Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Hmmm Blogger is being naughty tonite. I twice uploaded another pic, and twice it's not here!!
Ahh well :) I'm still cranky about my leg. I was supposed to go running last nite, but I just knew it wasn't up to it. Although it kills me to stay still, I know if I rush it it will never get better. I've got my usual netball game tonite, so I'm hoping all pulls up well after that. It's been fine, until now... must have ESP, I just pushed my rolly-chair back using that leg (DUH!) and it pinched big time. bugger bugger bugger *sighs*

Anyway, I spent this morning at the Show today with my goddaughter. She was the gorgeous pic I was going to share. She was sooo cute and had sooo much fun. The weather was far from desirable, drizzling all day, but we looked on the bright side - at least not many people were there to be crushed in!

I had my chest and triceps training session yesterday and OMG, I can't even straighten out my arms my tris are so sore! My chest alllllways gets sore and surely enough it's not letting me down today either! Planning a full-on week of it this week, nothing is going to stop me. Oh except for the leg of course...

Hold on, let me try the pic again... OH OH IT WORKED IT WORKED!!!



Alicia said...

Sorry to hear that the leg is stil causing you grief...that really sucks. DOMS are great arent they? Hehe my abs HURT sooooo much!


Lauren said...

Hey Selina,

Sorry to hear you've still got problems with your leg. I hope it heals quick smart!!

Be careful with your netball game you don't want to hurt yourself even more!!

Anonymous said...

I just had to say you are a very photogenic little snow bunny Miss Selina ... really nice photos.

So you got the "good" sores too hey ... must be the week for it ... theres a bit of that goin round here too ... nice work chick!!!