gets chosen out of the audience!! Book your nail salon appointment for the day before and get those claws sharpened girl... LOL!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Selina ... was sorry to hear about your Nan ... hopefully she is doing much better now. She sounds like a real champion :-)

Hope you had a nice long week-end and that ya week is going great so far.

Take care.