Sunday, June 25, 2006


Well girls, the news is not good on my silly injury. I'm so frustrated... I do everything I'm told and it still gives me hassles, what else CAN I do!!
I rested - as in NOOOOO running - for a whole week (very very agitated lil girwl i was!)
Iced when possible, anti-inflammatories - gel, and tablets when painful, did my stretches, remedial massages, and I even did the massaging on myself when possible.
So I got up all excited early Saturday morning, there were 5 of us this time which the more the merrier. We had a new route planned as well, about 18kms. Well I warmed up, gelled it, stretched it etc. About 22mins (yes I checked my watch), I felt something. Not pain, but I ignored it all the same. Stretched again when we had water breaks, but about 30mins into it, crossing the big busy bridge here in town, it just went OUCH. I had to stop (very very demoralising have to STOP in the middle of a run, especially on a main embarassing ;) lol). Hobbled along to see all my training partners stretching further and further ahead. I had 2 options.... turn around and have to run all the way back, or persevere and see how it goes. I kept going.. but the sensible selina kicked in and thought "if you push it, you may have even longer time off" so I kept going till I reached my nan's house and decided to pull the pin :( That was all of 45mins worth. I waved the other two off with tears in my eyes :*(
So the 1/2 marathon is 6 weeks off... I've lost over 2 weeks of training now... my chances of travelling north to compete are looking slimmer... I'm just really upset, it's been my goal all year, and the closer it gets, the further out of reach it is :( I iced it right away and have been into the anti-inflams and stuff and I do have a glimmer of hope as it is heaps better at this stage than what it was at the same stage after last run... ie i can walk today.
Ohhh and to throw another spanner in the works, I've got the flu!!!! So needless to say, today I have to miss ANOTHER club run, but I might try a small run tomorrow to see how it pulls up. I don't like being injured :(
On a happier note - I got my new weights program and it's very exciting!! I've got PULL-UPS in there!!! WHOO HOOOO. I'ts been a looong time since I've tried them... I was a tad embarassed last time, as, although they tried to be subtle (men?? if!), some of the boys at the gym were looking a little dumbfounded to see me doing them by myself. hee hee ;)
Well I had all intentions of posting a pic today, but I left the CD at home...DOH! Was having a big clean-up, and OMG, the dust... mix that with the flu, I've sneezed a hell of alot today!!! How many calories do you burn sneezing?!?!? LoL
Ooopsy gotta run... well not literally. I"m going to go and tease myself by going down to watch all the runners take off...and just to see everyone, it's been so bloody long!
Have a fantabulous week all!!


jodie said...

Major bummer about the injury. Patience..... I know it is easier said than done. I hope it gets better along with your flu. You have to take care of YOU!! Chin up Chicky!

Amy said...

I am feeling your pain and totally sympathising with you chick!! We must like doing things together-i too have the flu and am very frustrated. Listen to your body though. Have thought about physio??
Hope things improve really soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh not cool about your injury chick ... must be so frustrating for you ... and so close to your marathon too ... why do these things happen?!?!?!?

One positive ... maybe you could use all that extra energy in those pull-ups ... nasty business right there :-)

Have a great week and take it easy hey.


Janelle said...

Hi Selina
So sorry about your injury. Hopefully if you rest it, then you will be right for the half marathon. Just keep your fitness up in the meantime - don't feel like your dream is lost but just concentrate on getting there.

Alicia said...

Hey babes,

That really sucks about your leg AND that you have the flu as welll :( Rest up and I hope you feel better soon.

Big hugs

Hilary said...

Ahhh Selina, not to worry lovey, you'll be back running with the pack in no time! Sounds like you made the right decision to stop, dont want to be aggravating things. Bummer about the flu too, everything seems to hit all at once sometimes doesn't it?

Hope you feel better real soon.

Hilary xx

Sekhmet said...

At least you have the flu and the injury at the same time so perhaps an enforced rest will make you come back stronger??? I understand your frustrations hun, esp at having to stop dead in the middle of a run.... Have you tried applying heat? I found that ice actually made it worse. A good week of rest is better than a longer enforced lay off. 6 weeks is plenty of time to the HM, you won't lose much fitness in a week and you will get it back really quickly. You have done all the hard training now anyway - it's not like you are brand new to this.

Look after yourself and try not to get too down (I know it's hard not to though). That first pain free run back will feel incredible. FYI Mine took about a month to heal properly and still gets a tiny bit stiff but nowhere near as bad any more - completely different sort of stiffness. Do you have skins? I have slept in mine a few times to help speed the recovery.

Get a few really good remedial massages, they hurt like hell as you know, but combine one a week with some rest now and you will feel heaps better....

Sorry, I don't have heaps of advice, I can only say what I did. And have you stopped running in the GT2110's yet??? As soon as I quit wearing mine - bingo!


jaime-lee said...

Hey Selina! Dont stress darls! do some upper body work, some ab work and see it as "muscle growing days" and you'll probably find once your up and running again soon you'll be right into it and preforming SO much quicker/better. Dont mess with injuries luv otherwise they could be with you for life....its your body telling you RELAX.

Have a great week and design some upper body circuits to keep your speed up! x

Lauren said...

Im so sorry to hear you are still having troubles. I know it sucks but the only thing you can do is rest. But like Jodie said, its easier said than done. Take it easy and I really hope it gets better soon!

On another note: Can you do pull ups with any assistance? You rock! I so wanna be able to do a pull up on my own - one day I hope!!!